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  1. I'm Ready To Kill, One Big, Black Horse!

    Mine pull the heater out, so I built this. I drilled 4 holes at the top rim in the tank. Then I drilled holes through some boards, wired them together and attached them through the tank holes. The heater is under the boards, then I put three down the sides into the water, they will float for awhile until they get water logged. The rock is for the squirrels to get out. I have used this every winter for 12 years now with the same boards, I just take them out in the spring.
  2. Bucket List Trip

    Check out the store called Cabelas . They have stores across the states and have horse correls and overnight parking for you.
  3. Mounted Shooting (Photos)

    This is the funniest thingI have read lately. If you don't know anything about the sport, then maybe try to google it to answer some questions, before making these statements. lol Do you really think that they would use live guns and bullets? lol
  4. Midnight Syndrome

    I use to go to bed at 2-3 am. Now that my hubby is home I have changed to 5 am and get up at 11am.. He goes to bed at 11pm and gets up at 9:00. That way he has a few hours in the morning alone and I have time at night alone. When you are together 24 hours a day, you need your alone time. I have never been a morning person, but luckly I can get up early with very little sleep on the days I go trail riding all day. I don't take naps either, unless I'm very sick, I never sleep during the day.
  5. Do Your Gain After A Ride?

    Since most of my trail rides are 40-80 miles away and I go for the whole day, I hang hay bags in the trailer. They get grain and water before I load them, then they eat on the way. They get to graze through out the day on the ride, while I eat lunch and sometimes just stopping to enjoy the views. After our ride they get to cool down and get water back at the trailer. Then they eat hay all the way home. Back home they get grain and then they always go drink more water before starting on their hay, or heading up to the pasture for the night.
  6. R.i.p Hoku

    So sad to hear. Most of us felt like we watched her grow up on here. She was so young.
  7. You Know Its Spring When...........

    I have my garden all planted and the strawberries are blooming. I have already had to mow the pasture. Hummingbirds are back. My lilacs are blooming. Tulips, daffodils,crocus are almost gone.
  8. Guess Who Got Married Saturday....

    So happy for you guys. I still think of you as a youngster, not a married woman. How great that your Father could marry you. LOl That sounds funny said that way. :) I also love your dress. it looks beautiful on you.
  9. Falling Off Means You're A Bad Rider?

    I went off last week. I was riding my green broke mare home from town and decided to jump a small water filled ditch. I expected her to go over it and she went up and back, so I bailed off her side, because I didn't want her falling over on me. I landed on my butt, got up and got back on and finished the ride home. lol I've been riding for 55 years and I think if you ride enough horses and miles, you will come off a few times. It doesn't mean you are not a good rider, just that you ride a lot.
  10. This is not always right. I guess it should say "that it depends on what kind of hardware and who is using it".
  11. Rattusrat!

    Her Mom reported that she is safe, but lots of damage in her town.
  12. Can Someone Tell Me What I Might Be Doing Wrong?

    I'm using Firefox, with no problems. Mine is a older computer also.
  13. Can Someone Tell Me What I Might Be Doing Wrong?

    I have no problems using my PB. I just click on the photo I want to share and then off to the left side it has. LINKS TO SHARE THIS PHOTO. I just click the bottom one that has the IMG, then I hit paste on the topic I want it to show up on.
  14. Fat, Fit, Winter Fluff, Body Type Or ?

    I think there is a big difference between fat and fit. I have seen a lot of overweight horses that never got a cresty neck. I do like mine to have muscles, but they are from being in shape and working all year, not any fat on them. I would hate to see a overweight horse go out and get rode for 20 miles being out of condition. It's just hard on them to expect them to be in the pasture and then pulled out to only get rode a few times a year. This is my 26 year old guy a few days ago, you can see he has his winter woolies, but no fat and is in shape from being rode regularly. I just wish he would loose his winter hair.lol This is one of my other horses. Built, but not fat.
  15. Winter Riding Spinoff. Trail Riding Pictures

    This is what most of our local trails look like, a lot of trees and rocky hills. Hope this is enough green for you guys up in the snow...