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  1. Who Here Is Old?

    I honestly have no idea when I started posting here, I want to say I was about 14 or 15 and I am almost 20 now...I stopped posting for about 2 years and just decided to pop in to see who all was still here!
  2. Well...here I Am!

    Last time I was here was about 2 years ago, when I so rudely started an AWESOME RPG and shortly left a few weeks later. I was going through a lot when I had to leave and I apologize to Majikal, Sill Raining, and Indy for doing that to you guys... I'm just curious, who all is still here?
  3. The Invitation 2

    OOC: backbackback! So sorry guys, I came home Sunday afternoon and I went straight to sleep and slept for 14 hours (The entire week I was gone we only got about 2 hours of sleep a night, hah!) then I was flooded with work and school from being gone...Magikal if you can think of a way to incorporate 2 more characters that's fine and dandy =] IC: Logan reluctantly released Payton as she went and sat on the counter. He playfully grabbed her ankles as she kicked at him and smiled at her. "Sandcastles? What are you, 10?" He laughed at Shawn's sandcastle idea. "Volleyball sounds like fun to me," he shrugged. ---------------------------------------------------------- "I do not still love him!" Melissa was completely taken aback by her friends comment, and was overly defensive about it because she was afraid it was true. "I brought him here because he was invited before we broke up, I didn't want to let him down." She lied. "Let's go inside and see what everyone else is doing today." OOC: baaaaaaaad post...I apologize but that's the best I can do right now.
  4. The Invitation 2

    OOC: Hey guys, I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to go to a horse show and I won't have access to a computer until later Sunday. I miiiiight be able to post early tomorrow morning depending on what time I decide to roll out of bed but considering I didn't get any sleep at all last night and it's midnight here AND I have to get up at 7 so I won't be late for work...the chances of me getting out of bed any earlier than 7 are slim =p
  5. The Invitation 2

    Melissa didn't even make it past the front porch before she heard Riley come after her. She pressed her back against the wall and slid down slowly. "Riley..." She groaned as she pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. "Don't ask me what's wrong because I don't know. All I know is, it has to do with him," she put emphasis on "him" implying that she meant Shawn. "I shouldn't be mad, upset, or jealous. I broke up with him." Feeling her phone vibrate in her back pocket, Melissa pulled it out and saw a new text message from Shawn. Before even opening the text she stood up and threw her phone as hard as she could before it landed in the sand. "Riley, why on earth am I so mad at him?!" She exclaimed, running her fingers through her hair. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Payton was still in Logan's arms while Melissa dropped the cup and ran out the door, only letting go for a second while she cleaned up some of the broken glass. "Well then..." Logan began. He looked down at Payton and embraced her again, pulling her in close and lifting her up off her feet. He was concerned for Melissa, but it wasn't his place to go after her. They were pretty good friends, but Logan was never one to be very consoling. He might just make things worse. Looking back down at Payton he couldn't help but give a little smile. "And what might the wonderful Payton Clark be doing today?"
  6. The Invitation 2

    Logan smirked when he heard Josh and Riley's comments. It wasn't uncommon for his friends to pick on him about Payton. Or for them to pick on Payton about him. He looked up when he heard a door open to see Payton and Shawn come in together. Why were they together? They were probably just running...hopefully. "Hey," Logan smiled and looked down at Payton as he wrapped his arms around her. "Good morning." ------------------------------------------------------ Seeing Payton and Shawn come inside together made Melissa's cheeks turn red with jealousy. She was always the one to be jealous...over everything. That's why she and Shawn didn't work out in the first place. She quickly rinsed her coffee mug out in the sink, but before it could make it to the dishwasher it slipped from Melissa's hands and came crashing to the floor, glass shattering across the hardwood. She stared at it for a moment and walked briskly out the door, avoiding eye contact with everyone. "I gotta go," she mumbled under her breath.
  7. The Invitation 2

    OOC: I don't think Twizzler will be joining us...she told me she doesn't really have time. So I guess it's just us three!
  8. The Invitation 2

    Melissa woke to the sound of her friends downstairs. She looked at her clock, 7:45. Why on earth were they up so early? This was supposed to be vacation. She let her feet hit the floor with a frustrated thud and stood to her tall 5'10" muscled frame. Shawn was most likely out running, as she herself should be doing. But as motivated and athletic as Melissa can be, she was far from a morning person. Pulling her dark brown curls into a long ponytail, a drowsy Melissa stumbled down the stairs and somehow managed to find the kitchen to pour herself some coffee before acknowledging Riley and Josh. "Oh, hey," the words slipped out of her mouth as she walked to the front porch. It was gorgeous outside. Melissa closed her eyes and took a deep breath, listening to the waves nearby crash onto the shore and letting the breeze lift her bangs from her deep blue eyes. Melissa abruptly snapped back into reality when she saw two moving figures in the distance. She held her hand to shield her eyes and squinted into the sun. Definitel Payton and Shawn. Why were they running together? A little too close together for Melissa's comfort. Melissa and Shawn were friends for 3 years before they decided to start dating. They dated for one year, and she decided to break it off because he started to show interest in other girls. It could have been nothing, it could have been something, but whenever they went to parties, or anywhere else for that matter, other girls fell all over him. And most of the time he would play along. All he ever did was flirt, it never went any farther. Most of the problem was she never told him it bothered her. But shouldn't he know that it bothered her when he flirted with other girls? Melissa won't admit she jumped to conclusions breaking up with him, but deep down she knows she made a mistake. Scoffing at the two new running buddies, Melissa turned on her heal and went back in the house with Riley and Josh to finish her coffee, and hopefully get rid of her pounding headache. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Logan woke naturally around 8 and lazily slid out of bed, barely getting his feet on the ground before making a faceplant on the hardwood floor. Standing to his full frame, about 6'3", he tried to rub the sleep from his eyes and ran a hand through his blonde curls letting them fall back in his face, covering his golden eyes. With his blonde locks, sparkling eyes, and muscled frame, Logan could pretty much have any girl he wanted. But he wasn't ready for a relationship yet. A date here, a kiss there, yeah sure. It's committment that he's afraid of. Last time he was in a serious relationship with someone he was head over heals for, it ended badly. He playfully took her phone and saw some text messages that he most likely wasn't supposed to see. She'd been cheating on him for 3 months. And then there was Payton. They'd been friends ever since either of them could remember. He knew she'd always be loyal to him no matter what, even if they always stayed just friends. He felt like she was the only one he could ever trust. They could relate to eachother in a way they couldn't relate to anyone else. Their parents were all good friends and one night the two moms were out to dinner, and were hit by a drunk driver on the way home. Both were killed. That was about 10 years ago, and they both helped eachother through it, making their friendship stronger. Logan deffinitely had feelings for Payton. He viewed her as more than a friend, more than a best friend even. He wasn't sure what category to put her in. Yeah, he always put her arm around her and called her, "baby" and sometimes they would even hold hands, but that's s far as it went. Even in their one week trial they never kissed. He was terrified that kissing her would make things weird. Logan threw on the first thing he could find, which ended up being a band T-shirt of a band that he'd never even heard of before and navy sweatpants. He wasn't out to impress anyone, except maybe Payton. But if he hadn't impressed her yet, there was no hope for him. He followed the voices from his friends downstairs. Melissa, Riley, and Josh were all up. But no Payton. "Is Payton still in bed?" He said, slightly confused. She was usually the first one up.
  9. The Invitation 2

    I'll take Melissa and Logan =]
  10. The Invitation 2

    alright Indestructible, you go for it =]
  11. Im Back! [Not A Rpg]

    I DO remember you! we used to RP together back in my dorky days =p
  12. The Invitation 2

    I vote one person makes all the characters, and we just pick and choose. That way who's close with who, who's dating who, who likes who, love triangles etc. are easier to make and everyone's not just scattered.
  13. The Invitation 2

    Magikal if you really don't think you'll have much time to post for a while, then maybe you shouldn't join...It's up to you, if you want to try that's totally fine. I don't think any of us are going to be able to post as much as we used to. Life sucks...I hate growing up!
  14. The Invitation 2

    Does anyone besides me think it's a good idea for me to come up with characters that already have a profile, and you guys can just pick and chose from them? That' what Magikal was going to try last time, but she ran out of time.
  15. The Invitation 2

    Magikal never really gave me permission to use this, but this is her work. Magikal please tell me if it's a problem that I'm re-posting it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Neither time, nor distance, is supposed to interfere with true love. Is this idea applicable to love between best friends as well? In high school, they had a bond that was impenetrable to outsiders unless they all agreed upon it. They hung out every waking moment, even participating in the same advanced levels of classes, and they all participated in extracurriculars. They were drooled after by boys and envied by girls, and yet they appeared to thrive in the spotlight instead of bickering and withering like many cliques do when greatness is thrust upon them. When it came to colleges though, every girl desired, or was desired by, a different university. Surely, that was enough to break the bond? They kept in touch, skyping, texting and calling one another constantly. On breaks, they met up for lunch and coffee and it didn't appear different. But now, it is the summer after their freshman year and they are taking their annual summer trip to La Isla de Mientras, in the Caribbean, to stay at one of Norah's homes and it is time to see how close of a bond they really had. The house backs right up to the white, sandy beaches, warm from the constant presence of the sun. The water is clear, perfect for snorkeling, scuba-diving, jet-skiing or just floating around. There are enough beds that everyone gets one, but some have to share a double and other rooms have twins in them. The kitchen is restocked with all the essentials, food, water and alcohol, every week by the woman who cleans the house every other day. Essentially, there is absolutely nothing to worry about other than remembering to put on sunscreen and making sure you don't get alcohol poisoning. Characters Name bolded at the top of your first post. That is all. Their age ranges between 18 and 19 if they're girls and the guys should be between 19 and 22. Rules - This is a private roleplay for myself, Still Raining, Magikal Wish, Twizzler, and Indestructible - The girls each have to bring a new boy that they met during their first year of college, whether it be an ex-flame, an ex-hookup, or simply a friend - These girls are best friends who have spent the majority of the year apart from one another...how would you feel? - I feel since the majority of us are fairly experienced/good writers it shouldn't be that hard to keep the posts a decent length size, nonetheless, two paragraph minimum...every time. - Stay active. Tell us if you're not going to be able to post so that we can pause or something to ensure that everyone can keep up. By active I don't mean being able to post for hours all day long so that the topic blows up overnight, but rather at least once a day Who wants to play the charry that hosts this? I will do it if no one else wants to, but I'd rather not.