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  1. Balding Donkey

    The vet is stumped and wants to do a biopsy, but before I do that, wanted to run this by you guys to see. Ozzy is 4 yrs old, spotted and gelded donkey. I switched hay sources about a year ago, he was on alfalfa then and went to alfalfa, just a different hay source. Up until the switch, he had no problems. Its extremely hard to get grass hay where I live.. Shortly after the switch and fall temp changes... he started having patches of hair on his hips fall out. The skin looked like a mule took a hunk out of him, so I just thought they were roughhousing and didn't worry. The skin never looked like it had any trauma. The patches are anywhere from quarter to 1/2 dollar size and range on the pink or the dark skin and over his hips to his back. As winter progressed, he started looking 'ragged' back there and very very patchy hair. I hauled him to the vet. We deloused him, wormed him, fungii treated him, changed him to just grass hay thinking maybe it was a legume allergy and nothing changed, so I waited until he got his new coat to just be sure. His new coat came in, and everything looked good during the warmer weather for a little while about a month and then the patches happened again and are continuing now. I don't know that a biopsy of his skin will give answers because the skin looks normal underneath, I'm thinking its systemic, allergy to food, or something. During the summer, the pink skin did blister up like a legume allergy, but not always. The dark skin didn't blister. Soooo no clue what to do, I am about ready to pull this donkey into a pen and feed him seperately, something that is a complete feed without any chance of legumes by himself.. right now he is on grass hay, but it might have some alfalfa in it. I see sprigs every now and then. He is running with 3 other mules and none have any effects like this either. He shows no other issues and is healthy on all other levels. Have any of you all run into this? I bought him when he was 10mths old, am extremely attached to this guy and trained him myself, so I have alot invested in him not to mention heartstrings. But in wyoming, a bald butted donkey isn't good and I am keeping him rugged right now to help. Thanks
  2. Eating hair..

    Ahhh.. thanks so much I will definately go get some now!!
  3. Eating hair..

    Do your horses eat the groomed hair left on the ground? This is the first time I have noticed this and my donk and show mule just had a field day on the hair that I had peeled off everyone. They have a mineral and salt block, feed reguarly and aren't starving by any means. Just wondering if others had this happen to theirs?
  4. Donkey Question

    It is by far easier to train your dogs a 'move' command than to get the instinct out of your donk. My dog knows the "move" command and she bails out of the paddocks. My guys haven't ever been to the point that they accepted the family dogs, they will still chase them out, including rabbits and anything else that moves. They are great animals, and getting a young one is a good idea. Same vaccines and wormings and trimmings as said above. Get pics of you get one, nothing cuter than a baby donkey!!
  5. Anyone had a clogged tear duct?

    Hot pack it, wet washcloths work the best. If its inflamed, red, irritated, then its infected, but if not better within a day, definately go see a dr. My son was born with plugged ducts, he had to have surgery. I had mine cauterized, so I retain all tears.
  6. Ideas

    Hey there, was hoping you would respond They are changing the event time to another month, so not sure. Probably fall or summer. I just have a meadowbrook to show him in, but the green beer wagon would be awesome lol. The crowd isn't used to driving at all, so this would be showing them driving. Plus its an evening ticketed event, so would need to make it pretty 'showy'. They had a gal drive there, who proclaims herself as a 'professional', she had to whack her horse to just get it to trot, no extension, just plugged and I would really like to show them what driving is about. Because thats definately not it!! I was mortified. We drove during the breed demos and had a great showing there. Stretch wins in cart usually and I can lope him out in cart easily, so just not sure what to do with this. The donkey will be hooked to cart by then, but just not as push button as Stretch so not sure if i should add him to. Any help you can give I would greatly appreciate !!!! Thank you so much.
  7. Ideas

    I just did a breed preformance this weekend that I do every year for a charity event. I asked them if i could do a driving preformance next year during the evening show. But I need ideas, the mule can do it, whatever you all suggest, but I'm just not sure what to do. Story or freestyle or dressage driving, what would you guys recommend??!! Thanks!
  8. Sunshine State CAI

    Too cool, thanks for sharing and congrats!!
  9. To roach or not to roach?

    Beautiful mare and awesome last picture lol. I have mules, I roach. I didn't see if you were showing her, but know the 'politics' with roached mane horses in breed shows. It didn't appear she had taken out alot, but would just try to even it out and see if you can fix it as it grows out more. If I wasn't showing her in breed shows, I would roach it
  10. Driving always gets ignored!!! (Warning, Venting)

    Hey Liz, We will neverrrr show in Bishop, but if we come to watch, you betcha, we will let you know!! Would you believe there are no paybacks in bishop, drive that whole way out there for nothing but prestige lol.
  11. Black Hills Horse Expo

    Whose going March 8 and 9th?? I am
  12. Driving always gets ignored!!! (Warning, Venting)

    My sentiments exactly Mo I have lots of ppl at open horse shows bring their horse up to the mule or donk when we take them to show. THey realize they have to be desensitized. At the county show, not one horse had issues with the mule there. Mules are becoming more prevalent in the show ring, 4-H better get their act together, as well as FFA. Thanks!
  13. Driving always gets ignored!!! (Warning, Venting)

    No its not a breed show. County here allows us to show the mules, so last year Wyatt took grand in trail and halter. Halter was in *any other recognized breed*, which they have at state. They wouldn't allow him to enter any class. My son is adamant he doesn't want a horse just to compete in 4-H, we have too much time invested in the mules. I have a feeling hes about ready to drop out of it, can't say I blame him. He will still compete in the open horse shows and mule breed shows here, so its not a huge loss for him if he does.
  14. Cremation or Burial for Beloved Horse.

    I am so sorry for your loss *hugs*!! I live in WY also, where did you find a place to cremate your horse? I would just like to know for future reference, if/when that comes up for me. I haven't actually asked the vet here either about it. I live in Casper. Thanks!! So sorry about your mule foal miscarriage, what a looker that would of been!
  15. Mammogram Results - Questions

    Sometimes patients just can't handle waiting and it drives them to insanity. You can make have a surgeon remove it if the suspense and anxiety get too much. Basically its a cyst with debris in it, or a complex cyst. The less invasive way is to just do the 6mth followup. However, should it get to the point that you can't handle it, you can have a surgical consult. *ultrasound tech*