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  1. Geo-caching On The Trails?

    Where are you located?
  2. I live in Pine Plains,NY. We have a nice country road which makes a 5 mile loop directly from my house. I'd love to have someone to ride with. Anybody?
  3. Geo-caching On The Trails?

    Wildkat, I know there are "geocaches" but I have not found any where a horse can go. Are these where horses can go? t_air_e, I am in Pine Plains, NY. I'm always looking for riding partners! I have a nice 5 mile loop on a country road to ride for hunting season if you want to join me.
  4. Geo-caching On The Trails?

    Ok... The last comment about Equicaching was in 2009. The only ones that seem to be doing it are in Florida & California. It is now 2011. Isn't any of this going on up here in the NorthEast?
  5. Camping Hay Storage

    I can't believe I forgot to ask Mark about these bags while we were camping! I looked on U-line & saw the pallet covers. I found this web site with a video & various types of bags... more towards what I was looking for. Duffel Top bags Click on the picture & see the action video of the bag closing. I load it with 4 bales of hay, then tip it over on it's side. It keeps the bales free from rain & any loose horses. Video
  6. Camping Hay Storage

    Years ago on e-bay I bought a giant tarp like bag that fit 4 bales of hay in it. They were used for hauling something else, but great for storing hay while camping, keeping the bales clean & dry. They were listed as "LARGE TRANSPORT HAY BAG HOLDS 3 OR 4 BALES". I haven't seen them available since. Home Depot had the same type bags that winter pallets of salt came in, but they weren't allowed to sell them or give them away. They were required to destroy them. Does anyone know where I could get something similar... or better? Any good ideas out there?
  7. Looking For New Places To Ride

    One quick thought is Lake Luzerne state park, in NY. Lake Luzerne We go there often. A regular campground for the entire family, with a horse section for horse campers. There are miles of trails that lead off of the parks trails.
  8. Florida Riding Groups?

    My neice moved to Florida. She's a life long horse girl. I was wondering if there was a horse riding group in the area. How great to find friends that have something as important as that in common.... much less someone to RIDE with. I believe she lives in the Parish area.
  9. Teeter Totter Dimensions

    Thanks guys for your input. We've got one made... finally. All 3 horses walk right across it. Guess I need to make it higher for more challenge. Only problem was the slipping on smooth wood. Same problem with wooden bridges out on the trail. For now I'm going to sprinkle some sand on the surface. I'd hate to have them become affraid to cross it because they slipped.
  10. I am building a trail teeter totter for my horse & can NOT find any information on how long it should be. I don't want it to be any longer than needed, & of course, I don't want it to be too short. Does anyone know?
  11. I am building a trail teeter totter for my horse & can NOT find any information on how long it should be. I don't want it to be any longer than needed, & of course, I don't want it to be too short. Does anyone know?
  12. Lake Luzerne Horse Campground

    PinnacleDiamondRanch, We just returned from our Memorial Day Weekend at Luzerne. Were you there then? We are going to be up there a lot this year. Somehow the dates kept adding up as friends wanted to go on different weekends. Do you have future dates reserved? Where are you located? About a map... email me privately:
  13. Reins

    I've ridden with split & one piece. I used to like long split ones, now I like one piece. There are pros & cons to both styles. It comes down to preference. I also made my own because bought ones were too short. I bought the rope I wanted... & my husband wanted (both different thickness & feel to our preference). I put clips on them. I knot them along the sides where I want the knots. You can make them as plain or fancy as you want. Knot beads into them. Use your imagination. Long one piece reins are hard to find. Making your own can be very satisfying! One short comment about clips at the bit end of reins. If you have one piece reins, be safe & put clips on both ends. Clips allow reins to be undone quickly. I have been thinking of putting velcro on one end at the clip so if the horse needs to pull it will come apart.
  14. Too Scared To Enjoy Horse?

    Don't give up on yourself. Find a horse that fits you. It may take time finding the right one, but it's worth the solid relationship between you & your horse. I've ridden all my life, trained horses, & if I ended up on the ground... I rolled with it & got back on. (I was young) A few years ago I bought a horse that unknown to me, had hormonal problems. Medication kept them under control... until she got Lymes Disease. Even after treatment she was emotionally unstable. I spent 2 years of trying everything with this horse. We had such a wonderful relationship, she was intelligent, calm & surefooted, never aggressive. I loved her.... a great trail horse, just mentally unstable. Poor thing had no control over her dangerous outbursts while riding. Once every week or so, she'd physically explode for 3 seconds... then stand quietly & calmly wondering what just happend. Finally she reared (never done before) 3 times in 1 hour & went over backwards on me. I was fortunate, after awhile I was able to get up off the ground. My husband said she had to go. Needless to say, a lifetime of confidence was crushed along with me. I tried countless horses, but each one felt like it was going to do something any minute. (I'm sure they weren't, but it felt like it to me) I wondered sadly if I had gotten too old. I doubted my horsemanship skills. Then, after months of searching, while trying out 3 horses at one farm, I sat on the back of a bald faced gelding. The instant I settled in I felt it. Oh my goodness, it was undeniable. The calmness & security. The wonderfulness of being on a horse! This felt so good! Off we went thru fields & woods. I went back to ride him 3 times. He came home with me. After taking trips to far off places, trying what seemed like a million horses, I found the one I needed. He is my sweetheart. My boy. My friend. My Anchor. My date (we go out alone). He is my horse. He gave me my freedom & confidence back. After 6 months with no name yet, my daughter said, "Mom, just name him Mye, M-Y-E. That's how you refer to him all the time anyway! It is the perfect name.