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  1. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    3 for sure!
  2. Saddle Bags

    I'm assuming you're talking about a bag to put a saddle in rather than a bag you attach to the side of the saddle. Fleece. Extra cush/protection. Mine is fleece lined, even though I rarely use it. My saddle covers are fleece lined too.... even though it's only because they came that way with the saddles when I bought the saddles they go to. I wouldn't buy one that isn't fleece lined... My preferences across the luggage board are: Boot bags - quilted inside, bridle bags - fleece or quilt, garnet bags- unlined or quilted and waterproof, helmet bags - either hard case, fleece or quilt and waterproof. Also--- you don't condition anything with soap and anything with Balsm in the name doesn't hold a candle to plain neatsfoot oil or hydrophane.
  3. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    It's going to be ok. *hugs*
  4. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    Great weekend for football... Aggie win, OU win, Buffalo win. :-)
  5. Boarders, What Are Your Responsibilities?

    To me if the boarder is paying for stall board, the contract should indicate the frequency of cleaning. (Be that one, two, three or four times a day.) If the horse stays in 24/7 and stalls are done once a day I would be paying extra for an extra cleaning or doing it myself. However, if the stalls are cleaned once a day nothing a boarder does should effect weather or not that happens.... weather the horse is in the stall or not cleaning should happen. So as I see it the boarder is not responsible for cleaning the stall regardless of their riding schedule or choices as long as they're paying for the stall. If the boarder is not paying for stall board they should not have access to a stall for convenience ever. If they choose to put their horse in a stall they should be charged the day rate for stall board. I'd start adding that to their bill. If someone has to sweep up cross ties after the kid, I'd charge a fee for that. If someone has to go to extra trouble to feed the horse because the kid didn't dump the bucket for the horse or couldn't put the horse in the stall with the feed already in it then there should be a fee for that. Seems pretty simple to me. Issues a notice of said fees. Charge to monthly bill. Mom and Dad enforce for you.
  6. Boarders, What Are Your Responsibilities?

    I've never been responsible for picking a stall as part of a boarding agreement. That's part of why I pay board.
  7. Ponykins Jumps! (& Models)

    Greys... Hahaha..... not great for a photography class... but hilarious and typical of pony's cooperation level. (she was really, really good, just green and curious about the camera and my friends. Blue... one one of this dress with any kind of animal. This is a pup that one of the collage age girls who lives and works at the ranch rescued off the side of the highway. All done.
  8. Ponykins Jumps! (& Models)

    Then the other way. And a butt shot into the sunset. And some of our fun stuff.... Greens... MORE
  9. Ponykins Jumps! (& Models)

    A couple weeks ago my roommate asked me if I wanted to model for her as she had something in mind for an assignment in a photography class. I'm not a spectacular model, but with enough pictures there's usually a few good ones, so I agreed... if my pony could model too. My roommate was super enthusiastic about this and we had a great time. An this was the perfect opportunity for me to rope her into take riding photos for me too. I'm wearing white breeches because they pop in photos and would work for one of the 5 photos she needs to turn in for this assignment.... also- please no helmet comments. I've heard it all before, but my choices are my own, and made for a specific reasons with full awareness of what I was doing. Concern is appreciated, but it's done, over and I'm just fine. Critique if you like... I'm not worried about it, I can see the pictures too and I know full well what I struggle with. If you see something you must point out... but all means. Extra eyes never hurt. Riding pics first: So... I get on and make my adjustments. We trot some poles. And we jump a little cross rail. Then a different cross rail. MORE
  10. What Size/height Quilts?

    I think I'm good on pony wraps... I almost never use them and I have 2 sets. They tend to make her want to kick especially in the stall. And she's sooo teenie and flexible that she can chew the back left one in the trailer. (Before someone tells me to tie her shorter.) I tie her long enough that she's not having to hold her head way up in the air, and the slot is plenty wide.... since the trailer had to be big enough for my biiiig horse too. Pony will scoot her right shoulder up against the window, and pick up her left hind like a dog would to scratch behind their ears, and chew her wrap that way. Only way to stop that is to tie her shorter, but then she can't hold her head normally. I resorted to using an olllld one and dousing it in hot sauce. I think she learned her lesson though.
  11. Halloween

    This year the plan is flight attendant... and with the new tv drama PanAm the pilot/stewardess is going to be hot this year too I think. I didn't pick it for that reason... but whatever. I'm also predicting a lot of green lantern and captain americas this year too... That in mind you could don a skinny white dress shirt, black (high waist, very fitted) pencil skirt, huge watch and long dark hair to pair with a guy in a green drab flight suit (or a green lantern spandex thing)... Would be cool since this still is one of the first few released and is rather well known. Living in Texas I have a back up plan if it does decide to be cold... I'm going as a polo player... helmet, mallet, knee guards and all. (Most of my "polo" costume is riding stuff for the jumpers, but as part of a costume the differences are minimal.... no I socialize with that doesn't ride would know the difference between polo boots and field boots.... or that many polo players wear white denim instead of the stretchy, soft technical blends breeches are made out of.
  12. What Size/height Quilts?

    Ben.... who was a bit shorter in the cannons wore 12F/14H that I had from a QH I rode for a while. That worked perfect in the front and could have used an inch in the back, but I wasn't that picky until way later. 18hh german thing needed 16F/18H to travel and 14F/16H for standing in the stall as does Lucy now... although I use shorter ones for in the stall at shows because she's hard on them, and being able to cover the edges makes it harder for her to eat them. lol Reese... should really wear 8F/10H I think, but she's in like 11.25 or 11.37 or something funny all the way around (Eskadron Climatex in small pony... made in Europe, so they come in cm not even inches...) Hers cover from her cornet over her chestnut completely in the front front and half way in the hind. They're kinda funny looking, but it's super cute anyway. EDIT: Bandages.... 7' Pony, 9' "horse" but that's really midget sized and 12' extra long is really horse size to me. That might be a good tidbit for you.
  13. Is This Too Much To Ask?

    You have an exceeding amount of patience. I would be mad... However- if you want more saddle pads should yours not make a reappearance soon facebook me... I'll mail you a couple of half dozen plain white ones I have that haven't seen the light of day in years. I understand this is a principle thing... but should you need extras or replacements let me know. I counted when I moved... I have AT LEAST 30 white square pads of some kind or another. I actually use.... 7-10 of them? haha So.... I would be mad if I was missing the ones I actually use, since I'm very partial.
  14. Manufacture Numbers?

    Um.... it's a pessoa. They're so mass produced I think the only part that might mean anything is 05 at the start being the year it was made.
  15. Can I Get Some Help- Pahleeze?

    Thank you all so much! Please keep them coming.