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  1. It Took 29 Years...

    I do the stick the needle in and wait technique. I still aspirate once I attach the syringe just to make sure. I got blood back straight out of the needle on the first penicillin I was going to give my horse. That scared the crap out of me.
  2. Helmets -- Posted Here Cuz I Need All Input

    I have a Charles Owens Ayr8. I love it. It's way cooler than my old IRH. My sweet BF bought it for me for my birthday because he knew I'd never get it on my own.
  3. So I Had An Idea...

    Sounds like fun. I know several people who have done that.
  4. My New Puppy!

    He's so cute. He is so lucky to have you.
  5. Another Update On Me, This Time.

    Good to hear it's better than they thought.
  6. Grazing Muzzle

    Thanks for the recommendations! That brand seems to have good reviews all of the internet too.
  7. Grazing Muzzle

    So, about 2 months ago I moved Citrus to a new barn that has lots of grass. And so he has gained weight and is getting fat. He is still on a special food for metabolic horses that basically amounts to a multivitamin/mineral supplement. I thought I was going to be able to get away with no grazing muzzle until fall because it was dry and the grass was dying, but no. It rained a bunch last week and the grass is up to my knee again. They do bush hog it when it gets high, but I don't want him gaining any more weight. Has anyone used a grazing muzzle? Is there a particular brand that is best? I know he can't wear it 24/7, so we'll put it on during the day and take it off at night.
  8. Future Barrel Racer (* Picture Heavy *)

    That little girl and mini are toooooo cuuuuute!
  9. He's so tiny and cute!!
  10. Picked Up A New Pony Today!

    You are such a dork. Always teasing with your titles.
  11. She Foaled!

    He is really cute. And huge and TALL!! Wow.
  12. I Pulled A Worm Out Of A Barn-Kitt. 0_O

    Go Heidi. That is freakin' g-ross. I hate doing larvae things. That creep me out.
  13. Putting An Offer On A House Today

    Sooo..... Bad news. The leak in the carport ceiling was really bad after a couple days of hard rain. And the sellers said that they didn't have any intentions of doing anything after inspection. So we said whatever and moved on. We are going to keep looking. We are disappointed but really glad that we figured it out before we bought it.
  14. Wound Won't Heal... Thoughts?

    :yay: :yay: :yay:
  15. What Is A Good Solid Dog Crate?

    I know someone who uses this for a crate destroying pit. Pretty penny for a crate though. this And Clomicalm as a daily med for his neurotic-ness. And Milo, Ace sedates but does nothing for the actual anxiety. Our dog has separation anxiety, and one time I accidentally gave her pain meds spiked with enough ace that she could barely walk so that I could express her anal glands because they were on the verge of infection. We had to leave about an hour later to go out to dinner. We put her in her crate where she fell over and laid there crying while we walked out the door. It was really pitiful.