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  1. If You Needed An Emergency Vet Today

    Yes, most definitely. The one I use 98% of the time.. I have his cell phone number. I can call anytime and he answers. I have another vet that's a hour away that I can call. In the past ten years I've only asked the vet to come out once. I always haul to them. Not due to that I don't have the facilities.. because the vet I use got to design the "vet area" in my barn. I just know its easier on him.
  2. Barrel Racing Futurities

    As pie said futurities are only 4 and 5 year olds. They do have Derby's for 5/6 year olds depending on their futurity year, but some Derby's you can only enter if you entered the futurity the year before. Futurity horses also can't be entered and run for anything (money, prizes ect) before December first or their three or four year old year.
  3. Trends

    Hoof not hood.. I can't edit on here either
  4. Trends

    I can't quote on my phone.. SaudiMack - yes he was hitting below boots.. I tried the professional choice skid tech boots that come down to the hood. But every once in awhile he'd hit so his hoof still hit under the boot. Thus the reason for bell boots as they came down over the hoof.
  5. Trends

    Interesting ..I suppose that means Martha Josey has no idea what she's doing as she's used bell boots on the back feet of several horses. I'm glad to hear I've no idea what I'm doing either.
  6. Trends

    I had a horse I often ran with bell boots on the back..especially if the ground was loose. He ran so hard to the first and drug his butt so hard sometimes his back feet would come together and hit coming into a turn on his back end. He has tons of little scars to prove it. So the bell boots on the back did the same for him as the reason you use them on the front.
  7. Me Again...

    You can rub with anything. I choose sore no more because I like it. You can use magnets over it or wrap over it with no worrying.
  8. Me Again...

    You can ice one for 20-25 minutes after a run. It is helpful, does the same thing as cold hosing if you're just letting the water run over the legs. If you're spraying the legs then you're helping with the circulation. So after ice boots I would always rub their legs down good with sore no more.
  9. Supplements For Performance Horses

    THE kept my two running while hauling their products
  10. Howelling Corona New Pictures!

    I see he's running Saturday at LA Downs. Looks like he's going off as the favorite.
  11. Leg Wraps--polo-vs-track?

    Track wrap..they've got usually either some lines of neoprene running in them or something else and they'll do a little more then look pretty.
  12. Wool Saddle Pad Search

    I have a couple Cactus pads and I like them. Used and abused them this summer and they're still kicking.
  13. Howelling Corona New Pictures!

    I do believe I will have to go see Jasper when he is at LA downs!!
  14. Help Me!

  15. Help Me!