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  1. Hello

    Hi my name is Jen, I live in Pennsylvania. I had two horses, well, a horse and a miniature horse. I'm a senior too! Seems like we have a lot in common. Can't wait till I graduate. Eventing is the only sport I don't do. lol. I used to do dressage/hunters with my Thoroughbred, but had to sell her for college money. Now I do jumpers, saddle seat and western! Do you have a picture of your horse?
  2. Saddlebred Lover

    I love Saddlebreds! I show saddle seat on my friends National Show horse which is half Arab and half Saddlebred. (but you probably already knew that.) I'll have to post pics of him u'd love him! Pretty horse in the first picture
  3. LIKE OMG!!

    Hi! I live in Pennsylvania, I'm new too! I had to sell my horses to pay for college. I work at a brand new boarding barn that my friends family just built. I ride Saddle seat, jumpers and western. I also do lots of trail riding. Let me know if you wanna be friends!
  4. LIKE OMG!!

    Hi! I'm new too! Let's see, where should I start... I used to have two horses but had to sell for college money I live in Pennsylvania. I work at a brand new boarding barn called Travelda. It's my bestfriends barn. I show her horses with her. I do jumpers with her Thoroughbred and Saddle Seat with her National Show horse (oh yeah and western with her Arab pony stallion!) I have a question for Mariah's Storm.... Do you like horse racing because your named after a racehorse. Just wondering, cause I love horse racing. Let me know if anyone wants to be friends with me!
  5. Quick Question

    Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. My friend never told me exactly what to do. I never had real lessons in saddle seat though I plan to this summer. The horse is great I wish he was mine! He is my friends horse. He is retired saddle seat now hunter jumper. (Sorry my friends don't like to hear me rant so I figured since u guys are horse people you might want to chat He is a National Show Horse. He went to Youth Nationals and Canadian Nationals getting top ten. I love him! I used to have a horse (Thoroughbred) but had to sell cause I need college money So enough about me... what kinds of horses do you have? Do you show?
  6. Quick Question

    I showed at the state horse show last year in pleasure and eq, but I went in there not knowing what side the whip should be on. (oops! still managed 4th though suprisingly) I think the bite is suppossed to be on the outside right? Does that mean the whip is too?