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  1. Crock Pot And Flooring Questions.

    Love my crock pot, and not worried about leaving it on when Im gone, have done it for years. Mine has a timer, so it shuts off when the time is up. Of course I realize that's not going to help if there IS a fire,but I just think its a neat little thing to have because my first crock pot didn't.
  2. yeah, yeah, they all say their wife doesn't understand them, they're married but living separate lives, blah blah blah. Same ole story with all of em. Even if your sister does "win" this guy, all she's getting is a guy who cheats on his wife. What a prize.
  3. Im glad I read this thread. Especially the part about resenting your horse about this time every year cuz that's where Im at right now. I keep my horses at home and this winter was really, really hard on me. Im not in the best of health and some days I was ready to give it all up. It seems like all I ever do is clean and work, and never have the time to ride or enjoy them. Or if I have the time, I m too darn tired after all the barn work, etc. But Ive been like this before and it passed, just about the time the weather improved and there was more daylight to get things done. Just gotta hang in there and make it thru till the weather warms up and Im able to get out and do something other than clean stalls and haul shavings, grain and water buckets!
  4. Bursting At The Seams With Joy!

    That's so awesome! Best wishes to you and your husband in the days to come, for continued improvement and many more happy, healthy years! I will keep you in prayer. Im also happy to hear that Alleyway is doing so well. I think about her often and was glad to hear you got in touch with her.
  5. Tack Stores

    I hate when I go to the tack store looking for something and they tell me they don't have it but "we can order it" Geesh, SO CAN I! I need it now or I wouldn't be there. I don't buy a lot of tack at tack stores because its usually cheaper and a better selection to order it. What I do buy at tack stores, is stuff like fly spray, grooming brushes and supplies, shampoos and dewormers.
  6. :-(

    Oh man, that sux. I hope you have a sump pump, if not, better get one! Flooding, mud and standing water is pretty much a given here, we have a high water table to boot. The first year we moved here, we were ready to pack up and move out, it was that bad. But little by little we've made improvements and I guess we're probably just used to it by now and instead of freaking out every time it rains, we just sort of look at each other and say "it goes away eventually" lol
  7. New Year's Resolutions?

    A gluten free diet and ride more. Yep, that's it for me.
  8. What Did You Do With Your Horse Today?

    I lunged one of my boys for 10 min or so before I mounted, then worked on some bending and stretching at a walk and trot. Then I hand walked him out to the woods behind my farm where I knew there was a nice bright colored scarey tent the neighbors I kids had pitched, right next to the trail I take to get to the farm fields where I ride. After a few sideways hops and circles, we approached the scarey tent and sniffed it all over then walked back and forth and all around. Then we walked home, I got on (cuz I cant get on without my mounting block) and rode back to the tent, this time he walked right past without hesitation. So we just did a few loops around the woods and back home past the tent again. Groomed him and turned him back out. I gave my other boy a medicated tail wash since he has some scurvy thing going on there, then groomed him and turned him back out with his brother. I also cleaned stalls, hosed out the wash stall and bleached and scrubbed the 10 gallon water tank.
  9. Veterinary medicine or nursing. But since I probably wouldn't have the grades needed, cosmetology so I could do hair. How's that for extremes?
  10. I started to see Christmas stuff in the stores as early as September. It's disgusting! The radio station I listen to starts playing Christmas music on Nov 1st and plays it thru New Years. I don't like it, I think the day after Thanksgiving is early enough!
  11. Getting Ready For Winter

    journeysgirl, I do that too! lol Alaskandraft, I cant even imagine getting ready for an Alaskan winter! I'd never survive!
  12. Family Phone Calls.......

    I can only imagine what a shock that must be. Sometimes doctors are wrong.... Thinking positive and hoping your brother has a lot more time left than they say. :angel3:
  13. Getting Ready For Winter

    Horses got their fall shots and teeth floated today. Put up 180 bales of hay for the winter last week. De-cobwebbed the barn and hay loft, moved tack trunks to clean and sweep behind and put away all summer fly sheets, fly masks etc while moving winter blankets, blanket liners, hats, gloves, hand warmers to the front\/top of the trunks for ease of retrieval. Took mats out of stalls and filled/tamped holes/dips and reset stall mats. Scrubbed extra stall buckets, scrubbed heated buckets and re-set mats around 100 gal outside tank. Gave horses their final bath/clip of the year, cleaned tack and brought out my hunter orange saddle pads, helmet cover and vest. Time to enjoy the cooler days and fall riding! This is my yearly routine in the fall to get ready for winter. I think Im ready! What's your routine to get ready for the winter?
  14. Shoes Anyone?

    That's a sign that either you have too many horses or an over zealous farrier
  15. This Is A Rant

    One word: Move.