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  1. Dog Grooming Question Eta: New Questions

    This is an actual pound, not a rescue group thay requires she return the dog to them, right? Just being sure :)
  2. Worth Breeding?!

    I just can't think of a case where you would be FORCED to produce deaf/blind/predisposed to skin cancer/etc dogs. If you have a truly outstanding dapple Dachshund, you can find a truly outstanding NOT dapple to breed her to. I promise. Same with merle Border Collies. IF you find a dog with outstanding work ethic, biddability, lack of health issues, and she happens to be merle, you can most certainly find a non-merle with which to breed. The gene pool in these breeds just isn't that small. There are some breeds where the gene pool is horrifically small--Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers come to mind. They do have some recessive colors that pop out (none with bad health effects) but the biggest issue I know of is Juvenile Addison's. They have to get creative with their possibilities to both save the breed AND avoid JA. Eliminating carriers is a great way to shrink that already too-small gene pool, so they have to go back to the rivers and coasts of Canada and find new blood, screen them, and hope they aren't also a carrier. So in the end, no, I would never breed a merle to a merle, no matter how excellent the puppies might be. I would never breed a Collie Eye Anomaly carrier to another carrier, no matter if 75% ofthe puppies would be unaffected and awesome... Not worth the potential issues for the other 25%. In most breeds, there is an equally quality choice that doesn't require risking the health of a chunk of the litter.
  3. Does Anyone Want To Be Friends On Facebook?

    Tora Seals! Mostly updates on vet school and pictures of dogs and goats :)
  4. Sock Eating Monster... Now I Have To Worry

    At necropsy, we find the strangest things. My favorite was a matching pair of adult-sized Superman socks. I've also found a spool of thread, a huge wad of elastic, and a pile of small animal-shaped erasers. Dogs are funny. And none of the above died of anything related to their stomach contents.
  5. I really just keep thinking this dog has a brain tumor. How far are you from a university with a vet school? Our MRI of just the head do not cost $3-5K... That is more the range for an MR of the entire dog, and he doesn't need that. You can have your vet call, or you can call yourself, and ask what a limited MR costs. CT is cheaper (usually about $400 for a head) but less good at imaging soft tissues, and may not show much. ETA: Oh. Really far Good luck, stay safe.
  6. Debate - News Article - Guns/pasture/dog
  7. Yeah! I loved my time at TSC. I really appreciated the opportunities available to associates. Best of luck!
  8. How To Deal With Excessive Talkers

    If you lean forward quickly and lick them, they stop talking long enough for you to walk away.
  9. Broken Bone Woes-Updated X-Ray 3-14

    Breaks like that CAN heal, and unfortunaley the collar bone is a sucky one that cannot be casted back together. Bones heal the best, and hurt the least, when they are perfectly aligned, but that isn't super possible when it is a bone like this. So what will happen-- little helper healer cells will invade into a bloody callus around both ends. The callus will get bigger and bigger until it incorporates all the broken pieces of both ends. Then it will start laying down structural pieces, and eventually the callus will turn to bone. Then you will have several months or reorganization and the bump will start to go down. But. You have to keep that area as still as absolutley possible. I would have that sling strapped down tight. The more those bone pieces move, the more you disrupt that callus, the more it hurts and the longer it takes to heal. Can you make things and sell them?? I crochet (although I don't know if that is an option for you) and sell the items on Facebook. I just tell people I may take up to five days to ship and then just make one trip to the post office, unless they want to pay for a special trip. Maybe you can sell little paintings-- I'm thinking like those little 4x4 canvases, or handpainted notecards? You can buy a pack of solid white cards fairly cheap. Horse hair jewlewry? (MAKE THOSE KIDS WORK!--ha!) if you find fleece and make a few prototypes of hammocks or huts or toys, see if a local petshop would sell them in the store, or sell them on facebook too (if your town is like mine, there is no pet shop). I don't make much money doing these kinds of things, but every little bit helps. I found that time is my biggest problem. If I had time to make more things, I could sell more. You have plenty of time! Ask on Facebook and see what people are interested in. Make a page and upload stuff. I post pictures of everything I make, even if it is for myself. I am working on a new scarf right now that is an exact replica of my own, because someone commented on my picture and one of their friends saw the scarf and wanted it. Just please keep that shoulder area as quiet as possible. Don't try to be tough and move unnecessarily.
  10. Questions Regarding Cat/kitten Diets

    If your cat loves food, you can also "float" their dry food-- put the food in the bowl, then immediately add water and serve, before the kibble gets soggy. But yes, canned food is more biologically appropriate for cats. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they do not seek out carbohydrates. They eat gut contents and such, but corn and grains aren't an appropriate base. By nature, canned food has less carbs and more moisture than dry. As far as her ToTW, check the AAFCO statement on the side of the bag. If it says "formulated for all life stages," then it is fine to feed to kittens. By law, any pet food that is labeled "for all life stages" MUST fulfill the needs of the most nutrionally needy life stage-- growth and lactation. Other things the AAFCO statement may say are "for growth and lactation," or "for adult maintenence."
  11. Dog Sterilization Shot

    Well, since it has to be injected into each testicle, they will have fun trying to restrain the dogs. If the zinc is injected outside the tunic (the fascia covering the testicle) but inside the scrotum, e dog will have a VERY nasty reaction. It also won't work on dogs with very large testicles. Some will remember Neutersol--same drug, different company. It was kind of a flop, so not sure what the hoopla over Zeuterin is. Still not a huge fan of it.
  12. No Vet

    I don't think you are a bad owner, but I am really sad that you do not see the value in that "$50 office call." A visit to the vet should be more than just for shots. If the vets you are going to make you feel like you have been taken for your money and you cannot see the value in a yearly visit, then you need to find a new vet. Build rapport. As far as the reasons rescues ask for vet references-- I personally don't want my dogs going to a home that does not have an established rapport with a veterinarian. If the dog bloats in the middle of the night, you have to be able to call a vet and get him there NOW. If you do not have a relationship with that vet, a lot will not take you. It is not personal, it is not mean. You would not believe the number of people who show up for emergency surgery with no intention of paying. Not to mention the heartworm prevention issue. If a dog does not have a negative heartworm test at leadt eveyt two years (some places require every year), you cannot purchase heartworm medication.
  13. God Will Provide....

    Back to the topic... There is a lot of difference between praying your child will survive his appendectomy, and praying your child will survive his burst appendix with no medical attention. Or praying for strength to get through those last few days in the month because you have done all you can do and you just cannot make the electric bill, and praying that someone will foot the bill while you finish your last bag of cheetos and play video games. I do think it is an "excuse" for some people, but for others it is a very real faith.
  14. Do You Shake Your Milk Before You Pour It?

    Yes, I shake it reallyreallyreally good out of habit. I grew up drinking goats milk and unhomogenized cow's milk, so you had to get the cream back into the milk! I also kind of like frothy milk...
  15. Instances like all these examples are exactly why I will never give up my handgun. People are standing up and shooting, beating, and stabbing others in schools, theaters, malls... And you want me to give up MY means of protection? Maybe it's an "every man for himself" mentality, but I'm past waiting for someone else to protect me.