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  1. My Horses Stall

    Thanks for the comments. I knew I was right, but some other boarders are strangely okay with this. I'm not though and I know my horse isn't either... I didn't think about lack of sleep, but seriously, *I* wouldn't lay down there, much less walk barefoot... it's just ridiculous
  2. My Horses Stall

    Ok, so I board my horse and he's in a stall at night. The stalls have rubber mats with shavings... well, VERY little shavings. I'm talking a thin layer over the spot where the horse normally pees, but not even enough to soak up all the pee. Here's a pic of them when they are dirty. I know they are cleaned everyday and this pic is from 1 night of horse being in stall. They are completly stripped everyday since they get so dirty from throughout the night. Any concerns I should have for long term consequences, like the ammonia smell, horse laying down without any shavings... would they even lay down? , etc? Oh and sorry the pic is so small... should i be worried about anything else here, other than the barn owner's cheapness?
  3. Feeding Horses In Winter

    Im boarding my horse at a local stable and my horse is one of the lowest ranking in the pasture, I'm worried she's losing weight since she there are so many horses and sometimes only 1 round bale. I'm annoyed because I feel like proper feeding should be included in the board price, but with their feeding, my horse is underweight...AND I don't think the barn owner thinks the horse is underweight at all. Ah! There are not alot of other options around here for boarding, and this is only really a problem in the winter. But it's weird, like the barn owner thinks its normal for horses to loose a little weight in the winter, but i say it is not.
  4. colleges with equine programs and degrees

    well where I'm at now there's no equine program anywhere near by. I'm going to be moving back to my hometown for a year pretty soon (long, long story) so I'd like to get something done for maybe a future college degree in Equine Science or something similiar. Thanks for your reply!
  5. Human baby boy names needed!!

    I have a nephew named Gunner...that's a pretty strong name! If you really want to make sure you're boy grows up tough, name him Sue. j/k I slso like... Bryson Colten Mark Shane Trent Trevor [ 04-26-2007, 09:36 PM: Message edited by: Kudasai ]
  6. Has anyone on here completed an B.S. of Equine science or similar degree program? Do you need a foreign language for most horse degrees that are 4 year degrees? I'm in a weird situation and am thinking about taking spanish at the local community college, but ultimately I'd like to complete a degree in Equine science. Would i just be wasting my time with the spanish classes or could they be needed, depending on the university I transter the credits to? Thanks to all who take a shot at this one!

    That's so beautiful! At first it threw me off seeing the flowers in color...but I like it! Have you showed your sister yet? I bet she'll LOVE it!
  8. Wierd email about selling horse

    That definatly sounds like a scam, but I just wanted to add that buying a horse without riding it is not that unususual. I live in Hawaii and LOTS of folks buy horses from the continental U.S. and ship them over via boat or airplane. BUT they certainly don't write emails like the one you got. That email is just shady. (What the heck is "Self-riding" anyways!) People here in Hawaii talk to the seller directly on the phone, though I don't know how the money payment works out. Personally, I don't think I'd sell my horse w/o having the person ride either. Also, without riding the horse, the only thing these people have to go on is a video of the horse being ridden, and I've seen some horses that the only way they could be the same horse on the video is through some very creative video editing! KInd of off-subject but my perspective on it.
  9. Worked with Banditt *pics*

    Hey i think i have those shoes!! lol are they etnies? Oh but yea i have to agree w/ the other posters, they are dangerous to ride in and even practice mounting in, since it's even more dangerous to be half on/half off a horse than it is to be mounted IMHO. But cute shoes for skate boarding!
  10. Worked with Banditt *pics*

    Hey i think i have those shoes!! lol are they etnies? Oh but yea i have to agree w/ the other posters, they are dangerous to ride in and even practice mounting in, since it's even more dangerous to be half on/half off a horse than it is to be mounted IMHO. But cute shoes for skate boarding!
  11. first ride in 4 months--critique anyone? lol

    Is that Mosely? I thought she was a different color, she almost looks palamino in those photos! She's still gorgeous though! (Sorry I don't have a critique!)
  12. English vs. Western

    thanks for all the comments! And yup, I'm sure I want to leave Hawaii. It's beautiful and all, but there's sooo many horsey things missing, like breeding farms, auctions, horse racing, breed association shows etc. Not that I show right now anyways, but if I did want to show I would be competing against the same 10 people all the time and would have only a couple shows to pick from in only a couple of disciplines. Also since it's an island, you only have so many horses to choose from when you want to buy. Alot of people buy horses some where else and ship them over. Besides any of that, land is crazy expensive!
  13. English vs. Western

    Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions! Skippen - good point about the ratio of english to western riders in the area. Where I'm at now isn't where I'd like to open my barn (I'm in Hawaii...it's a whole different horse world over here). All my family is in Texas and it'd be nice to be close to them. I'd say that Texas has more western events and riders but has some english too. I'm open to other states though. BuddyRoo - lots of good points! It took me a minute to figure out what PITA stood for though! lol. I agree w/ you that space is important. I was planning on eventually having multiple arenas, maybe 3 or 4. But I'll more than likely start with one and have to deal with the problems of sharing in the meantime. Also a concern I have with multiple arenas is that of quality. If the nicest arena (indoor and all that) is for jumpers, then that might show favortism towards that discipline. I guess it's the idea that "separate but equal" facilties are unfair because separate facilities are inherently unequal. I'm not sure how to navigate that issue yet as I probably will only be able to afford one indoor. I hadn't yet considered trainers and their egos. That is a very good point. Hmmm...I think I'm pretty easy to get along with but not everybody is. I'll have to think about that. As far as care goes, I plan on doing full-care board (stalled with daily turnout, the usual 2x day feeding, daily stall cleaning) and also pasture board (2x day feedings). I would never offer self-care for more reasons than I can list on this particular post. I suppose a lot of people on both sides of the show fence (western show horses and english show horses) like their horses to be stalled almost 24/7, but I just won't do that so I'll lose some boarders there. So thanks again for all the encourgement and advice. I'll keep you guys updated, but in the meantime keep the suggestions coming!
  14. English vs. Western

    Hi everyone! I would like to one day open up my own boarding and lesson facility and was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the idea of a multi-discipline barn. I don't mean one in which 95% ride western and 5% ride english (though that is the only kind of multi-discipline barns I have seen). There are a lot of barns that say "we strictly ride dressage" or "we're a western barn" or "hunter/jumpers only", but in my experience not many barns that do both english and western... and if they do, one discipline is their specialty and the other a sidethought. Sometimes it seems as though it's not intentional as it is just the way things came to be at that barn. No one likes to be the oddball out, and birds of a feather tend to flock together and all. I understand that the facilities somewhat dictate what sort of boarders and lessons that will be there (i.e. if there are no jumps you won't attract a hunter/jumper to your barn). So providing that there are the spaces and equipment needed for several disciplines and knowlegable people for each discipline, would it work? Or do riders just want to stay with their own kind?