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  1. Lameness Pre Colic?

    Thanks Manes! Frustratingly enough my gelding tends to have a very high pain tolerance. Perhaps this colic was a little more serious than I suspected or than what he was showing to me?
  2. Lameness Pre Colic?

    My gelding had a little bout of gas colic 3 evenings ago. As I got him in from the fiel I noticed he was very lame hind left. No swelling. No heat. No sign of trauma. . . Wasn't quite right up until graining at which point it was obvious was he colicing. Treated that, came out pretty quick and no issues since. Now, the very next day - completely sound and has been since. Anybody ever see a mystery lameness right before or during a mild colic? Can't figure out what the heck could have made him so lame?
  3. Child-free-by-choice x2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My BF of 7 years does not want children, nor do I. It works out great with my business and professional demands and compliments our relationship well. I too, seem to be missing this mother-gene. Wanting to have children? ... Ok. I get it. But somtimes the circumstances these people choose to do so just blows my mind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have witnessed the "I want a baby" regardless to the ever important "WITH WHO?" part. The "I'll get pregnant to trap the father into a relatioship" one. The "I can't get pregnant" and then nine months later "hi don't know how it happened we only had unprotected sex 500 times, must be a miracle, now here's your baby and take care of us". The "a baby will make my relationship better". Can't expect much when 16 and Pregnant advocates such lifestyles. Bugs the **** out of me. I don't know. Seeing as I have never had such a hormonal thing going on inside of me to make such irrational thoughts I just can't seem to wrap my little brain around it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kids. They're not easy. But there has to be some penalty for sex. Bill Maher
  4. Bending

    Ha wow.... Kiss the Sky - loved your analogy BTW. Great advice.
  5. NY Times Article Interesting stuff. Do you think this could ever cover a broader spectrum, outside the TB world? I wonder if studies could ever show the higher 'break down' rate of US horses versus European and the alike. Just playing devil's advocate.
  6. Certified Trainers...

    A lot of times certification can come into play with different insurance policies, offering discounts and whatnot. For this reason - YES to certification. I looked into CHA a little while ago. I have met many trainers who are certified via CHA per demands of the barn where they teach, again likely motivated by barn owner getting a reduction in her insurance. In either case, I was not impressed at all by the program. If you're going to get certified go big - follow BHS (British Horse Society). I think ARIA is still too new in their incentives and CHA just doesn't cut it.
  7. Bo's Which Is More Important $$ Or Less Drama?

    Here's the thing... With any one trainer going to any one barn there will always be someone piping up over some drama in the past or how so and so did this at that show or beats her horses or coked it up with her ex husband. It's just the nature of the beast when it comes to the horse industry. There are very few trainers out there with a 'clean slate' across the board between past and current clients/barns, show venues, etc. I guess what I am saying is that for the most part it is par for course that some amount of drama will ensure when a new trainer comes to an established barn.
  8. Fertility

    As I will not be having a child in this lifetime, I would gladly donate my eggs in hopes to help someone else who wants to. I'm not using them so why not?
  9. Picking Up Strangers

    No. Pregnant woman can kill to ya know. And do drugs, and have pimps or dealers after them for money. No thanks.
  10. Tragedy In My Local Town

    Been there... they are all in my prayers.
  11. Working With Instructors/clinicians

    Is the trainer going to be teaching elsewhere or specifically at your facility? If you have a webpage it's always nice to jazz it up a bit with the description of the trainer's and farm's services when you can put things as "so and so trainer is working exclusively from John Doe Farm". People love that stuff. Typically instructors are paid via commission. As a 1099'ed instructor the idea is that the instructor is essentially renting/using your facilities for their services offered. Use of facilties can range from shipping clients in for use the outdoor/indoor, etc. Or using your horses for instruction along with the rings and other physical elements of the farm. In either case the checks or money are given to the farm who then is responsible for paying it down to the instructor. Commission ranges. In our area the younger, unknown instructors get 30%, while the BNT's who work out of certain barns get 50/50 sometimes 60/40. You are going to want to sit down with the instructor and work together in developing a price to the services offered and find a range that compliments both your needs.
  12. My Horse Is Finally Aging

    How old exactly? My guy is 16 this Spring and I bought him when he is three. I can remember the exact day and time I looked at him and thought to myself that he actually looked older. It's bittersweet encounter to age with a horse and probably one of the most difficult. Maintenance is the key and similiar with humans age can 'just be a number'. My good friend evented her horse for the first time when he was 21. What saved him was dressage work and lots of it. Lower level stuff mind you. But any horse can reap the benefits of dressage at any age. Like someone else mentioned - keep the joints moving and active as long as the horse is comfortable.
  13. What Horse Training Books Do You Have?

    Jane Savoie's stuff is great! I really like Micheal J. Steven's collections as well. I tend to follow books with teachings of the classical seat. I think nearly all major training trends of today can be rooted back to themes from classical horsemanship. We just give it a new name every now and then to entertain the masses!
  14. The Case For

    I'm left handed. In kindergarten my teacher almost didn't pass me because I tied my shoes the "wrong way" (later learned most left handers do it that way) and the fact that I would not write with my right hand. I'm left handed but throw with my right hand. Poor coffee with my right hand. Use the remote right handed. Blow my hair right handed. It's strange to think of all the things I do with my right hand. Years ago I worked with a girl who was doing a thesis regarding Alzheimers. She was explaining that current research suggests more synapse are created if people use their nondominant hand every single day for even the simplest task. It is believe the more synaspe you use on a daily basis may help develop your memory and ward off diseases like Alzheimers. Kind of interesting!