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  1. Rodeo/ Barrel Race Hats

    Hey there, looking for some info on what kind of hats are in style/ appropriate for the barrel racing/rodeo scene. I am running my horse at the end of the month and the rules require full rodeo attire. I want a black felt hat and I'd rather not have a tall crown as I have a small head 6 3/4". Any suggestions on what to shop for (brand, style, etc)? I'm planning on buying online and am willing to pay around $200. Thanks!
  2. Circle Y Flex Trees

    I have a lisa lockhart flex 2 barrel saddle by circle y and I love it! Fits lots of different horses, rides great and is wearing well. I ride in it 5 to 10 times a week.
  3. Long Time No See!

    aww! this post made me cry!
  4. Riding Bridleless-Question

    Your horse weighs around 1000+ lbs. you probably weigh around 120lbs (if I had to guess)...your little arms pulling on a neck rope is not going to "hurt" your 1000+ lbs animal...who is also probably in excellent shape and covered in muscle. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Good luck in your training :)
  5. Need Help Unteaching A Horse To Go Slow

    How fit is he? Have you worked him in fields and up hills to improve his conditioning?
  6. Picture Update

    So pretty! Love the dapples! What do you feed?
  7. Tattoo Idea

    Awesome idea for a tattoo, what did you mean by cross in the corner?
  8. 4.5 Yo Tb Mare

    From the looks of this photo, she has an excellent topline. Her head looks a bit large, but it's probably the angle of the photo. It's really hard to tell anything about her legs, again angle of the photo.
  9. Registered Tw Gelding

    Are you wanting a critique using stock horse standards or walking horse standards? Walking horses are bred for specific traits many of which are contrary to the ideal stock horse conformation. He has a nice large eye, especially for a walking horse as they typically have large plain heads. I love his huge ears :) they remind me of a filly at work (also walking horse). I understand walking horses don't put muscle on the way quarter horses do, but yours does look on the thin side. Also, the saddle pictured is too big for him. Walking horses are generally narrow and often have high withers. He needs a saddle that will not sit so far down on his shoulders, and restrict his movement/put pressure on his withers. I take care of several little horses built like yours and they can be a pain to fit!
  10. Here are a few snapshots of oil paintings from last semester. and some of my studio space enjoy :)
  11. I think you have a point there. I worked with a two year old filly this summer, and she too had a diva devil within her. The most of the other 8 horses chased her away constantly, but a couple of times she corned this laid back gelding (who was much bigger than her and minding his own business) and kicked the crap out of him. I caught her doing it and chased her away...we needed him sound for the kids to ride that day! She was super sweet with people though, probably because we were the only ones that would give her any attention.
  12. Trying To Train Myself Without Lessons...

    Please be careful with the squats. I ended up with a torn meniscus which turned into severe arthritis of my articular cartilage after over stressing my knees with squats and running last year . And I'm only 21, so please be careful. My best suggestion for you would be to drop your irons. It's tough to cheat and ride poorly when you don't have stirrups, it's quite a workout but nothings better for developing balance and an independent seat.
  13. Best Way To Recondition A Horse For Riding?

    When you keep him busy with lots of transitions, lateral work, bending, and trotting over poles he won't have time to even think about hanging on his front end. Lunging over poles and calvetti work well too. Oh! If you have access to a pasture with hills trot him up the hills, very good for the hind end!
  14. Need Artist/illustrator

    ok I'd love to give it a try then! I'll work up a basic drawing for you.