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    horses, in the picture below is my american saddlebred, zoom
  1. i dont but someone that goes to the barn that i go to has a black and baby blue saddle...i thinks its kina ugly but thats just me lol
  2. bits???

    we're just using a snaffle
  3. anyone know

    im not sure maybe go to google and type in barrel racing icons for myspace or something like that
  4. YAY!!!

    i love riding 5 gaited its so awesome..i even showed 5 gaited to...its so different from when ur having lessons cuz they just wanna go! lol.. dont u just love how it feels like ur flying and how smooth it is??
  5. Do you stretch your horse?

    i do it..its really good for them if u know wat i mean
  6. Where do you get your tack?

    we just go to our local tack store or fleatfarm
  7. OT- Good trailer? *pics*

    looks pretty good to me...i say go for it
  8. People With Older Barrel Horses

    we give our horse msm and something else but i dont know what it's called...and we're thinking of putting him on something that will help with his joints...he's 19 to
  9. Who has AIM

  10. Nick Names You Call Your Horses!

    cooper-cooper scooper webster-webby win-winney zoom-zoomer julie-julie mule or the grouch dusty-duster buster
  11. Leaseing barrel horses

    opps i mean u have to pay more if u buy and dont have to pay as much if u lease
  12. Leaseing barrel horses

    this is my first time doing barrel racing to and we're leasing a 19 yr old and everyone has told me that an older horse can teach u alot more and the good advantage of leasing is that its owner that knows the horse can be there while u ride and can help u out. and so far its been working and u dont have to pay as much if u buy
  13. Show Pics. *sorta.*

    they're very cute and i love ur belt
  14. faith PIC(1)

    from what i could see...she's cute