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  1. Anybody Want One Of The Horse City Cookbooks?

    I would love one, but I'm broke, lol. Completely broke. Maybe one day! :)
  2. Wow! I was way behind but I'm caught up now! Thanks:D
  3. Jingles For An Unusual Rescue

    I saw this on facebook. How awesome!
  4. A picture I took is entered into a contest for Most Artistic. Would any HC people be willing to help me catch up to the leader to win a $50 gift certificate. It would be just the thing to brighten my day. :) All you have to do is "like" the photo to vote. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/THSCustomRopeTack/photos/a.670029019781836.1073741842.528230783961661/670029059781832/?type=1&theater
  5. Does Anyone Want To Be Friends On Facebook?

    I'm Andi Glasscock on FB. Pic of my 2yo and a calf. :) anybody welcome to send a request!
  6. No Vet

    You could pay your obligations every month on time with cash, but most places won't give you a loan with no credit. Want a loan through a reputable place? Build credit. Same principle. Most reputable places won't adopt without "credit". Written proof from an unbiased source- the vet. Sure, you can adopt through some places that just require a certain amount of money, but there's a good chance it will bite you in the behind with "high interest" and you will take home a dog with expensive to treat health issues. Credit and references aren't fail-proof, but they are a good indicator of if you are the type of person that skips out on their obligations.
  7. How about Tuf? There was a Tuf at NFR last year that I think won an event. Tuf's a tough name!
  8. Extremely Aggressive Horse On The Ground.

    I just dont understand why people get rude remarks when they make a simple remark. I've been greatly considering just moving over to the other forums I frequent and leaving this one. This whole thing kind of confirms my feelings. There is a whole lot of picking apart what people have said and being unable to even try to gracefully accept what people are saying. It's disgusting. I'm done with this place.
  9. Extremely Aggressive Horse On The Ground.

    Without trying to sound rude, I don't think Trinity is being arrogant. DaisyTen said herself that she thinks it started when her daughter backed down in the pasture once or twice when the horse got pushy. Trinity doesn't have kids, so therefore no daughter to back down, so to speak. It's not arrogance or a jab to Daisy's skills, it was just her saying that it wouldn't have had a chance to escalate. I'm glad to hear that the horse is backing down a bit.
  10. Extremely Aggressive Horse On The Ground.

    Forget the lunge whip, get a stock whip with some bite to it. She comes at you (or you or whoever is catching her) meet her in the middle and lay into her. Sure, it will welt her up, but welts are a lot less damaging than a bullet to the head. She knows how to be respectful in the pasture. She does it everyday with her herd mates. She sees humans as beneath her and that just doesn't fly. CA does have some great shows about dealing with aggression.
  11. My Daughter Isn't Interested In Learning To Drive

    I was 18 when I got my learner's permit. Almost 21 when I got my actual DL. Wouldn't have had it any other way. Sure it was a pain in the butt when I had to wait for a ride or something, but I don't like the whole teens behind the wheel concept.
  12. Can I Get Some Help With A Contest?

    Done! Looks like you are winning by a landslide!