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  1. I Got A New Horse! Plz Help With Names!

    He is adorable! He looks so kind! Enjoy [smiley Wavey]
  2. Keeping A Horse Alone?

    I just re-read your post. Funny. Mine doesn't spend a lot of time in her stall either. She just pees in it too. Never poops in it [bat Eyelashes] Since we feed her a roundbale, we have to put it under a lean to on the east side of our barn so that moisture doesn't get to it. She prefers hanging out in that lean-to more than going into her knee deepin sawdust, cozy stall. Maybe because she likes to see what is going on....Interesting
  3. Child Beauty Pageants

    Little girl beauty pagents make me sick. When we were in the Navy, I knew some friends from the south that had their little girl enter them. It bothered me then. I have never heard of them here in northern Michigan...maybe it is too cold-thank gosh! I have a beautiful 18 year old girl who going off to college this fall. I think there are many other ways for a child to become confident adults. She played with barbie dolls as well as horses. Playing with plastic Barbie Dolls and making your child look like one are two different things!
  4. Keeping A Horse Alone?

    Oh Gosh........... My horse has been alone now for a year. She is very content, gets lots of attention. When I ride with friends, they may seperate from me on a trail, she just keeps on going. She is very secure and happy. One is all I need . She nickers when she sees me come out, demands attention and gets it. Yours will be just fine. She has really become my buddy and I think I spend even more time with her because of that My mom (90) said in her little mining town growing up, everyone had one horse and kept it for pulling wagons,sleighs etc. They were fine too. It has been done for years.
  5. Who Has Spirits, Ghost Or Haunting?

    I love it! My favorite show is Ghost Hunters. I have never had a personal experience (not sure I want to) but I very, very much believe! I hope the stories keep on coming! Fascinating [Jump]
  6. Cantering The The Ring

    Thank you so much everyone! I can always use help. When I used to ride (30) years ago, I knew nothing about using my seat and legs. I am learning as I am going-and building up muscles that were never there. I know I have bumped her when she starts off.... you were right about that. I guess I was nervous and pulled back when she started to go forward. I am working on flexing and I will try that technique as well. The arena is at the fairgrounds and it is big. I don't do it in my arena because it is a little rocky and too small. Thank you all so much for your input. I am printing it all out so that I can study read them over before I work on her in the ring again I so appreciated it. I am doing 2nd horse show tomorrow. But I think I will stick with walk trot [bat Eyelashes]
  7. Cantering The The Ring

    My mare has just turned 9. Since I have gotten her (2.5 years ago), I haven't cantered that much. Now I feel confident and do canter on trail rides. She goes as soon as my leg touches and asks for a canter - on the trail. My question is......I typically don't care to ride in the ring much. But I have started working with a group of ladies that is meeting now and forming a just - for - fun- drill team. Also have shown twice this summer in walk trot classes. I can't just walk trot the rest of my life in a ring. When I ask her to canter, she kind of throws her head around (no bucking) and then finally takes off at a canter after trotting about 20 strides. We are working on giving and rounding up at the walk and trot. She is doing great with all of that. Do you think she is just being lazy because she doesn't like ring work? Why does she canter off so much better on the trail? The man that had her prior to me broke her and did team penning for about a year on her. She wasn't very fast and he moved on. I don't think I helped much in the beginning. Looking back....I probably stopped her when she started throwing her head because I anticipated a buck. Sometimes I worry about the footing being too deep or rocks...but maybe just being lazy? Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  8. Im Sooo Mad.. Need To Vent!

    I feel badly for you! You sound like a wonderful person to have at her barn. I have seen so many of these situations not work out. I think someone in the end always gets the short end of the stick. I have a chance of going to a barn this winter for a couple months that has an indoor. She will work out a deal if I clean stalls etc. I am leary since I have heard this happen so many times. It would have to be in black and white with the time deducted from the board every month on a bill. I would like to sign in and sign out. Maybe that is going overboard, but you hear about the unsuccessful bartering more than the successful. I am sorry that this kind of thing is happening and hope it works out.
  9. oooo am sooo excited.. pictures!! LOL

    Wow! Can I send my mare to you for road training? I live in the middle of nowhere and hardly ever ride on roads unless they are two track dirt roads. That is awesome! I really am impressed with what a good boy he is on the roads. [Angel]
  10. He is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see pics in a couple months. I am so glad you went to the sale
  11. Riding pics from the weekend

    So pretty....thanks for sharing!
  12. Thanks for the pictures! I have never been out beautiful!
  13. Horse at trainer pics!! The next CA maybe, lol!!

    Nice horse and beautiful landscape!!!
  14. Horse at trainer pics!! The next CA maybe, lol!!

    Nice horse and beautiful landscape!!!
  15. trail etiquette

    Journeysgirl... I love your comments. I am one of those slow riders. I have ridden with people who like to go faster, jump and run the powerlines. I, unfortunately, don't have the courage yet. I would LOVE it if they would part from the group and not give me grief because I don't want to d everything they do. I respect you and I can see you have respect for the other riders. Hats off to you! [ 07-10-2008, 01:21 PM: Message edited by: KG ]