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  1. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Evening have been busy with work and then after work puppies and cleaning the trailer. Today after work hubby and I went over to the trailer and I decided to clean out the fridge got all but the freezer cleaned out. One more day of work. Pups eyes are starting to open. Made burritos for dinner nice and easy. We had a tree fall over in our back yard sad thing is it was a nice tree, went down because we lacked rain for so long then got some and down it went. Hope everyone is fine!
  2. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Evening- Had a good week off and nice weekend. Had some friends over on Saturday we bbqd fajitas with cowboy corn and pico. I am so ready for work tomorrow. Most importantly we finally got some much needed rain!!!! Hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend
  3. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Afternoon- Took this week off to take care of the pups,they are all doing very well getting big. The weather has been very cool in the mornings and 80's in the evenings. I had to run into town earlier to pay some bills and stop by dollar store to pick up some cleaning supplies for the trailer. thinking hubby and I will probably head over there when he gets home and get some more work done on it. AD- Gunny is so pretty!!!
  4. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Today hubby and I headed over to the trailer with my youngest son and one of hubby's friends to do some work, yesterday hubby and his friend pulled up the carpet and in all the bedrooms. I cleaned out cabinets did some washing and cleaned the outside of the dishwasher and cleaned out the microwave. Hubby started pulling the walls down that had holes in them. My youngest son took his dresser and put it out in our shed. We got a lot done. Then headed into the next town over to take hubby's friend home. Came home and fed dogs and here in a little bit will let Socks out and I will change out the blanket and newspaper in puppy box. AD- Thankyou, as you well know they are work but also worth it! We had a lab that had a false pregnancy . Hope you get some rain!!!
  5. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Well I got to get some sleep lastnight everyone is doing fine. Rowdy hurt his right back leg so he is inside with me today. I think we have some rimadyl at the other house so will have hubby get it later. I decided to bake some cupcakes red velvet. Took pics of the boys and pics of the girls they are on my fb.
  6. R.i.p Hoku

    No words can be spoken but my heart is hurting for her boyfriend and family how awful, tears stream down my face, May you ride where the angels live and take care of all our heart horses and other animals that are with you now in heaven
  7. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Afternoon- Yesterday I had a feeling I shouldn't go to work, Socks was acting a little funny but I went. When I got home she would not come out of dog house like she always does so I knew something was up. Went into her kennel and inside her dog house was one white pup and she was looking through her kennel and whining so I looked and there was another liver pup,he was cold so took everyone inside and got them settled in the whelping box. Put the heating pad in and put liver pup on it and let him eat. Then it was 5 and Socks was not trying to push or anything so decided to be safe and go into vet. She had one pup come out tail first but everything is ok she has 8 pretty puppies and she is a good momma!!! There are pics of them on my fb.
  8. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Evening- Had a busy day at work, then did the run around get gas, get check cashed and then go to the grocery store. Also picked up hubby, we left his truck in town where our youngest works so I wouldn't have to make another trip into town. One more day of work and then I'm done for the week. Socks is Really big she is due on Sunday. Hoping you all are doing ok and will check in tomorrow!
  9. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Evening- Headed over to the mobile home and went through the back bedroom my youngest son came and took some big stuff out while I threw stuff in the trash and I went through kitchen drawers and the guest bathroom too. Came home and got bills ready to be mailed out tomorrow. washed towels and put away also washed some sheets for socks whelping box. Hubby mopped the laundry room floor and we moved the whelping box in there expecting puppies this weekend. Meekie- So happy you were able to ride! Skipa- Happy to see you on here and I knpw you are excited for the trip Hags with Nags
  10. Happy Mother's Day

    We are heading to a Mexican food restaurant in San Antonio and they make wonderful margaritas!!!
  11. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Evening- I went over to the trailer this afternoon and got a lot done, threw a lot of stinky blankets away from cat pee. went through the master bedroom picked up dog poop off the carpet. Cleaned the master bathroom and mopped it. Went through cabinets in kitchen and cleaned off the washer and dryer so I could use them!!! Cleaned off the kitchen table packed up some dishes to give to spca retail store. mopped the kitchen. Went through my youngest sons dresser drawers to get rid of stuff and help him when he comes to pick up his stuff,{ He had nothing to do with the house} All my oldest son and his gf's fault. hubby went over with his friend to throw couches in burn pit along with mattresses and they took two full pick up truck loads of trash to the dump. So I am tired took a shower and am relaxing now!!! AD- Thankyou so much will definitely tell hubby about what you said!!! Sounds like you have been busy!! To all our HC Moms- Happy Mother's Day early!!!!
  12. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Afternoon- Went into town before the weather hit,bought a hummingbird feeder and some other things that we needed. I don't know if I told you all but my cat Panda did show back up at the trailer she is very thin and so have been loving on her and feeding her . Hubby is bombing the mobile home for fleas as we speak. I washed a load of towels and put them away. Hoping to work on the mobile home tomorrow. Hi Meekie!!!! AD- We have wood floors under the carpet if we use the Kilz on it will linoleum still stick to it? Skipa- So happy to see you here!!!
  13. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Worked and then did the run around came home and hubby helped me unload groceries then we headed over to the mobile home to get more trash out and clean out the fridge of food and clean out food cabinet. Sure hoping he gets over there tonight so he can get his stuff out,we really want to get in there and get stuff done! AD- Thankyou for the advice,will definitely tell hubby about that stuff. It sounds like you are gonna like your new job!
  14. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Today decided to do some cleaning,so dusted and vacuumed and cleaned the couch and cleaned the wood floors. Don't think I have updated you guys well hubby and I had my let my older son move into our mobile home when we bought my mom's house it is on the same property just down the road. He paid rent but when he first moved in I already had to tell him that he needed to keep it clean and if he wanted to have me do it I would do it. Well almost a year later and I had already told hubby he really needed to move out of it because it was dirty inside. So hubby goes over there one day because son's lab got out of the yard he opened the door to let her in and the house smelled of dog pee, so hubby and I decided enough was enough. we gave him 4 weeks to move out and he is almost out,supposed to be picking more stuff up this evening. I am heartbroken and feel so devastated. I always kept the house clean and nice and this house was where we raised both our boys. This is what has happened to it now,carpets are trashed due to dog pee from his two small dogs, there are holes in the walls and toilet that has to be replaced. Linoleum has to be replaced hair all over the floors. They never cleaned the bathrooms and the guest bath is gonna need a lot of work. All they ever did was work come home late and party. I feel so disrespected and this house we are still paying for!!! My youngest son has stepped up and told us he will help with anything we need help with and he wasn't even living there. Oldest son just doesn't say anything. They rented a place with their friends for 2 x what he was paying living in the mobile home. So this is what we will be repairing on our days off and re doing. One of my friends said she would help me too. Anyway it is back to work tomorrow for me hope you all have a good day.
  15. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Evening- Friday decided to head into town and get Mother's Day stuff, and then headed home dusted and then chilled. Saturday called my friend and went and picked her up and we went on main street to the store my son works at I bought a couple things there and then took my friend out to eat for lunch, Chinese food. Took her back home and put the Mother's Day stuff together and will put it in the mail tomorrow. We ended up going to our friends house that has one of our pups and the guys bbqd while we cut up the potatoes and onions and then the guys cooked it on the grill with corn. Today hubby and I are just doing stuff around the house!