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  1. He can come to my place! I've been looking for a tom, and he'd be a matched set for our other kitty too!
  2. Would You Or Would You Not?

    Also, when I do decide to take puppies out, I try to limit their exposure to places that could be "hot spots" for Parvo. I opt for remote hiking trails over city parks if they need exercise- still new smells, people to say hi to, dirt bikes or horses, etc. But less frequented by puppies. Won't take them to pet stores or pet events, I always have a set of friends on standby with dogs for play dates instead.
  3. Would You Or Would You Not?

    I tell this story a lot, but two of my friends and I had three sisters from the same litter. We all lived on the same property, A and B lived together and I lived across the parking lot. I administered their first two rounds of shots from a feed store I trust. A took her pup to the vet and got it two more rounds. I took my pup to the vet for one more round, and B's pup never had another round. Then, A's pup (after 4 rounds) came down with Parvo, BAD, and we almost lost her. My pup got a fairly mild case, I was able to treat her at home. B's pup, who'd only had 2 feed store rounds? Never got it, never missed a beat. More recently, I had a litter of pups, two of which I decided to keep. They'd had two rounds of shots when my little male came down with Parvo. He had never left the property, his sister had once, and I'm a stickler for others bringing their dogs near my kennels... I was able to treat CB at home after a visit to the vet, and his sister? Never slowed down, never missed a beat. Because of that they haven't gotten to leave the property since, and at 5 months old are finally getting to be taken out and socialized. And it shows. So, I'm kind of the opinion that, if they're going to get it, they're going to get it. You have to do what you think is best for your situation and your puppy. Is your puppy a breed that is known for needing intense socialization to be a productive member of society? I raise catahoulas, so yes for me. Or is your dogs breed more of never met a stranger, go with the flow type? Probably not as critical to socialize early.
  4. Introducing Horses To Pasture

    We recently bought a place and went from 2 acres to 22, and are having trouble deciding how long it should take to safely introduce our horses to the pasture. On the two acres, they had rocks and cactus. My colt had 24/7 access to a round bale and our two older geldings had access to the round bale for 6-8 hours. The new pasture is a nice coastal native blend, about knee high. All the literature I can find talks about introducing horses to new, fresh, spring grass... but that is not the case here. It's the middle of summer. In Texas. So we've been debating back and forth on how long to limit their grazing since it isn't new growth (most of everything is dead, kind of like hay still attached to the ground), but they're still not used to being on pasture in general... Anybody have any advice?
  5. Does Anyone Use The Jamberry Nail Wraps

    I use them quite a bit and am pretty happy with them... Like anything, the more you apply them, the better you get. My first time putting them took a while and looked pretty interesting, but I've got it down pretty good now. My friends usually are able to keep theirs on for two weeks or more. They last about a week on me, but I'm pretty stoked about that. I work in a warehouse, and then home to the dogs, hunting and horses, plus I'm a nail biter/picker, soooo... a week is really good for me.
  6. You Know Its Spring When...........

    Slackers... our grass has already turned green, and then brown again! First sunburn was weeks ago, flop flops are in full swing, and our first trip the the lake was last weekend. And yes, we got in the water! Enjoying our 90 degree weather before triple digits hit soon!
  7. Sounds like a brain tumor/ seizure to me... When I worked at the clinic we had a double merle doxie come in displaying the same symptoms. The owners brought him in because when he would have his episodes, he'd manage to snag his ears and rip them up. So they brought him in for us to clean up his ears. Had one while he was in the exam room, was sitting there fine, all of a sudden tensed up, started snapping, bit his own ear without even phasing himself, and then just kind of went into a dazed lull for the next few minutes. After a few minutes though, he was back to his normal self. We ended up putting that one down. Might want to look into that though.
  8. Anxiety In A Dog

    I haven't noticed any obvious signs of poor eye sight or hearing... He responds and manuevers well (minus when he gets playing really hard with the other dogs and they take out my legs...). Is there a good way to test how well he sees? Such as shadows? And how he would do going from light to dark, dark to light? I know one of his bigger triggers is when I put on a black jacket, so that does kind of get me thinking... Also, we try really hard not to coddle him and treat him like the other dogs. If he's being ridiculous, we ignore him for the most part, and only reward brave behavior. Unfortunatly, there has been some bribery, because sometimes we just need him to do something right now, but we try to keep that to an absolute minimum. And Amazona, yupp- our pigs would be MORE than happy to kill the dogs. Or us for that matter.... Good thing is we feed them, so they cut us some slack! lol.
  9. Anxiety In A Dog

    The leash was to establish an off button. And to provide a means for us to safely remove the dog from the pen without having to walk within 3 feet of a 200# boar pig. We have a decent enough recall on the dogs now that they do not work with the leash. And they're supposed to be aggressive around a pig, we're not hearding little farm piglets. We're preparing them to go out in the woods and hunt- and hopefully our more pig aggressive dogs will catch their own pigs as well in the woods, so that we don't have to keep a bulldog on hand. Like I said, the pen, and to that extent, any time he has his vest on and knows he's heading to the pen, is the ONLY time he DOES NOT exhibit his normal anxious behaviours. I would like a socialized, emotionally stable dog, which is why I came on here asking for advice for something to help us reach this goal. Knowing full well that "medicating" is only a tool and will not fix the underlying problem which is lack of training. However, I am not going to deny him his job, his stimulation, or his one anxiety free place in the mean time.
  10. How To Deal With Excessive Talkers

    My boyfriend just tells me to shut up He's able to converse in the conversation, he just chooses not too. Not my problem! If he wants me to talk less, he should talk more But that's just when it's us two. I have no other advice for you.
  11. Anxiety In A Dog

    It's called bay penning. Catahoulas are a working breed, and natural hunters. Their job on a hog hunt is to go out and find the hog and bay him up, essentially shutting down the hogs movement until the hunter can get there and capture the hog. We practice their control and handle in a pen, and actually compete in competitions where the dogs are judged on their concentration and ability to control the hog. The only time he's not near as anxious or worried is when he's around that pig. At that moment his other concerns and fears fade away, and his natural instincts kick in... I refuse to have a working breed and try to make it a pet. THAT'S the reason so many breeds get a bad rap. Because people take a working dog and ask it to ignore all its intstincts, everything it has been bred to do for the past however many years, and ask it to sit in a house for 22 hours a day with 2 hours of walking. Our house dog is a catahoula/pit. She will work a hog like nobody else's business. And then she will turn around and sleep in the bed with us that night, foster a litter of abandoned kittens the next week, and then let a small child try and ride her. She knows when that vest is on, it's time to work. When the vest is off, it's time to be a normal dog.
  12. Anxiety In A Dog

    nick, he is a catahoula... If I bribe with pictures, does that help?! lol. Here is when we brought him home: And the first time we introduced him to a big pig in a pen:
  13. Anxiety In A Dog

    I don't know how to start this without getting into a REALLY long story... But we picked up a little female pup when she was 8 weeks old, she went everywhere, did everything with us. At 6 months old we were so impressed with her we went back and picked up her brother. Well, said brother is a great working dog, but he is socially retarded in the worst way possible. I really don't think he ever left the kennel for the first 6 months of his life, the first time we ever turned him out in the yard, he acted like he had never been able to run full speed, completely streched out. He was skittish as heck, and very weary of having things above his head. He could not handle having a ceiling fan on in the house, but was a little better when it's turned off. He'd be fine out in the middle of the yard, but if we got him up on the porch or under a tree, he'd constatly duck his head down and look up. Then he'd relax for a minute, look up and duck down real quick. Talked to the people we got him from, and they never remembered anything falling on the kennel though. We've had him six months now, and he's still pretty bad. He's made quite a bit of improvement, so we're not giving up on him yet... But I'm still the only one who can catch him, he won't come to my boyfriend at all. And even then it will sometimes depend on what jacket I have on, or if he's having a good day. When he has a bad day, he just shuts down completely and absolutely nothing will come out of it. I've done a lot of basic obedience with him, and the guy is wicked smart!.. If you can get him to focus on you and not what is over his head. He's a heck of a working dog, and usually when we put him in on a pig, he could care less what is going on around him. If there's a lot of people around, he'll freeze up. But we successfully worked him the other day with a new person in the pen with no problems. Until I had to get in the pen with a pig twice my size because nobody else could catch him. Not my favorite place to be! Anyways, moral of my story- I know a lot of where to take his training is just to get him out. Just try to fit in all the socialization that he missed out. Lots of desensitizing... I figured if he was going to act spooky like a horse, I should train him like a horse! And it's surprisingly going well. He's getting a really good handle on him at the house, and I want/need to start taking him to new places. But I'm concerned he's just going to completely shut down. I've been doing some research into calming herbs, and would like to try them on him to help with the transitional period (I realize there's no substitute for training), maybe just something to take the edge off. Right now if he goes out somewhere, it's with one of our older, confident dogs and that seems to help him. But it's not always feasable for me to take two dogs somewhere at once. Has anybody had any luck with herbs? Valerian, passion flower, and St. John's Wort are some that I keep seeing pop up. Or should I go with a pre-mixed, pet store concoction? I don't want anything with a seditive affect, I need him awake and attentive for his torture sessons. Anybody have anything else to add? Thanks!
  14. First Time Home Buyers

    I'm in the process of buying my first place too... it sucks. lol. If you have 10% down to use, you should be able to get a decent loan through a private bank. Don't go FHA if you don't have too. The down payment may be less, but you end up paying a monthly insurance premium for several years. I'm needing to go with an FHA loan for a number of reasons... My debt to income ratio is really holding me back. They don't take into consideration that my rent already takes up 50% of my income, plus my student loans and my truck payment. All 3 of those combined would need to be below 46% of my income I believe? Which qualifies me for next to nothing, despite knowing that I can manage a higher payment and having great credit. So, my mom is co-signing with me, which allows me to spend more since I am needing a house with some land. Private bank loans and FHA loans are the only loans you can have a non-resident co-signer on. I first contacted a realtor who hooked me up with contact information for several mortgage brokers she knows and works with, and that's how I got my pre-approval and decided on a loan type. Now we've found a place and are in the process of convincing the seller they're delutional. The house has been on the market for well over a year, with no offers. Made an offer for what the house is realistically worth, and they pretty much laughed and countered with their asking price. For some reason they think that they have added 60k dollars worth of value to this house by putting in new floors (in some rooms) and allowing 5 college boys to live in it for several years. I just want to ask, when was the last time you visited your boys and saw what they've done to the house? So, lots of fun stuff to look forward too.
  15. Horse Situation Dilemma

    So a little back ground, hopefully paint a little picture for you... We keep our horses at our house usually. We have a couple acres, mostly rock and cactus. There is a round bale out and two horses have full access to it, one horse only has access to it part of the day (easy keeper is an understatement for him) he spends the rest of the day in a large catch pen. There is no shelter set up except for trees, and unfortunatly, those are right along the front fenceline. The problem is when it gets really wet (and I mean really) that spot turns into a ridiculoulsly muddy mess. And usually stays muddy for a while since it's also shaded during the day. The rest of the pasture drains off extremely quickly. We put the round bale out away from the trees that so that it is on higher ground and drains quickly as well. A couple months ago we got some rain. And I mean the last 3 months worth of rain in 2 days. And then it cleared off for 2 days and then we got another 3 months worth of rain. First time in 3 years the entire catch pen has been under water. The ground around the round bale was a soggy disguising mess for the first time since we started putting one out. And then two of the three horses went lame. We made the decision to move the horses to my friends house, she has a small pasture and barn that wasn't being used. Get over there and the pasture is really nice and overgrown, the horses were in heaven. So, fast forward to now, the horses have been over there a couple months, the pasture is back under control, we're dried out and everyone is sound. The dilemma we're having is whether or not to bring the horses back home this week. My friend hasn't specifically told me to move the horses, but every time I see her she does ask when I think they'll go home. It's supposed to get cold again and last cold snap we were burning a lot of money on extra diesel to drive over there (she's on the other side of town), AND hay to keep them fed. Where as if they're at the house we're just spending money on the hay. I want to bring them home so that we can drop a round bale and be done with it. Boyfriend wants to leave them over there since they'll have a barn. They've whethered the elements before, as long as it doesn't stay wet for a long period of time, they should be fine. We're just kind of at a stalemate and looking for outside opinions. Option 1) hay free choice, deal with some weather and mud. Option 2) hay twice a day, they get a decent amount but it's not free choice, and a dry place to stand. Other conundrum is when we moved them they still had half a bale out in the pasture. It has since turned disgusting and moldy. What do we do with it? Will they mess with it? It's still too wet in the center for us to try and burn, which is the only idea I've had. We'll drop a fresh one out there, but they're not necissarily the brightest horses. Any input would be great. Thanks!