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  1. ? On How You Guys Breed Studs And Mares

    Thank you! Not to mention mustangs in the wild seem to have no issue foaling and breeding every yr. I only breed her once for three days time and she was telling me I was ripping up her insides let him do that and I was thinking oh yes because the giant foal that comes out doesn't do any damage what so ever sense one of the foals legs will be that size alone lol thanks cowgirlup
  2. ? On How You Guys Breed Studs And Mares

    New to breeding I've heard millions of different things I'm doing live cover I teased and waiting for this mare to be ready got them both clean and breed her once a day for three days and just had a lady at the barn yell at me because I was ruining the mare because I need to wait to breed them again for three days just wanted more opinions I know everyone has a different way of doing things I just didn't like how she approached me so rudely telling me I had ruined the mare and stallion and that the mare would never be able to breed again just want to know what you guys do every little detail is helpful had horses my whole life just new to breeding I've waited a long time before I got my first stud as I think everyone should do and now I feel like I'm being told I don't even deserve to have horses like I know nothing about them just really frustrated anyway anything helps thanks!
  3. Critique My Appaloosa Mare

    Well thank you shes got amazing turns she will be very versital I know Im not happy with her muscles right now but she had the entire winter off as I was pregnant and just barely started her 3months ago she has nicer muscle tone now ill try and get better pics up but not sure when as redeo is this weekend and things will be crazy at the stables I love her color to hard to believe when I got her she was sorrel with a snowcap butt lol appys always change! Shes a good girl Thanks
  4. Critique My Appaloosa Mare

    HAHAHA THANKS ALL!!! I dont mind standing out or being ambarassed lol so does any1 want to take a wack at her confo? I know there not the best pics but just even a ball park would be good for me! She is the most amazing horse ive even had! every1 that meets her wants this girl I was very lucky to have gotten her
  5. Critique My Appaloosa Mare

  6. Critique My Appaloosa Mare

    never ever ever this girls got a home 4 life!
  7. Critique My Appaloosa Mare

    Any1???????? She cant be that bad lol
  8. Critique My Appaloosa Mare

    Thanks guys! I tried to do photo bucket online but it was taken FOREVER to load and I have no patiants for loading lol so any1 who has a FB and can critique for me is welcome! Thanks so much for the comments she is an absolute sweetheart! By far the BEST horse Iv ever owned!
  9. Critique My Appaloosa Mare

    ok all my pictures are to big any other sagestions on getting them up or links that work?
  10. Critique My Appaloosa Mare

    oh no! ill try some other pics dang computers anyways!
  11. Critique My Appaloosa Mare

    This is Firefly my 4yr appaloosa mare she is 100% foundation appaloosa she is such a sweetheart! I know she has some flaws and I know these arent the best confo pics but I hope you enjoy critique my pretty girl!Sorry I had to just post the links becuase the file was to big to upload. open to all comments! Thanks so much!!/photo.php?fbid=227474400612200&set=t.100000107186876&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=227474230612217&set=t.100000107186876&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=227474447278862&set=t.100000107186876&type=1&theater
  12. Lose Of Horse Hair Leaving Bald Spots

    i agree with fastfill79 sounds like rain rot or ringworm try and post pics so we can help to figure out what it is and so we can get rid of it ;)
  13. Putting Weight On?

    TBs tent to be HARD keepers mostly becuase they are HOT on grain and burn thru it fast I had the same problem with my Arab cross I used equin senior but it made him hot kept wieght ok but not as good as id like still hippy and ribby. I found purinas new Stratigy Healty Edge it did wonders for him! didnt make him hot and put wieght on awsome and he filled out the way I like. It already has purina amplify nuggets in it but to get that and add a bit more in the grain when horse is working doesnt hurt just makes it better! this grain is cheaper and you feed less then senior I sware by this grain and feed it to all my horses and now have most of the people at my barn useing it as well becuase of the amazing results! For more info go to
  14. Weight Gain On Rescues

    Ive got good experience with these kind of neglected skinnys first yes make sure teeth and worming and shots are all up 2 date! Add electrolites to water not to much but just enough to increase appitite and water intake we dont want to put on wieght to fast and as they start gaining wieght you can increase electolites. I like either Purina Equin Senior or Purina Strategy Healthy Edge both have great fatening healthy egde will be cheaper then the senior start at 1-2lbs then increase as wieght increases. Try either Wieght Biulder supliment or purina Aplify nuggets use one or the other not both they are pretty equal in results depends on what you want to spend lol. Red cell is really good suppliment for them its got iron in it and it really boost the imune systme so as skinnys they wont tend to get sick if weather changes. And Vitamin b12 crumbles. Mix it all up feed once a day. Just make sure they are not stalled up and get regular walks or are in pasture to walk about, we dont want them getting stiffend up! This stuff works wonders these horses will be fat and sassy b4 you know it! people wont believe the difference or even that they are the same horses!If you have any ? let me know! Ive saved MANY horses with this magic recipe and I hope it can turn yours into wonderful beauties!
  15. Barrel Horse Turned Bronc

    It sound like she is hurting id get her checked by a vet if you can. As far as trust issues go if shes never done that kinda thing before id say I would still trust her she could just have been hurting really bad and used it as a last resort to say HELLO THIS HURTS GET OFF ME NOW!!! kinda thing if ya know what I mean. I was warming up my mare she didnt buck but just kept taking off out of control run being wierd so I got off cuase she NEVER did stuff like that and I walked her and she was limping in her back leg. I couldnt feel It becuase I was trying to hold on to her crazy running but she was just letting me know hey stop. If I had kept going she may have started bucking, but I was one of the lucky ones! But we got her to the vet and fixed up and have never had a problem sence Id get yours to the vet if you can to get the hurting taken care of if thats what it is. I hope you are ok and didnt get hurt and best of luck to both you and your duaghter with your horse! [Huggy] Happy, Trails