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  1. Its Been A While..quick Update.

    Busy with life and such. My baby will be 3 in November. Shes getting so big and is obsessed with being a cowgirl. She has a huge stuffed horse and a stick hore and we go "riding" alot. Shes ridden Askim a couple times and loved it Askim unfortunately isnt doing as well as i would like. Hes now 35 and officially retired since May. His heart and spirt and energy are still there but hes starting to drop weight. Were working on ways to get it back up. His ribs are just starting to show and he lost muscle tone in his hips. I dont want him to get worse before winter
  2. Fencing Vent I Guess

    My next door neighbors horse pasture borders my property. Part runs along my driveway. 3 weeks ago, they replaced the fence and moved it from 5 feet inside the property line, to 1 foot inside. There are places where i can stand in my driveway and touch their fence. This is the driveway where my toddler likes to play. I didnt mind at first bc she had 1 old very sweet mare. Now she got two younger more agressive horses and im concerned theres no buffer between my property and these horses teeth. I need to call the township to see if theres any ordinances for this. You can bet if these horses do anything to anyone on my property, i rasing ****
  3. Hey All Missed You

    About 23-25 highway. Not sure about city. Ive only had it about a month. Escape was a little higher 27 i think but i like the trade offs. I got the SEL.
  4. Hey All Missed You

    Miss.. i think the edge has less cubic space than my excape (2011) but ot seems to use it better. Especially in the trunk. It handles better too. Its a lttle lower to the ground so it feels more stable going around bends. Drives more like a car tban a SUV. Its also awd instead of the traction control i had on the other. Mileage is about the same.
  5. Hey All Missed You

    Thought i would stop in and say hi. Havent been here in a while. Lots been happening. Been busy with work. Leisurly looking for a new job tho. We are all getting over the plague. Husband is doin well. Gabrielle will be 17 months next week. Shes so chatty but not saying many words. She loves watching the horses next door and across the road. Askim is doing great. Hes 34 now and still going strong. We celebrated our 21 year anniversary in january. Cat is well too. As for me im doing well.tired of course. Trying to ride more often. Im so glad winter is pretty much gone. I totaled my car in january in a sudden nasty snow squall that put 4 inches on the ground in 20 minutes. Guy infront of me slammed his brakes and spun sideways. I couldnt avoid hitting him in the fender. Then they put his car on the flatbed and hitched up my car to the back and 3 miles down the interstate a bar broke and my car fell off and the drivers side tire was dragging on the ground. We wete following in the police car. I was alone in the car and only had minor injuries. I have a 2013 Ford Edge now which i like more than the Escape. So thats it for now. Ill try to see you all soon
  6. Its Been A While

    Thought i would stop in and say hi. Ive been so busy lately i missed HC. everyo
  7. Duh Mommy

    Im sure ive dne stuff like that. I remember once i woke up at 530, dh wasnt in bed anymore. Actually he wasnt even home. I called his cell and he said he was sitting in the parking lot at work waiting for the opening manager to open the door. Then said some unrepeatable things about the manager being late. I told him A. It was sunday the store doesnt opeen until 8. And B. You dont work sunday. Atleast he brought me donuts.
  8. Crazy Barns

    That sounds like a horrible situation. Were you there when peaches got injured or were you informed that horses will be horses. Considering the toxicity surrounding you, i wouldnt put it past them to have done something. Next, i would be spreading word that you need to move a horse out of a bad situatioin. post on craigslist. Look online for stables and bars in your area. Dont go into details. I would also look for stables as far as you are willing and able to go. The goal is to get out now, even if your next move is temporary. Look for horse people. Ask if they know someone. I wouldnt waste any more time or patience with these people. They have you in a corner and they know it.
  9. Please Explain Garbage To Me ....

    When i lived with a friend, she put a throw rug on the floor beside her recliner and would pile her trash there. I lived with her for 6 months and never saw her throw anything away.
  10. Gabrielles Busy!

    I havent been here in a while but thought i would share some pics from today. we had such a busy day. so here is what we did This morning we went to the barn and G got to drive Mommy's car The we went on a pony ride! G's first time on a horse! G Thanked Askim very much for her pony ride. she had so much fun then we went home and a couple hours later, her 3 cousins from W. VA came up to play with her. Sorry no pics from that Then we had to go to a 4th of July party. and G got to swim in the pool for the first time AFter that, she got to swing in the swing. So is so happy and will be 8 months old next week! can you believe it. She and cant wait! shes sitting up so good, and can get into the sitting position by herself, but shes still not great at it. she has stood up by herself and is trying so hard. she loves rolling and is laughing and squealing and just an all around happy girl.
  11. Awesome Show Results was at northmoreland park in apollo. I dont know when or where the next one is but ill let you know. I think theres one at crooked creek in ford city coming up but not sure when Sorry no pics guys.
  12. Awesome Show Results

    had my first competitive trail ride of the year today. Askim did great. of the 10 obstacles, only 1 wasnt perfect and it was the back up. not sure why he blew it but apparently alot of horses had trouble with it. i found that kinda odd. anyway he did wonderful. my friend didnt win anything with Swirl Xtrainer got a 1st, a 4th and another ribbon with her horse and Askim got 2nd in my age division, 1st in breed, 1st in vintage (horses 19 and older) and out of 107 competitors, we finished in 2nd place!!!!!! dont know my exact score, but it was over 95. we couldnt stay for the awards bc i had to get the baby by a certain time. apprently i got 4 ribbons, a camp chair and a $20.00 gc to Sheetz.
  13. Why Do Some People Have Such Bratty Kids?

    Totally agree. When i was 5 my grandma called me a crybaby bc something really upset me and i wouldnt stop crying. 31 years later that memory still hurts but ill bet she never gave it a second thought.
  14. I Think Its Time For Bed....

    so im in the computer room, the lights are out. i turn to get up and my foot bumps something soft. i reach down to pet the cat and apologize for accidentally kicking her. as im petting my cat, my cat walks into the room. i look closer and im petting and talking to a merino wool saddle pad. i need to go to bed now.
  15. What Do I Say To

    She never called me so i didnt talk to them.