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    horseback riding, outdoor acitivities, music, and much more!!
  1. Long Time No See!

    Just want to say welcome back! Also a few years back my sisters mare fractured her coffin bone, they told us she most likely would have to be put down. The mare previously barrel raced! After about 2 years of healing and rehab she is a decently solid trail horse at the early age of 14 now. Her biggest problem is when she was in rehab she was in a 12 by 12 stall and she formed arthritis on her front coffin bones from lack of movement! So to you and CC NEVER give up hope!!!!!
  2. Circle Y Bob Marshall

    Hey, guys I got the saddle, it fits me and my horse great. So far i'm in love with it. I willl def. need a shorter girth, but that is and easy fix!!
  3. New Tack ! Smx Air Ribe Though Enough To Wear Pink Pad!

    Sounds like it will look beautiful on your gray mare, we will def. need pictures when it all gets put together!
  4. Circle Y Bob Marshall

    Well I guess it's to late now... it won't be a huge problem I am just trail riding at this point.
  5. Circle Y Bob Marshall

    I didn't have much luck finding measurements, but I went ahead and purchased the saddle! I"m super excited. Now my question is will I need a different girth? I for some reason remember reading somewhere you use a shorter girth on a bm than a regular treed saddle, I guess i'll just have to wait till I recieve to maybe check that out! Thanks for the replies!
  6. Circle Y Bob Marshall

    Yeah, have heard that to, but I don't really have the option so i'm taking my chances and buying. I figure I will just have to resell if I don't like it. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Circle Y Bob Marshall

    Ok, I'm looking to buy a Bob Marshall the one I have found is a Circle Y. I was wondering peoples opinions. Also for seat size I ride a tree'd saddle 14" and it's snug, so i'm going with a 16" BM does that make sense. Also throw in any other helpful information. Here are some pictures!
  8. Veterinary Science Project

    Thanks everyone for the replies! There are a lot of great ideas and I wish Jayknee and chance the best of luck!
  9. Veterinary Science Project

    Ok thanks so much! Sounds like it will be a really interesting topic!
  10. Veterinary Science Project

    Yes I would be very interested in pictures! I also don't know anything about sacroids and it would seems like it would be very interesting.
  11. Veterinary Science Project

    Hey, guys this will be my last year in 4-H and ever year I always do a veterinary science project. I usually base the projects off of something I have encountered with my own animals, but I find this year that I don't have anything to do. I thought it would be nice to come on here and ask some ideas from you guys. I'm 19 years old and i'm thinking about tackling a harder topic this year, I have done things like a coffin bone injury, tendon injury, abcesses, hoof problems; just to name a few. I was thinking of doing something with genetics. If you would make a few suggestions that would be awesome and maybe some good resources would be awesome. Thanks in advanced everyone and I will take all suggestions on for this project.
  12. Arena Safety

    Thanks to everyone for the awesome responses. I will be putting on my arena clinic tonight with many good pointers for the kids. Wish me luck!
  13. Arena Safety

    Thank you for your reply, I even could use some tips from people about things they see a lot of people do wrong in safety with riding horses even on trail rides like getting to close behind others.
  14. Arena Safety

    Hey, guys I am in need of some help. I am putting a clinic on for 4-H horse participants, i'm doing arena safety. We warm up for games for our Friday night show and some kids run out of control, so i'm just needing some general safety rules. Like everyone goes the same direct, every so often we switch directions, and I need some more ideas to go over. So any ideas are welcome
  15. Sore On Nose

    Possibly, I wouldn't be suprised. Is that a really bad thing, also should I treat it in anyway or just let it heal itself? Thanks for the quick reply