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  1. Such Sweet Victory...

    I started my mare Dix on the pattern early this spring, I put a serious foundation on her last year, spent a ton of time with moving the shoulder, the hind end and flexing and just being plain soft. Well, I intro'd her to the pattern and at first she would swing her hind end out during the turn (not at the lope mind you, she is NOT ready for that yet.) I would work with her on keeping a consistent form in her turn and last night she finally did it! Granted a couple of times she would swing her hips into the barrel while coming out of the turn, but we fixed that. She is trying to jump the gun and lope, but we still need to work on that dang first barrel, she totally over turns it at the trot. So we went back to slow work at the first barrel, but the other two she was turning very consistenly on. She had her hot blood boiling last night though, she wanted to run, and run, and run....... But we ended the session. I am just so proud of her I had to say something before I exploded.
  2. Jaspers Win Picture On Last Page

    Eek, poor guy. I believe he will make a nice come back after that. RNR - okay, okay. Your red headed girl is hot, she really is. [bat Eyelashes] But we can share... maybe.
  3. Jaspers Win Picture On Last Page

    There is no way he can pass up a dark haired beauty with a tan. cmpsp1 - I think she can wait until he can *date* either that or I'll have her innocently walk in front of him and let him decide. [Crazy]
  4. Jaspers Win Picture On Last Page

    Nice pictures! And a very huge congrats! I told my mare about him and her ears pricked up and she nickered, I'm gonna have to get a picture to show her. [Crazy] If I saw him in person I would go weak in the knees and get all giddy. I doubt his poop even stinks, he's all that and then more.
  5. Jaspers Win Picture On Last Page

    Oh lordy, if I was to ever decide to breed my mare... where is that drool smiley when you need it. But I don't think my mare is worthy of his pedigree. My mare did that, she has a couple of generations back, but both her parents are around the 15hh mark. She hit about 16 hands last summer.
  6. Jaspers Win Picture On Last Page

    Oh my, he is beautiful! I do remember his foal watch and he has grown up nicely.
  7. Prospects....where Are They In Their Training?

    My mare Dixie (AQHA name Lucky Streak Lane) started barrels last summer. We are just walking and working on different cues as of now. But I am excited to get her going next summer. This year I worked with her on poles and barrels, but mainly did trail riding and cattle drives to keep her fresh. Her pedigree doesn't scream barrels racing either, but this girl has the heart and that's what counts for me.
  8. Check Out My Girl.

    Yeah on her papers it's just dun. Don't know why I call it bay dun, it just pops out there. Thanks you guys, she may be pretty but she does have the brains to go with it.
  9. Utah Riders Payson Canyon Trail Ride.

    Sounds great to me, my husband is probably coming with me. Just have to call my mom and see if she can go too. And see if his mom can watch my chitlins.
  10. Check Out My Girl.

    Hmm, wow just wow. I'm glad she isn't a result of that. That floors me really.
  11. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Ahh, I see now. Good thing I asked. I did ask for an opinion and thanks for responding. But I agree Liz - After a night's sleep on it, it is pretty moot. You can't ride bloodlines and she shows potential in speed *cough understatement cough* SO I will continue working with her and loving her like I always have.
  12. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    OK just to understand..you know I lied? Where did I lie? And no I agree I am not raising a stink. She's my girl and she's staying my girl and no I am not breeding, too much worry and stress. I want to just have fun with her.
  13. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Here is her pedigree http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/index.php?...l_font=1&l= Jackie- I just felt like ranting, I can do that. I am not raising a stink over it because it's been too long and she is that much closer to completely being paid off. He's getting his money, I have the horse. It's just a shock, not a big one but a little one.
  14. Posse Party. . . Part Deux

    Yeah, Jeremy was not pleased either. Especially after he tried to talk him down in price. Yeah Spiff - I'm not going to really, and I'm glad she is barrel bred. Just miffs me cuz I bragged about Shining Spark to so many people and now to find out she isn't, it's a bit embarrassing.