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  1. Too Soon?

    I own a three year old MustangXPaint gelding, who I've had for 8 months. He had very limited human contact when I got him, and I've been consistantly training him ever since. He's had a saddle and bridle on, and I've done a LOT of groundwork with him. I've trained several horses, but have never broken one myself. I have two trainers at the barn where I board, and one says that he's ready for his first ride, and the other insists that I should do more work with him, mostly Parelli stuff so he's completely 100% PERFECT before I get on his back. The first trainer says that you can work on that stuff under saddle and on the ground, and the main thing I should focus on is riding him. How much work do you think a horse should have on the ground before you get on their back for the first time? Major points would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Sage (grulla Filly) & Mares (pictures)

    Great pictures! They're all gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! :]
  3. Meet Maddie, My New Horse!

    Aww, she's adorable! I've always wanted a Clyde, hoping to get one some day Congrats!
  4. Goodbye My Gorgeous Geisha

    I'm so sorry to hear that -hugs-
  5. Looky What I Made!

    Good job with the video, and amazing job with your horse!
  6. Anteri Pictures!

    Aww, what a looker! She's gorgeous! I love her browband, too, it looks great on her. I absolutely love her color! :]
  7. Check Out My New Addition!

    Aww, what a cutie! I love his markings...he's going to be a stunner when he gets older! Congrats! I'll try to think of some names for you...
  8. Look At These....

    I agree completely. What's the point of this? You might want to make it clear, quick, before, as stated, it gets "interesting" around here.
  9. Do You Pick Your Pastures?

    We pick our pastures daily, but then again we have eight horses and if we don't pick daily, then it really starts to pile up! It's really up to you, I've been at other barns that didn't pick their pastures and it wasn't a big deal, but I personally think not only does it look a lot better when the pastures are clean, but the horses enjoy not having to muck around in their own poop and it really keeps the flies down during fly season. We also dump at the back of our 20 acres so you don't have to see it or smell it! It's convenient!
  10. Showjumping Clinic Today =] W/pics

    You two look like a great team! I'm glad that she seems to be working out well for you. Keep up the good work!
  11. Something Ticked Me Off Today...

    I agree, that's just sick. And the fact that she thinks he's perfectly okay? Yeah, right. She's going to be amazed and wonder why anyone won't buy that poor colt, and why he starts having issues in the near future. That sickens me. Where is this ad at? I'd love to check it out and send her a message...
  12. Tell Me How You Really Feel

    She's very cute! I like her build--very athletic. She looks like she'll be a nice horse for you!
  13. Congratulations! She's gorgeous, good luck with her!
  14. Riding Pics/Vids Critique?

    You two look like a nice match! The only thing I noticed in a few of the pics is that your legs look a little far forward. Not a highly noticeable thing, I didn't see it in the video. I'd like to see a little more bend on her part, but other than that she looks like a great mover! Overall, you look good Oh, by the way, I love the background music. I'm a massive Fall Out Boy fan
  15. A sad day yesterday

    Poor mare! Couldn't her owners tell that she was in pain?? Why did they wait it out? But prayers for the foal! I hope the little guy stays tough!