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  1. I have the book, it has been sitting at my house sience Oz mailed it to me. I need the next address to send it on. I haven't been home this past week to check in. I just got home and have wash clothes and pack my suitcase for another 48 hour shift starting later tonight. I'm leaving in 30 minutes to go back to work with a different client and I will be home after 3:15 pm (pacific time) today. I will pm you my cell # so that you can send me a text with Horsecrazybvh's address. The book will be mailed on my way home. Sorry for the delay, one of my clients has health issues and I'm staying with her almost 24/7 until her surgery is done. My copy of the book came while I was working. So I get to read the book and then send it down south for an autograph! Bye! Kat
  2. Hey Heidi, New Kitty Likes To Bite

    Yeah!!! I'm so glad that she is getting better. A former co-worker had beautiful Persian kittens for sale and she taught everyone of them that fingers were play toys. All of them scratched and bit. She thought it was "cute" that all of her cats acted like that. I didn't buy one.
  3. What Bit Should I Use

    Too many "trainers" focus their training on running barrels and spend very little time actually training the horse how to relax under saddle, stop, back up and turn with leg and body pressure from the rider. Their "job" is to get fast horses that can fly around a barrel. Basic knowledge is either not done or barely skimmed over while the horse is in their hands. So they use pain to force the horse to stop, turn left and right and back up. You want a faster horse? Teach it the basics. Horses can't focus on two things at the same time. If it is hurting, it's mind is focused on pain. A horse will run faster and turn tighter around a barrel, if it's mind is free of pain and focused on the rider. Charmayne James won at the NFR....with a busted headstall that was hanging around Scamper's neck...He was trained in the basics and ran without pain to 10 NFR World Championships.
  4. Bitless Bridle Help!

    Google Dr Cook Bitless Horse Bridles or Side Pull Headstalls. That will give you an idea of what to look for. Also check some of the videos on Youtube that will show you how to place the headstall correctly on your horse. My local tack store has Side-pull Bridles with rope or leather nose bands from Weaver Leather. I used to have a Buckaroo leather one and was dumb enough to loan it to a "friend." It's a local company so my favorite tack store carries them.
  5. Preferable Saddles For Gaited Horses

    I absolutely adored my Eli Miller Endurance saddle and used it for 2-3 horses. It fit them all quite nicely and was wonderfully comfortable to ride in. It started out that way with my new KMSH mare but now it's pinching in the shoulder. Her stride has shortened and the last time we went out she stopped periodically and looked back at me as if to say "Why are you doing this to me???" I've also noticed her topline sagging a little. All signs to me that this saddle no longer fits her. Sure enough, I took some measurements and she is definitely in need of a wider saddle. The hunt begins. :-( Congratulations...You have developed her muscle tone and strength! Is she the smaller boned, oval/tear drop/slab sided shaped ribbed KMSH or the Morgan type with a larger bone structure and rounded ribs? A few saddle makers are offering "Wide bar Gaited Saddles." Freedom Saddles (custom orders) and Tucker have really nice wide-bar gaited endurance saddles. Abetta now offers them in cordura and a leather mix. I'm saving up to buy a custom ordered Freedom or Tucker saddle for my horse.
  6. Fabtron Saddle For Twh

    Lovely Horse!!!! Soft eye and great focus!! Your in luck!!! Most saddles that say "For Gaited horses" are designed for Walkers, with "Y" shaped trees that are narrow through the body and wide at the shoulders. If your looking for a cordura/light weight saddle Abetta, Wintec, Bighorn and just about every brand offers their version of this style of gaited horse saddle. Different brands offer different length swells that provide clearance for the withers. Shop around the different saddle companies to find the ones that will fit your horse's withers. Look at their diagrams, some measure from the top of the inner arch of the swell to the point it goes into the skirting once the saddle is finished the majority measure the tree before anything is attached. If you have any questions, just call their customer service. All of the ones that I talked to either knew the information or had someone who did know called me back. You can also buy a "cutback" saddle pad to open up the space for his withers. My horse is a Foxtrotter and built like a Morgan (wide shoulders, rounded ribcage/ barrel and short backed). I tried 32 saddles before I found an older wide bar Circle Y that fit her. Some saddle makers like Tucker, Circle Y and a few others have started to offer wide width gaited saddles. Yeah! If you want to build up the muscle in his top line, there are some easy exercises that you can do from the ground to help your horse: and My TB had the same withers and dropped back that your boy has. I did belly lifts each morning when I fed her. She loved the feeling she got and would almost go to sleep. The difference in her back and action was amazing!
  7. Lady Joe

    Foxtrotters were bred to be cow horses in the Ozarks. You should try her on cows.
  8. Hey Heidi, New Kitty Likes To Bite

    Make sure that family or friends aren't using their hands to play with her. Such as wriggling their fingers or sliding hands across surfaces to tempt the cat to pounce. My cat mantra is "don't teach kittens that hands are play toys!" Our Balinese can only handle two strokes on each side of her head. More than two and she will nip. So I stroke her one time on each side and remove my hand. I can pet her for thirty or more minutes. I also quit when she wants more attention. It makes her crave attention.
  9. Hubby's Wedding Cakes *new Added 10-4*

    The cake looks great!! Repeat business is a wonderful thing! The next cake can be the child's first birthday!
  10. Hi Stranger! Welcome back!! Your son must be thrilled that his status as a child of your heart, has become legally acknowledged. Congratulations!!!
  11. Lady Joe

    A pro appreciating your work is great!! Congratulations!! I'm waiting for my copy to arrive from Amazon. How many pages have you written for the sequel?
  12. My Horses Are Finnally Coming Home!

    Yeah!!!! Being able to look out the window and see your horse is a wonderful thing!!!
  13. She's Gone

    Sending Big Hugs your way She obviously loved you and your family very much. She left you with her precious Gambler because she loved and trusted you. He is a true legacy of love from a wonderful woman. God Bless Kat
  14. Finally, I Have A Horse Again!

    Yeah!!!!! Your horse is gorgeous!!! What a lucky guy to find a great new home with you!!!
  15. Sacramento Area Folks

    I live in the Sierra foothills east of Sacramento. There are hundreds of horse facilities around Sac. Everything from world class Hunter/Jumper or Reining facilities to small mom and pop ranches that board a couple of horses. The larger the number of amenities the higher the price. Prices can run from $200-$500 plus per month. Trails and equestrian camping sites abound. You can camp and ride in the surf at Point Reyes or touch the sky on the rim trail above lake Tahoe. You can find Timothy hay year around but the cost is higher than orchard grass or mixed hay. I pay $18-23 per bale for a 100-125 pound bale of orchard. Timothy costs about $2-4 more per bale. Hay costs more December-February when the fields are too wet to cut. There are dozens of equine vet groups in the area. Loomis Basin has incredible vets, state of the art technology and most of the people around here prefer to call or take their severely sick or injured horses there. Davis is incredibly expensive. Everything from Equine Dentists or Chiropractors are easy to find. Grass pastures are very rare in California, even when rainfall is plentiful. There is tule fog in the central valley around Sacramento during the rainy season from late December to early March. We have much less fog in the Foothills. Summers are warm, humid days are rare. Nights are much cooler year around. Hard frost or snow is rare in the central valley. We have more morning frost and if it snows (Jan-Feb) it might last for a couple of days in the Foothills. If you want to further your education there are multiple colleges and universities in the area I belong to a great horse club that meets the first Wednesday of each month at Red Hawk casino right off of highway 50 at 6:30pm. Your welcome to come and meet the group!
  16. How Do You Explain To Nonhorsey Folks?

    Your welcome! I used to rush into the "I need to get this person onto a horse!" and had the horse or pony washed, brushed and tacked up before they came. One friend from school was so excited to be around a real pony that she was talking in a loud voice and bouncing around as if her legs were made from springs. Our normally calm pony Diamond was getting upset, so I had to find a way for both of them to calm down. I knew that brushing a pony made both of us happier. So off came the saddle & bridle and I taught my friend how to behave around ponies and how to find their favorite spots to be brushed. My friend never became the riding buddy that I'd hoped for. Instead, she loved to come over to feed and care for our ponies and horses. When my family went on vacations she was the one we could trust to take care of our animals.
  17. Update! Got A Cat, Getting A House Cat

    Congratulations!!! It sounds like Ivy is very happy with her new family and her new dog. She either has a very friendly purrsonality or someone did a great job socializing her. She is too comfortable around your dog for it to be a new experience. Her former owner or foster family must have owned a dog that liked cats. You can try rolling two balls across the floor so that both dog & cat can play at the same time. If you pet and give the dog treats when the cat is nearby. It will help your dog accept the cat. The dog will think that having the cat around equals food and love.
  18. New Cat, Pictures! Added One More :)

    AWWWwwwww Lovely Kitten!! She looks so happy! This is "Duchess Little Bit" who was dumped in the snow about a mile from my sister's house in eastern Idaho when she was about four weeks old. Bit climbed up into the engine of my sister's Durango for warmth and survived below freezing temperatures. She now enjoys living in sunny California. Bit loves to play fetch and torment our cat Jazzy (aka Princess Jasmine Cinderella) our long haired Siamese. [/url]">http://If you get up from bed or a chair Bit will stretch across to claim possession. If you try to move her she will go limp and magically gain twenty pounds of dead weight.
  19. Prayer Request Please

    Two of my brothers had traumatic brain injuries. Both of them have recovered fully, it takes time. My youngest brother has a thick scar across his brain from a high voltage shock and it has taken years for him to get feeling in the left side of his body. His brain has built pathways around the damage and no one can tell that he was injured. He skis, runs, golfs, plays volleyball & basketball and was married last month.
  20. Yeah!!! Great News!!!
  21. I Splatted Off Of Dixie Today

    H&Q...... :rotf: I'd bet that their first thought was a heart stopping "Oh MY God! Is she okay?!!" Their second would have been "Thank God it wasn't ME riding that crazy horse!!" The last thought would have been laughing about the split jeans. Did they buy you a new pair to replace the damaged ones? Years ago, I was in a car wreck and they called my mom to tell her that I'd been taken to the hospital and they would evaluate my condition in the ER. My mom worked near the hospital and ran up a very steep hill to get there. I saw her arrival and she was white as a ghost. I pulled the ice bag off my face and said "It's okay mom! Don't worry! I'm wearing clean underwear!" My mom and everyone were laughing so hard that a few of the other patients hurt. It was worth it to see her color come back and the fear leave her face.
  22. My Grand Daughter Riding

    The fact that you are riding again is WONDERFUL!!! :yay: Teaching someone else to ride, can rekindle our love of riding and help us to remember the joy we felt when we were learning about horses. When my nieces started riding I bought some Tapadero style stirrups. If they showed up wearing running shoes the leather cover kept their feet contained so they were protected. They cost about thirty five dollars for the pair through a local tack store. Jedi seems to be mouthing the bit. You could try a D shaped snaffle with copper rollers and use a leather chin strap to keep the rings from being pulled out and sideways when she plow reins him. Or since he was used to a mechanical hackamore, you could try a Side Pull headstall.
  23. Some One To Make Me Leather Cinch Guards

    Buckaroo Leather Company makes Cinch Guards. I buy my tack from them. Their leather quality is incredible and their items are handmade by craftsmen. Everything is made in America (including the leather). You can order from them by phone or online.;_ylt=AwrTcd3G.exV41UAJYQnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Buckaroo+Leather+Cinch+Guards&fr=yhs-mozilla-001&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001
  24. Synergist Saddles

    I know two women (a mother & daughter team) who ride Arabians in long distance endurance races and bought custom Synergist saddles. Both of them love the saddles for the way they fit humans and their horses. If you and your horse aren't happy they will work to fix the problem. If you don't like it, they charge a fee (20%?) to return it. If I remember right, you can get a free DVD from the website. My Foxtrotter is hard to fit and I looked at Synergist saddles (tried 32 saddles before I found the right one). I'm leery about ordering saddles since I ended up loosing over 35% of what I paid (in fees & shipping costs) for a saddle that was touted as being perfect for my horse. You can always check out the names of the people who reviewed the saddles to find out any problems or tips on how to get the best bang for your buck. Good Luck with your hunt for the perfect saddle!
  25. Lady Joe

    Great reviews Carlo!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! :yay: :yay: When it comes time to find the multiple duplicate horses need to play parts in movies, they often use bays or sorrels because they are plentiful and common colors. Even if the book had a different or rarer colored horse (like a roan or dun). They often need six to seven individual horses to play one part. One glamor horse for close ups, others to do different tricks, one calm & forgiving horse that will sit for hours between takes and carry a greenhorn rider, another horse with fabulous movement that will run around at liberty and come back to the trainer for long distant shots. Horses like people, get tired and need time away from the lights and cameras. So they switch them in and out to keep them fresh. Friends of my family, were actors and horse wranglers on dozens of old Westerns and TV shows. They used to talk about how they used women's hair dyes, paint (mostly white) and powdered charcoal to change the colors or markings of the movie horses. One horse that was trained to fall without being hurt, had it's coat and markings changed five times during a six day shooting schedule. In one movie being filmed out in the boonies of Arizona, the clothing designer came unglued when the good guy's white hat fell back and slid down the charcoal and oil covered leg of his "black" & white paint horse. I enjoy trying to spot each different horse during the course of a movie.