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  1. Trauma

    Here is a good article from Jane Savoie: I loved her book, "That Winning Feeling". I've had my fair share of hospital visits and I've delt with shaken confidence, and I really like her techniques.
  2. Chronic Diarrhea -- Hay?

    Have you tried switching forage types? My horse was on the same timothy for about a year and a half. It always came off of the same field. Then one day, her body wouldn't tolerate it anymore. We were stumped too for about a week or so. She had very loose manure. We tried several things, including timothy from a different farmer, and then my vet suggested switching to a grass hay and that worked. So, she just gets grass hay ever since then.
  3. Time To Quit Funding Government Tv And Radio Anyone else hear this report this morning? Looks like this guy has been in trouble before for skewing what was said to prove a point. And now we have to pay the price. Way to go!
  4. Time To Quit Funding Government Tv And Radio

    You're joking right? NPR is worse then Cable broadcasts? Just wow. Who do you think tells the corperations what to air on FOX, NBC, etc.?
  5. My New Pessoa Saddle Is Falling Apart!

    They sat me in all those saddles that you tried at Ricks. The only saddle that had a forward enough flap for my leg was the ovation 4-star in an 18" forward flap. However, it doesn't fit my horse. I'm thinking of taking it on trial when my saddle fitter comes back out and see if she thinks the tree shape fits well enough so that it can be converted from foam to wool flocking. She travels to NJ, I could pm you her info if you want. It's so frustrating to find something that works for both of us on a budget. I bought a used stubben from Ricks that fit and she was happy in, but after about 10 hours of riding the flocking compressed so much that it was sitting on her withers! So, I'm going to be doing a lot of bareback riding until I find something better rather than put money into fixing this one. Anyhow, you may want to sit in the 4-star. It's nice that they have the adjustable tree too. I would be so mad if I bought a new saddle and it fell apart like that!!
  6. Lesson Pics!

    I'm usually a lurker, but I have to say, your position has improved so much! Maybe taking you stirrups up a hole helped, but I think you are getting stronger in your base. Keep up the good work!
  7. Crosby Saddle

    I personally would not sell that saddle to anyone. The pannels gets increasingly narrow towards the cantle. I bet you can only get two fingers in there. That would put pressure on the spine of anyhorse that saddle is put on. As for the patch, it is probably an extra peice of leather glued on top where the leather tore away from the stitching.
  8. This is the issue here. He has said several times that it is the individual's responsiblity to make sure that the contractors that they hire do not employe illegal people. So yes, he should be publicly criticized and no, this isn't a 'smear'.
  9. Boy Rides Horse To School Everyday In Pa

    I was telling my barn owner about this story and he was shocked that anyone would ride on those roads. They are either very narrow and winedy or they're big 4 lane roads with tons of traffic. I think it's cool. The horse seems like the unflappable kind.
  10. Haflingers?!

    I used to work at a place that had theraputic lessons and regular lessons. The haflinger (that I absolutly adored!) would calmly take care of his therapy kids, either on or off the lead - walking and trotting. He knew these kids needed accomidation. I tried to use him in my regular lesson program and he was horrid!! Bucking and bolting. He liked his therapy job, and that was it. I would help band his mane and get him all spiffied up for them to take to shows all over the place. I used to take him out on occasional trail rides, and he wouldn't try to pull any stuff with me. I realy want to get a halflinger someday. I can't afford two at once though.
  11. Whats Your Best Trick To Get Meds In Them?

    The garlic idea is good. I'll have to try that. I haven't tried anything for a week or two. I've been looking for options to dosing her in a syringe because it's a hassel. She's very good about taking the syringe. I don't even need to put a halter on her to dose her. Having her dosed twice a day is difficult because I can't get there in the am before work. She'll be on these meds for the rest of her life. I see if the garlic will work. They say it's also a natural fly repellant, so that could be a bonus!
  12. Whats Your Best Trick To Get Meds In Them?

    Well, I tried diluting a bunch of molasses in hot water with her meds tonight and she still left some behind! I have honey to try tomorrow. Then I'll try the soda or the cider vinegar. G&K - I've had a huge success after trying a lot of stuff. She was extremely bad - think running into the stall walls - just crazy flipping out. She's been on gabapentin, which is a generic for Neurotonin sp? made by pfizer for people with trigeminal neuralgia, ms, and fibromialgia. I ride with a full face mask when the flys are bad, but I've been able to show a little. I had her at a clinic the other weekend, and the clinican has had hs'er berfore, so she understood when she had an episode during our ride. I just waited and let her rub her face all she wanted and then we carried on. It's a miracle, really. [Angel] I had called my vet to come the next day to put her down (almost a year ago now) and he asked for just a bit more time to talk to some specialists and we started her on the medication. She also has to have magnesium, 20,000mg/day, or she's start to show some symptoms. We just tried taking her off of the Gabapentin (cost, and she stopped eating it out of her grain) but she started to look a little worse. It's not worth it to me to take her off. I'll pay extra for my barn owners to orally dose her in the mornings for me, unless I can find something that will get her to eat it again! It's soo bitter though, I don't blame her at all for not wanting to eat it!
  13. Whats Your Best Trick To Get Meds In Them?

    Thanks everyone. I'll have to stop at the store and pick up a few more things to try. I hope something interests her!
  14. Best Way To Treat A Heel Grab?

    Thanks! Of all the treatments, lotions and potions I have, that's one that I don't have right now. I agree though, it does seem to put a good seal on a wound. I'm worried about dirt getting into the flap and not being able to wash it out though.
  15. Ulcer On Lip?

    It's not an ulcer like a stomach ulcer, so gasto gaurd wouldn't help. I've come accross this years ago. I think the answer was a foxtail burr that got under the skin and makes that circular leision. I would just treat with an antibiotic cream.