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    What do I like? Hmmm that is a hard one to answer?? Oh wait.....<br /><br />My list: Horses (duh this a horse site so go figure), summ/winter, skiing, hiking, biking, camping (love hearing the outdoors), playing with cars (painted my first car this past summer....summer 2008), and much more
  1. Finally Got The Full Report On My Mom

    No problem......didn't realize it was contradicting. Not only am I dealing with this news, I am now dealing with her sister and her accusations (in last 24 hours I've been called things cause I won't dropped what I am doing to come home).
  2. Finally Got The Full Report On My Mom

    She can cook (basic levels....when I was there she did can things or precooked or sandwiches), she can shop but is same items in her cabinets (went shopping with her and noticed she bought things that she threw out), and does shower. However, she can't converse with you. All you can get is one word or short phrases like Yep, Okay, Doing Good, etc. If you try to take her to doctors or her caseworker you have to treat her like a kid to get her to go. Same with seat belts, you have to tell her to buckle up between 3-5 times. Going shopping you have to allow for 2-3 hours of her getting ready or comprehending it. When I was home I asked her "Are you ready to go?". She would answer yes. Then would walk to her bedroom do something, walk to the door and look out. She repeated this many times over. After an hour I got her to get her coat on. In store she wanted to buy me things that I haven't touched in years, basically the things from when I was getting my associates degree dating back 7-10 years ago. Even though, I have told her I do not eat those things anymore many times. All I know if I compare this past christmas visit to the prior year, I have two completely different mothers. The old one would talk and have dinner with me, the recent one just sits in her chair on her steps outside and picks at her dinner. She only ate half of it. I understand what was written in the email because I see the changes in her. I just can't convey it. Right now, I am still in shock that she has it bad...... I spoke with my aunt last night and she said the doctor used another termanoloy, but she just summed it up as in "BAD". Basically my mom's prognois is not good because it came on so suddenly. We've been instructed to just enjoy the time we have with her.
  3. Finally Got The Full Report On My Mom

    I have one sibling and he has not responded to this at all. Email going back forth about this, we got told back February that the change in white brain matter could be dementia. Now the tests confirm it. He is in denial.
  4. Part of my aunt's breakdown of 10 page report: The report came back from the all day Psychodiagnostic testing. She indeed has dementia and scored very low in most or all aspects of the tests and there were many and varied oned that she took. She is 53 years old, had a MRI of the brain and there were changes in the white matter.She had psychodiagnostic testing all day last month to confirm some things and she has dementia BAD.It is not good when it stikes someone this young as it progresses fast rather than getting it at an old age.---Per Doctor on the evaluation report She is not doing good but she stills is in there and able to live alone, cook, great personal hygiene but is a matter of time. Conversing is not much but sometimes she surprises you, picks up on things and comments but for most part does not answer, mouth constantly moving, some word phrases and such. That is what I got this morning.......well part of very long email that left me in tears.....Right now, I am lost. The reality has sunk in.
  5. Writing A Resignation Letter

    Thanks! I appreciate the help because this is my first resignation.
  6. This is what I have so far: Dear _______: The purpose of this letter is to serve notice of my resignation from _____________. I have a wonderful opportunity that I am quite excited about moving on to because it will enhance my career. I want to thank you personally for the leadership and mentorship that you provided, which has allowed me to grow professionally. I am leaving my employment with very positive thoughts and feelings and remain thankful for our association. With all this, it has been a hard decision for me to accept a new post, in a different line of business. But there come times in everyone’s life when a change is for the better: This is one of those times. Therefore, please accept this as my resignation and last date as of Friday April 12th, 2013. I will of course leave my current projects as complete as I can.
  7. Well The Verdict Is In......

    Thanks everyone.......Update the offer package is a good one, everyone is telling me that. So now I have to think about is this what I want and where I want to be.
  8. Well The Verdict Is In......

    I have two friends that I sent the offer package to for advise on comparing the offer to my current package so that if i have any questions I can ask them to the offering company. For the part is this where I want stay and be for while, I have friend I am going to talk to. I've been wanting a new job/career for a while now, but I am not ready to just jump on the first offer. I have reached out to two friends I can count on to talk this over with.
  9. They offered me the job!!!! I would report straight to the Director of Sourcing!!! Now I have a lot thinking to do. I have until April 1st to accept. I have to look at the whole package of what they are offering compared to now.
  10. Had An Interview On Friday

    Not sure what to write back......
  11. Had An Interview On Friday

    Well I haven't heard back yet...... Do I follow up?
  12. Had An Interview On Friday

    It is for a Senior Buyer position for a big corporation. Oh with this company I had to do two phone interviews to :)
  13. Had An Interview On Friday

    Did that last night......
  14. Had An Interview On Friday

    Thanks everyone......I will keep you posted on what comes out this.
  15. Had 4 hour interview on Friday, after doing two phone interviews. I met with 6 people at 30 minute intervals and the final person taking 1.5 hours, plus a plant tour. Then at the end I met the recruiter who has been in contact with me and she informed me that this was the final phase in the process. Well today I got this email: I wanted to drop you a quick e mail and let you know all of the feedback was very positive, it may take a day or two for me to get back to you formally but did want to get that information to you. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions, and we will be in touch over the course of the next few days. I have never gotten something this and baffled by it. I sent it to friends and only one has experienced it (all she could say is it is a good thing).