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  1. Arab With Weird Mane

    So I'm going to be showing an unregistered arab cross in local open shows starting in July. He's about 15.3 and a dark bayish color. Only the first half of his mane is long and thick while the last half of it is short, like it was pulled, and very very thin. His hair has always been this way and I'm the first person to take him to an actual show. I show equitation, pleasure and road hack. I would really like to avoid cutting his mane since he is not my horse, but I was wondering what I can do for showing purposes. Also, he is extremely skittish and hasn't been to a show in a number of years. Is there any suggestions on how to handle him at the show other than lunging him for a while?
  2. Equine Hoof Abscess Kit

    Hey, I was wondering if the Equine Hoof Abscess Kit by Kaeco really works? My friends horse had an abscess blow out below his coronet band and we thought that was it and she had the vet come out and check. Well that *insert foul name here* decided not to tell her that it also blew out the bottom of his foot. So we've been trying to wrap it, because he's a complete spazz and will not let us soak it (believe me it got really ugly when we tried.) And he's some how tearing all the wraps off. So she's thinking of buying this kit from Big Dee's cause its supposed to help, but I can't find any reviews on it. I was hoping some one on here has used it or has advice on what we can do. The hole is at his toe and is about the size of 2 pennies put together. Help please! Thank you!!
  3. Navicular Treatment

    Thanks for all of the replies. As of now I know that she is letting the horse go barefoot. I haven't heard if she is going to use the easy boots or not. But I will be sure to pass along the information you guys gave us. Thank you soooooooo much! =]
  4. Navicular Treatment

    A horse at a barn I used to ride at has navicular and the owner can't afford to put the corrective shoeing. She's planning on using an easy boot and butting her constantly to use her for trail riding. We're trying to figure out something else that will work. Does anyone have any ideas?? I do NOT agree with the use of the horse anymore, but I'm not the owner of the horse so I have no say or control of this situation.
  5. Fair enough. I haven't done anything either and I'm so busy lately I don't know if I'll be able to.

  6. Honestly? Probably not... I haven't RP'ed in forever.... No motivation really...

  7. I keep forgetting about horsecity until Wild Horse Feathers harasses me on facebook to come check it out again cause she is trying to save the RP board. You think you're going to join the next RP she makes?

  8. YOU HAVE STATUS UPDATES NOW?!!? This is awesome!

  9. LOL.... Very very slow poke xD

  10. *pppooookkkkeeee*

    ^ That's a really slow poke XD

  11. Well, That Didn't Work.

    HOLY CRAP THEY CHANGED THE FORMAT AGAIN!!! I was so confused for about 10 minutes, I haven't been on here for a long time. But yeah I'm game. I know for at least a week in july I won't be able to post cause I'll be on a service trip other than that my summer and the next few months are free.
  12. The Invitation

    Bump! Don't let this die!
  13. The Invitation

    Nova giggled the alcohol in her system still keeping her lightly buzzed. "Well I used to be a huge soccer player, but I stopped after the college try outs. Those girls are insane, I'm too lazy to practice that much. But I still do a bit of running in the morning. I'm majoring in Criminal Justice. My favorite color is purple. I agree with your take on secrets. I live by the motto 'Only 2 can keep a secret if one of them is dead.'" Nova said and felt his eyes on her, she turned and stared into his eyes for a moment and then turned back to the ocean her cheeks turning pink. She normally wasn't like this around guys, she was more open and flirty. Maybe because she didn't have the competition like she usually did. *** Tristan allowed Shawnie to wipe his tear away and smiled at her. He really didn't deserve a girl like her and he was really going to have to try and keep her. He finally sat down on the rock and patted the small seat next to him for her to take a seat. "Can I ask what I need to do to change?" OCC: I FORGOT TRISTAN!!! Sorry Wild! [Duh]
  14. The Invitation

    Nova sat with her back against one of the arm rests of the couch. She wanted to be close, but not awkwardly 'I'm throwing myself at you' close. She knew better than to try and get like that with guys. They normal get up and run for the hills. "I just didn't like trying to talk over the music. It's hard to hear over there." Nova said and nodded her head to the mass of giggling and talking bodies. "Plus I want to know more, I'm a very curious person. So do you play sports? What's your major? Favorite color? Darkest secret?" Nova rambled off questions and couldn't help the giggle after her last question, hopefully he would see that she was kidding about it. While waiting for his answer she watched as the waves slowly strolled onto the beach and then recoiled back to the ocean. It was a beautiful sight and brought a smile to her lips instead of her usual smirk. Nova wasn't the emotional type and mostly kept her problems to herself. She found other ways to get rid of the stress and was happy with that way of life. Nova didn't look for emotional guys because they seemed like too much drama. But she didn't like the emotionally constipated guys that hid everything until you practically had to beat it out of them. All she was looking for on this trip was maybe a little summer romance and if not that, a lot of fun.