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  1. As a recreational shooter and gun owner, I must say I am very proud.
  2. saddle seat

    There are lots of barns in PA that could help you, actually. I would do a search on You will see a very handy search bar on the left side right under the main banner. Good luck!
  3. New Buggy Horse

    Very prety buggy Indeed. What is his registered name?
  4. Why is it...

    That is why you always ride with a riding crop...not for the horse, but to get off and switch the little vermin back to his momma.
  5. Two of my yearlings. . .

    Thanks guys. They are a blast. Danny is such an easy going guy. Zoltan is a hot sucker(not as hot as my filly "Blue", she's a firecracker). He wasn't even excited or even trotting fast in those pictures. Zoltan's feet are not all that long, but he is getting ready to be trimmed. Danny is in need of a good trim up front, and I need his back feet looks at again. I need to ask when I can steal my sister's SO for Zoltan.
  6. Some of you may remember Daniel, my American Saddlebred colt, born in August. Even through all of his ugliness, he is actually very cute. He has the cutest little face. I don't think I've ever had a horse with a personality like his. He is such a sweetheart. My Danny-Bear. And here is my In-Hand colt for this year. He is by our 28 year old stallion and out of a mare who almost died in the middle of her pregnancy with him. He is quite possibly one of the best horses we have ever raised.
  7. New Buggy Horse

    Oh he's a cutie. He looks like he could mount up real well. Was he ever registered, do you think? I can't place what lines he looks like, but he looks REALLY familiar.
  8. what do YOU think?

    So you don't make it known who is the one that is armed. And you don't allow everyone to be armed.
  9. what do YOU think?

    I don't know how I would get this out, but I do not think that everyone needs to be allowed to be armed(student/teacher wise on campus), but I do think that a select number, say 1 out of 20 or so that need to be selected and trained. If everyone is allowed to be armed and trouble starts, more than one person is going to play the hero, and there are going to be more than few stray shots.
  10. Pairs Class Video - Peruvians

    That is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for the explanation!
  11. Ruh-Roh Human Meds for horses?

    There are actually some that go under the same name. There was something that the vet gave my colt, which I saw in a catalog, I think it was Pepto Bismal but I can't remember.
  12. Pairs Class Video - Peruvians

    That was really cool! I am going to post that on Trot. I think they would like to see that. Could you tell me more about the riders dress? The poncho things and scarfs that most of the riders are wearing. What are they and where did they come from? I am just curious. So do they have to go through a pattern of sorts? How is it judged?
  13. I found this and thought I would share it. I found it here. I believe the person who posted it there found it on COTH. ----------------------- Breed Registration Papers Have Never Been More Important March 7, 2008 Issue Registering a horse can open many doors in that horse?s career. We are in a time of recognition, and breed registration papers are certainly an important part of that. To many this may be a boring subject, but let?s face it, with the world at our fingertips it is becoming a necessity. We can go to so many websites; we have access to the world. We can readily look up any information we really want. Breed registration papers come into play for many reasons, and this is very important. Let?s take a case example: a breeder breeds a horse. He doesn?t plan to sell the foal. He loves it; it is his horse for the future. So he decides when it is born not to register it. He says: ?Why spend the extra money? I don?t plan on selling him. He is mine, and I love him. It is not important to be recognized.? This horse grows up and becomes quite an athlete, or the situation changes for the breeder. He decides his life has changed; he needs to sell the horse. Or maybe the horse is even better quality than he thought, and there is a great opportunity for this horse to go to a really good rider with hopes to accomplish great success in sport. Down the road, as perhaps a 5-year-old, the decision is made to pursue the young horse championships or the hunter futurity or the jumper futurities or any available program. Unfortunately, this horse is not eligible for any of these programs because he is not registered. It?s understandable that often in these cases everyone becomes upset. It goes back to the breeder who must take responsibility. Registering a horse is extremely important; it is like a birth certificate for a child. The horse needs to be registered, whereby it?s eligible and can bring recognition in so many categories for the breeder, the rider, the owner. Who know what programs will be pursued in the future, so let?s take care of a basic, important and fundamental step: when a foal is born it gets registered, which can open many future doors. There has been a great movement in this country over the past five years or so to pay more attention to data, especially since we have the world at our fingertips. We need to recognize our strengths in this country, of what we are breeding and building on as well as what is going into sport from our breeding programs. Now we can compare our results; breeders are getting recognition. There are ?Breeder of the Year? awards from many of the national governing bodies. Without a registration paper, again these horses are simply not eligible. A trainer may also ask, ?Why is this important?? Several months ago, in one of my other columns, I talked about the importance of thanking the breeders. It goes hand-in-hand. We the trainers as well as the breeders need to work together because it takes teamwork to bring the recognition. It is a fundamentally important situation to have registration papers on horses. Registration handles the important issue of tracking horses, getting breeders and/or owners involved in a registry and horses eligible for all the different programs. As a result of registration, rewards and recognition return to the breeder, the trainer, the rider, the owner, and the breed society with which the horse is registered. Now, everything works hand-in-hand, and let?s face it, we are in a time and age right now of recognition, marketing, acknowledgement?all of these things are needed for the sport. This leads to rewards, feeling good about our programs and the ability to track how we are progressing. What a shame for a nice horse to be restricted from a program because he is not registered. In many cases again, the end result becomes upsetting to the owner of the horse or the new purchaser of the horse. Registering your horse is an important decision. Too often it happens too late and you might not have the complete pedigree. We cannot verbally take what the owner says or writes about the pedigree of the horse. The horse needs to have an official paper from a breed registry; this is the culture we live in today. You cannot simply put yourself down as ?breeder? without proof or recognition from a registering group and expect to have the horse eligible for various programs. The registration of a horse can safeguard the future of that horse. It is a responsibility that must be taken early on. Spend the time; spend the money. It is extremely important for that horse, for his future and for yours. Scott Hassler -------------------------
  14. How can I...

    Load up and go. Go about everything calmly and don't freak out or get nervous thinking she is going to do something or act differently. Be alert nonetheless, but if you act funny, your horse will assume there is something to be scared of and may "act up".
  15. Sneaking snacks into a movie

    I work at the movies. I have confiscated lots of food. From mothers with four kids, students, old people, coulples, anyone I see within range, I'll get. And they have two options if they are reasonable. They can have it after the movie, or throw it away. If they get huffy, it goes open into the trash. It is correct that Movie Theaters make very little off the ticket sales. Hollywood is greedy. And really, WE pay more for each package of candy from our distributor than you could get at Walmart. I flat up called the owner an idiot(to the head manager and he agreed). I really have no idea why they pay over two dollars for a box of Lemonheads, when the same box at Walmart for .97cents. What we try to do is have VARIETY. We have so much stuff that we cannot logically have another thing(though i'm sure it will happen). We have over 30 candy selections(highest being $3), four different combos, big soft pretzels, five flavors of water, pink and yellow lemonade, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, sweet and unsweetened tea, slushies, nachos, Jalepenos, chex mix, popcorn toppings, Ice Cream, and free cups of ice for water when asked for. I will mention big cookies, though. That is a real good idea. And we try to keep our ticket prices down. As the cities around us grow though, Hollywood forces us to raise our prices. That is why you will find a First Run Theater in a very rural area with "low" ticket prices. Sneaking in? We count theaters. Making out? Ooh hoo hoo. Humiliation. Smoking in the theater? Call the Cops. Recording in the theater? Call the Cops. (Did you know a movie theater employee can earn five hundred dollars for turning in someone with a recording device in use) Food snuck in? Take it to the lobby or throw it away. Talking? One warning, and then the boot. Cell phones? One warning, and then they are gone. Not sitting in a seat? One warning. If they have a bottle obviously used for thier saliva, I will allow it. Erm...Having sex in the theater? "Just leave." (my actual response to that discovery.) That all being said, I work there, and get half off everything....I still very rarely buy candy at the theater. $1 for three reeses cups? I don't think so. The popcorn though....I have been there for over two years, and am still not sick of popcorn. I HAVE to have popcorn. I don't know what I am going to do when I leave there. I never understood the people who will buy a large popcorn and spill it or just not eat it. If it sucks, we'll pop you a new batch.