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  1. Vievo Adventure 09 Oregon And California Stop Overs Needed

    That sounds good to me. So we'll meet up and plan Monday night and then head out for Kalama Tuesday - Friday. I'll see how the trails are up there, my family and I might end up staying there through the weekend... I'll work Monday that week and take the rest of the week of. That will give us two full days of riding at Kalama. Fun Fun Fun Till My Daddy Took my T Bird Away! Are you going to be able to make it to Mt Vernon straight from Kalama? Veivo sure is purdy! I wish I could see him after you pick him up, but there is too much going on, I don't think we will be able to head out east to see him on your return trip. You'll have to take loads of pictures and post them on here!
  2. Vievo Adventure 09 Oregon And California Stop Overs Needed

    Alrighty then! I was going to call you last night or tonight and look at the time it is already past 10 PM!!! I do have a three day weekend coming up so I will make sure to give you a call then. Here's some links to the western OR and WA recommendations I have for you! Sam Brown is a primitive horse camp near Grants Pass, here's the link. http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/rogue-siskiyou/rec...rownhorse.shtml Kalama Horse camp is also primitive, it is near Woodland WA and right on the SW foot of Mt St Helens. This is the place I've been pushing, I mean gently nugging you towards b/c I want to go there so much! Here's the link. http://www.fs.fed.us/gpnf/recreation/campg...orse-camp.shtml The problemo with Kalama is it is very popular since it is so pretty there. Did I mention views of Mt St Helens and all the slendors of that area? They do not take reservations and do not have human water. So we would need to make sure to arrive there mid week. I can do that like get there July 29th or 30th, the question is can you??? Or should we push it back to arrive the next week, but then you might run out of time for picking up Veivo. I can even bring lots of people water. Here is a mapquest for you to see Grants Pass to Kalama is 4.5 hrs. I would add an extra 1.5 hrs for getting to and from the horse camps and hauling a loaded trailer. http://www.mapquest.com/maps?1c=Grants+Pas...dland&2s=WA I understand you will want to stop someplace in between and get some human comforts like a shower and good food and a real bed... You're welcome at my place... There is nothing fancy here, but I do have a way to put your horses separate from mine so no one starts any funny business. The main problem here is we have a tiny driveway that will only hold one big trailer and a couple cars so someones trailer would need to sleep out on the road side... Plus we don't have a guest bedroom, one too many kids for that in the house ;-) But we do have a big hot water heater for plenty of good hot showers! You're more than welcome to stay here! Or here is a link to a nice brand new horse facility going in this area that says it will do over night horse hotel. Plus they are right next door to Willamette Valley Vineyards. I remember from your trip to France how much you like wine! This place is located just S of Salem. http://www.vineyardstables.com/vs.facility.htm Or here is a state park that has horse camping just north of salem. http://www.oregonstateparks.org/park_139.php Anyway there is three mid way stop options inbetween the two primitve camps. Think about the dates you'll want to get to each place and I'll give you a call in the next few days!!!
  3. Some Pics To Warm You Up

    Hey thanks for the warm up!!! Those are great pics. I really love the frog, he looks so cuddley and warm in that flower!
  4. New Tack!

    I agree with marie02. The sure looks good on you horse, nice color choice! I'm going to an endurance riders convention in portland in Jan just so I can walk through the vendors and look for new tack. Plus the endurance riders are having a used tack sale to benefit the kids who ride endurance. Hopefully I will find some good bargains there! Thanks for sharing your pics with us!
  5. Got To Go Riding Today.. Yay

    Wow those are such pretty mtns in the background. What are they called? Your snow looks so nice and dry. We keep getting snow then rain then slush then snow then rain then slush in our mtns. I can't believe there were no coats on your friends. Thanks for sharing your pics with us!
  6. Profiles

  7. Back From A Trail Ride At Dimple Dell Park

    Ahh if only I had unlimited mooola for fuel, I'd come to Utah and ride with you anytime. Looks like a great day and place to ride. Smokey is so pretty. How old is he? My horse Lucky was a dark dapple grey when I got him as a 3 yr old. Now check him out! I just posted a ride at Browder Ridge on here you can see him there... Thanks for sharing your ride. The cantering on the dirt road looke like fun. I wanna go there!
  8. Heart Rate

    DH I was hoping someone would answer you here. I've checked my horses heart rate a few times before, but like you don't know what to do with the information. Maybe we will have to look on an endurance website for info. I've seen endurance riders using heart rate monitors before.
  9. Browder Ridge Ride To Heart Lake

    Not too far after the spring we reached the cut off trail to the over look to Heart Lake. This is a short trail that climbs to just over 5000 ft. We were barely even starting to climb when we started hitting snow drifts. The dogs sure liked them. We had to turn around and go back the snow was too deep and soft. We were within a mile of Heart Lake overlook, but we were getting into belly deep snow. And with all the timber down across the trail it wasn't safe to ride through the snow any more. Ahh the luck we had to ride back through all those views again. Back through the wildflowers and tiger lillies. My daughter was leading Lucky in this pic. Pretty little blue flowers that remind me of Tinkerbells. Bleeding Hearts grow up here as well. And here's my daughter and Emma riding through some of the big trees right before going back down the switch backs. Theyv'e never logged up here, and I'm sure that is because it is so steep getting up there, it's not feasible for logging equipment. Luckily going down the switch backs wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We had a great ride that day and I hope you enjoyed going along with us on our adventure!
  10. Browder Ridge Ride To Heart Lake

    We rode through lots of bear grass. I just love this stuff, reminds me of fairies dancing in the grass! Feels like Peter Pan might glide along at any minute. Daughter and hubby riding along with Jessie and Bo. A couple shots of the view. You can see in some of these how steep Browder Ridge is. But once on top it is like rolling hills with views all over the place. The only water we found was this spring and meadow. The horses and dogs appreciated a little break here. One more post coming with pics....
  11. Browder Ridge Ride To Heart Lake

    Hubby daughter and I went to an OET one day work party back in July and stayed that night for a ride the next day. We camped at Seven Mile Horse Camp and spent Saturday clearing trails with hand saws. Sunday was a hot day and we went for a trail ride with some friends who stayed after the work party with us. We decided to ride the browder ridge trail and try to make a loop around Heart Lake. I had heard there was too much rock to get down in to the lake with a horse, that there was a nice over look with a view of the lake. Here's daughter with Emma all saddled up and ready to go. Lucky ready to hit some trails. You can just see the excitment on his face!!! Hubby and Cache ready as well. We found this cool ground cover growing up there. It looked like a fir tree laying down. Anyone know what it is? It was a good thing we spent some time at the trailhead looking at the ground cover and trying to find a way to ride the horses into the river.... Gave the horses a chance to warm up, the first mile of Browder ridge is STEEP! I think we climbed 1000 ft in the first mile. I did not know it was like this starting out. There were narrow switchbacks the whole way up, and with seven horses in our group, there was no turning that train around once we started up the swithbacks. I was white knuckling the reins at this time, so I didn't get any pics... Once on top of the ridge it was gorgeous and worth the effort getting up there. Browder Ridge had a nice trail, obviously used by hikers and not horses. There were plenty of trees down that we had to stop and saw. In many places there was no way around because of the steep terrain. We had one gigantic old growth that took us about a quarter mile of bush whacking to get around since we didn't have a big saw along to cut it. Here we are cutting one of the many small trees out of the trail. Riding along Browder Ridge, you are on a saddle where you can usually see in both directions. On this day the breeze was coming from the South and N Cali was having some big wildfires, so there is a lot of smoke in the views. If it weren't for the smoke I think you could see forever, this ridge is up so high. There were wildflowers everywhere. You can see in the shadow what my horse was doing while I snapped this picture. More coming...
  12. Mountain Mama Weekend

    I guess I must be crazy also, because I wish I had been on your terrible motn mooma weekend. Did anyone ever come to deal with the fire you found?
  13. The New Kid in Town

    It my jklucky on my other 'puter. I'm too dingy to know how to log out and back in so I have two personalities... Sorry... Not sure exactly when I will really be in the market, my horse is 20 and had tendon issues this last May, so I know retirement is around the corner for him and a new horse is on the horizon. I will definately keep in touch. Sacramento isn't too far to travel for a good horse. Mske sure to give us details of the event, might be fin to go just to watch also. Feet and legs are my highest priority, and I think mustangs are usually the best in that catagory.
  14. Endospink RTTH 2009!!!

    Good deal Endo! I hope you get to be on the show!
  15. Endospink RTTH 2009!!!

    Good deal Endo! I hope you get to be on the show!