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  1. Hello. The hay hut is a VERY good idea and does work well for horses. It would be a good investment.

  2. My New Pessoa Saddle Is Falling Apart!

    I'm sure that a tack shop (or you) can try unsrewing and then re-tightening the screw. Just make sure it is properly lined up first. If the "socket" that the screw fits into is stripped, then I would certianly hope that Pessoa would repair or replace it.
  3. Motorcycle And Horse In Same Trailer

    Thanks for all the responses. We debated the issue of horse first v. motorcycle first. I wanted to have the horse closest to the door so it would be faster to get her out in an emergency. I, too, wondered about the gas fumes, but my husband has pointed out that in our (very small) garage you never smell any gas. This bodes well for us...once we find the right trailer, we can head out for some weekend trips, or if I want to travel for foxhunting, he can go cruising the countryside.
  4. My husband wants to know if anyone has transported a motorcycle and a horse together in the same trailer. We're looking for a trailer now and want to buy a 3 horse gooseneck. He thinks we could put his motorcycle in the first stall, leave the second empty and put the horse in the last stall. I told him I think he's nuts and there's no way I want to put my horse in the trailer with his bike...if anything were to happen and the bike came loose....well, you get the picture. He says the bike is so securely strapped down that it will not move, or if it did, the accident would be so bad that the horse wouldn't make it anyway. Long story short, I told him I'd post here to see if anyone else has done this and how it worked out.
  5. I Jumped Without A Trainer...

    BigRedDog, you admitted that you were wrong, and you did the right thing by calling the trainer to apologize. If you board at a barn with rules, you have agreed to accept those rulse, and any consequences that come from breaking them. In my experience, a requirement that jumping be supervised is more the rule than the exception. As for those who think that the person who reported it should 'mind their own business' or better yet are "tattle tales"...what is this, junior high?
  6. Opinons Needed On 2 Saddles

    Since you're looking for opinions on dressage saddles, you'll get more responses if you move your post there. Crosby saddles are excellent quality. I don't know anything about Goedecke, but the dressage riders might. Good luck.
  7. Which Brand Of Saddle Do You Reccomend?

    A used Stubben or Crosby is your best bet. They fit most horses, and are good quality saddles that hold up well for yers..and can be re-sold if you need something different down the line. The older Crosbys, like the Prix de Nations, without knee rolls, can be picked up for a song and are wonderful saddles. The seat is not as cushy as many of the newer saddles, but personally, I never found that to be a real problem.
  8. Keeping A Bridle From Rubbing

    When my pony had a wound that I wanted to protect from friction, I used Band Aid Blister Block. You can get it at the drug store, it's a stick form, and you can rub on a thin layer to allow the bridle to move more smoothly. It's easy to clean off your horse when you're done riding. I don't know, though, if it would stain leather. I was using it under a saddle, so it was against a saddle pad, not against leather.
  9. Saddles

    I'm afraid I'm not the one to talk you out of it. When you find a saddle that you like, and it works for both you and your horse, there's really no reason to keep looking for a different saddle. I know tht on the H/J board, and elsewhere, I've seen that people are sometimes critical of Pessoa saddles, especially the made in Argentina thing. But many people can't afford a Butet, or Antares, or Hermes saddle. I personally like the Pessoas, and have been looking at the Legacy...so if you like it, why not buy it and have a saddle of your own, instead of sharing?
  10. If This Were A Feature Of The Bb, Would You Use It?

    I voted no on all three. Facebook is very different from a BB. When you post a topic on a BB, you are saying "Here's my question/opinion...what do you think?" You are deliberately inviting responses, and on this board, spiritied discussion of a topic on which you expect disagreement. To block certain posters is just childish...it would mean that you want opinions, but only the opinions you're willing to hear. The moderators do a pretty good job of keeping a lid on truly bad behavior here, so why would you need to block anyone?
  11. Pessoa Legacy

    Thanks Equinealways. I'm presently borrowing a Pessoa A O, and my pony moves so well in it that I'm looking for one to buy. But in my search, I've seen a lot of the Legacy for sale, and many are being sold in an almost new condition. So that made me worry a little that perhaps people who had bought them were disappointed in some way.
  12. Pessoa Legacy

    I'm looking to purchase a used Pessoa. I've ridden for years in a Stubben Siegfried, but recently tried a friend's older Pessoa A O, and loved it. My pony seemed to love it too, she's been bending better and moving much more freely. I looked at the web site, and was interested in the Legacy...but I'm suddenly seeing a lot of them for sale, barely used....which makes me wonder if there's a problem with them, or if there are just a lot available. Has anyone tried the Legacy? What did you think?
  13. Foals Shot And Dumped

    I think the decision to load up 12 carcassess and head out to dump them on public land tells you all you need to know about these owners. Someone who's that underhanded about disposing of the bodies has probably lied about the rest of their story. Whether or not the foals were in a condition to require euthanasia, or even if they simply didn't want the financial burden of 12 foals, they had an obligation to dispose of the bodies properly, the way the rest of us would. In most cases of illegal dumping, the vehicle used in the dumping can be seized, along with the fine. And Karen Lynn, I'm all for government intervention when it means collecting a fine from someone who uses land supported by public dollars to take care of their personal problem.
  14. Unfounded Riding Fear-help

    I too suffer from MAN...Middle-aged nerves! Mine is not completely unfounded, because my previous horse did buck terribly, bolted, broke my arm, gave me a concussion...lots of things to create fears. But I now have a wonderfully sane pony, and the fears are still there. I encourage you to work as much as you can with an instructor. Your instructor will help you to keep your mind busy, and the more you can fill your mind with constructive tasks, the less room there is for fear. When you're instructor is not available, see if you can enlist a calm friend to ride with you and help you keep your mind occupied. All of the previous posts have great ideas for gaining confidence as well. But in your original post, you mentioned seeing a psychologist. Please don't rule that out, or the idea of seeing your regular physician. If you have a new and sudden fearfulness or anxiety that is not based in bad experience, and you cannot control it, a physician may diagnose an anxiety condition and be able to help. I'm not pushing medication as an answer, I'm simply suggesting that a physician can help you make that choice. I was able to use an anti-anxiety medication for a very brief period of time to "re-set" my fears, and I'm a much happier rider now. Once I was tense, and completely paralyzed by the "what-ifs". Now those "what-ifs" still run through my mind, but I can now evaluate them, and usually see them as something that's not really likely to happen...and move on with my ride. Good luck with whatever helps you through.
  15. What Kind Of Policies *should* Employers Have...

    I work in a very small office, where we are on the "honor system". We can take time for a dentist appointment, vet call, kid's game, etc. BUT you are expected to "make up"that time, and our unwritten rule is that you should do so in no more than a month, sooner if possible. So far, it's worked out fine. But when you have people who abuse the system, you have no choice but to set a policy. It sounds like the supervisor of your salaried employees needs to sit them down for a discussion, and let them know that they need to be more responsible for their time, unless they want to be restricted by a policy. Maybe I'm a bit too tightly wound, but I actually LIKE policies. Having a policy, whether it be for time off, vacations, or dress code, avoids just this sort of situation where some employees have more favorable conditions than others.