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  1. "Mountain" Horses

    Are these Rainmakers horses? Very nice!
  2. New pictures of my girl!

    She is gorgeous!! Reminds me a little of my Mare in the first pic. I could let my Mare sit for weeks and hop right on without any worries. Gotta love a dependable gaited horse.
  3. Gaited mustang

    If there is a market for gaited horses in your area there is a market for that Mustang. I've seen a gaited Mustang advertised around my parts once & by the time I decided to call it already sold... Early bird gets the worm, eh? I think a gaited Mustang is the best of both worlds. I would take one in a heartbeat if I had the room.
  4. Horse Flipping

    Well a $7,500 horse really depends on location. You are going to find a lot less for $7,500 in Southern California than in say Tennessee.
  5. I finally found one, the search is over

    Oooh, gaited! Congrats, from what little bit I can see she looks like a cutie. Would love to see some bigger pics!
  6. Yup, got to agree with everyone else. Looks like a Chocolate Rocky. Baylee- They are known for having awesome temperments! Of course every horse is an individual but my mare Satra is a great trail mount as she is almost fearless. Oh and what a smooth gait they have... Here is my mare Satra to compare. Keep in mind their coats change alot during the year. Not a good pic but taken on my camera phone 2 weeks ago after a bath: And a pic of her as a youngin'. As you can see her mane & tail used to be very light. The colors do vary slightly from horse to horse. BTW, beautiful horse! He have a name yet? If your friend got him for $75 and he is truly a Rocky she got a steal (assuming she is able to win his trust). They aren't cheap horses. If there where horses like him at auctions around here I would be in TROUBLE!!
  7. Gaited with non-gaited

    My Rocky adjusts her pace according to who we are riding with. Like many stated- its a training issue. There is a pretty good article in the recent Horse Illustrated about this. Explains that a gaited horse should learn a slower walk.
  8. Some pics of my Mustang, Cruzer!!!

    Wow, what beautiful Mustangs! I would post a pic of our newly acquired Mustang but none of the pics that I have of him do him justice. He has a photo shoot with me on Sunday so hopefully I will finally get a good pic of him.
  9. Horse Selling Photos?

    Hi everyone, I was hoping that you all could give me some feedback. I really enjoy helping people sell their horses and thought that I might be able to make some extra cash doing it. I constantly see horrible photos of really nice horses on the internet & in the HorseTrader. To me a photo says a lot & a bad photo easily scares off potential buyers. I would like to charge people to take photos and videos of their horses for sale. Also, I would like to charge a fee for placing ads and setting up a website for the person so that buyers have all the information they need to decide if they are interested in said horse. I was thinking that since I will have to drive to see the horse I would need to charge a per mile fee. What would be the norm for this? .45 cents per mile? Also, what would be a fair price to charge per photo & video so that its reasonable for the seller as well as worth while for me? Also, I was thinking that I could make up some sort of questionnaire that the seller would have to fill out so I have all the information that I would need to make said website & put up ads. What do you think of that? Is this something that you would consider investing in to help market a sales horse? Would love to hear everyones opinions. And just to give you an idea, this is the type of webside I would like to set up for other peoples horses: Thanks!
  10. Question for the Rocky owners

    Well Satra is very people oriented however she has great ground manners. I don't think that I would clasify the breed as this from my limited experience. I would classify them as very personable however. I think the whole 'in your space' is a training issue & ground manners need to be worked on.
  11. horsetrouble are done,,,Our merrry Xmas picture

    Thank you, they both turned out great!! Is there any way to do one for my horse Dixie? Thanks again!!
  12. horsetrouble are done,,,Our merrry Xmas picture

    quote: Originally posted by tarafreespirit: gorgous horse horsetrouble Thank you! She is such a good girl too!!
  13. horsetrouble are done,,,Our merrry Xmas picture

    Forgot to add, here is my dogs X-Mas photo from last year:
  14. horsetrouble are done,,,Our merrry Xmas picture

    quote: Originally posted by tarafreespirit: anyone else? Thought you would never ask!! I'm really not sure what the best pics for this are... Something like this? Here is the link to the album for Dixie: Dixie's Photobucket And here is Satras: Satras Photobucket
  15. Where is everyone

    Wow PacaPaca, I love ALL your horses. Each one of them is beautiful & well cared for. I just can't get over the reach on Nautico.... Wow!!