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    Other than horses, some of my favorite interest are hunting, fishing and camping. I also like sitting around with my friends joking, playing music, watching Nextel Cup Racing (nascar) and discussing the many ways of enjoying a good cold beer.

    As far as competition, I like playing softball, an occasional game of volleyball, or pool and horse-shoes. Horse-shoes being my favorite simply because it's the only sport I know of that allows you to compete while holding your beer with the other hand.

    I like eating most foods and consider myself an easy keeper.
  1. Current Mass Shootings

    ".for that same technology could be used by someone who would use it for their own gain/ purposes to kill.... to dominate." If you do a history check about gun control, throughout he 20th century, you will see that mass genocide was the reason governments had gun control.
  2. Favorite Guitar Players

    There's too many good pickers for me to pick a favorite. One that I do like that doesn't get listened to much is named Tommy Emmanuel. He's on you-tube, check him out.
  3. Paid "favors"

    It would depend on the service she provided. Did she clean his house,,,, cook a few meals,,,, do his laundry or wash his truck? I wouldn't call her a prostitute for any of that, among many other things she could have done. You really didn't enough info for an honest answer.