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  1. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    Rest in peace, Jack. Mark, thank you. You and your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. Jack Baumgartner - Happy Trails, Dad...

    I'm sorry to hear this news. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. :huggy:
  3. I've Got A Question....

    Haha, yep, Ohio sure isn't horse country. We do have Quarter Horse Congress but that's about it! Thanks for the replies. I love to watch dressage. I feel like a learn a little bit every time I watch. =)
  4. She Is Home!

    I think that I worded my first post very wrong. lol! I don't come here for sunshine and rainbows. It just seems like every time I come here and see a thread that is a few pages long, I automatically think "fight" or, "hurt feelings" etc. My heart sinks. You know? I don't like to think like that, but it seems I do anyway. I think that it's my problem though. I read the thread even though I already knew what was going on in it. That said, I'm glad that BB's care. I'm grateful for that. Really, I am. I'm glad that people here will take a stand for an animal. I do, however, think that Eskie is well aware of what she needs to do for this horse, and for herself. I have no doubts. I think she's handled things well.
  5. She Is Home!

    Wow, what a "nice" place HC has become! Reading stuff on here is so uplifting. She is very cute Eskie. Good luck with her. =)
  6. I've Got A Question....

    In your opinion, which state (USA) is the most Dressage friendly? If you can't decide on a single state, which region (USDF) or group of states? I ask because I am genuinely curious. I've always thought that the New England area was the best, but I'm really not sure after doing some research. Sorry if this sounds like a silly question. Just a cowgirl trying to learn about Dressage. LOL
  7. What Are Weird Things You're Afraid Of?

    Pool drains. Especially the grated ones. Everybody thinks it's funny to drag me over top of them.
  8. I Am Absolutely Stunned...

    I agree with the others that said Assisted living/nursing home. That would be the best option (if it can be done). :huggy:
  9. Fhotd

    Well that's interesting. lol.
  10. Remember That Guy That Was Stalking/harassing Me?

    I was thinking about schizophrenia as well. Taglet, you have handled this whole mess very well. I hope that your mind is at ease and that J can get the help he needs.
  11. Something Like This Always Happens To Me On Vacation

    "Wal Mart flippies." That really tickled my funny bone. LOL Sounds like an awesome vacation!
  12. A Black Sheep

    Don't walk. RUN. Lots of hugs for you. :huggy: :huggy: Stay safe.
  13. Mare Stare

    Well, of course Blondie and LaDigna will foal tonight. I have a math exam tomorrow after all. They both seem relatively calm now. Babe's foal is sawing logs now. LOL
  14. Extrahannah