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  1. Shirt Help Please

    Tunic style typically zipper in the back and are worn for in hand classes like halter, showmanship, and longe line. A rail style is a little shorter so it doesn't bunch while riding.
  2. Wen Hair Products

    I have always wanted to try it. Let me know what you think. Do they keep billing and sending product every 30 days?
  3. The Never Ending Winter...

    This is the worst Spring ever. It started snowing yesterday around 1 and stopped finally around 7 this morning. I woke up to broken trees, no power and 9" of wet heavy snow. It was so heavy I couldn't clean my truck of using a large shop broom.....so I went to the wash instead.
  4. Justin Pix With Color Question

    I has more to do with the color or pigment of his skin. The areas where he is white will have pink skin underneath and the areas where there is color the skin will be darker . In cases of lighted colored paints the places where the two pigment colors meet are more noticed. As far as the freckling (cat tracks or bear paws) it is a very good indicator of a homozygous. A blood test would have to be done to be positive. Paprika will help his coat darken. If you plan on taking him to any breed show be sure to stop at least a month before as it will show up on drug test. Keeping him in during the day and out at night is also an option or a UV fly sheet would work too.
  5. 2013 Punkin, Due May 9

    She is huge! I think we'll both have to invest in step ladders.
  6. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    She must be cooking on lots of chrome. You have the patience of a saint I would be pulling my hair out.
  7. Baskette's Foal Watch--Filly

    The last few days are the worst!
  8. Kaycee's Foal Watch

    Happy birthday baby Cruz! He is already so much fun and very sassy. I can't believe how HUGE he is! My son in the last picture is almost 5 and 44" tall. It's pretty funny to watch him try and nurse with those long legs and neck.
  9. Kaycee's Foal Watch

    In between 10 & 2 this morning KayCee had her baby. Nothing like a huge Minnesota snow storm to have a baby in. All is well with both mom and baby. I'm meeting the vet in a couple of hours and will post pictures tonight.
  10. Babydoll's Foaling Thread

    WooHoo someone else who will be sleepless. Very pretty mare. Good Luck.
  11. Kaycee's Foal Watch

    She is VERY uncomfortable tonight. She only picked at her hay last night and was not interested tonight either. I'm thinking either tonight or tomorrow.
  12. Kaycee's Foal Watch

    This is my mare KayCee http://www.allbreedp...aycees playmate She was breed to Tuf http://www.allbreedp... ultimate fancy http://www.theultima...cy Pedigree.htm She was bred on May 20th of 2012 and her expecteted due date is April 27th of 2013. This foal will be triple registered with APHA, AQHA and PtHA. These next pictures were taken a few days ago.
  13. New Here, And Just Bought My First Horse

    Welcome to the boards. Good for you for realizing there was a problem, knowning you weren't able to handle it and doing something to correct it before someone got hurt. Find a professional, like a trainer or lesson instructor in your area to help you in your search.
  14. Need To Update My Canon Digital Slr Body...suggestions, Please!

    One more piece of advise. Don't play with something you can not afford! That is how I ended up upgrading....twice. And once you get the camera/lens/photography bug it becomes very addicting and expensive at the same time.