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  1. Been a long time

    Just wanted to stop in and see everyone.
  2. Romantic Dinner Ideas

    Thanks y'all. It was the cooking and microwave that sorta stumped me. I am not big on cooking meat in the microwave. I am opting for a nice green salad, Shrimp scampi with pasta and maybe a lemon chiffon pie. And he probably won't even show up!
  3. Romantic Dinner Ideas

    I am needing some ideas for New Year's Eve. I won't have but a microwave so cooking is limited.... Any ideas
  4. Will You Please Vote For Me?

    City asked me to reply and tell everyone thank you for voting for her! She is Manley to log on for some reason and has requested a new password reset but it is not going through for some reason.
  5. Under $3

    Still over 3 in Colorado. :/
  6. Been A While

    Thanks equi. Ya it has been a rough year to say the least. We moved back to colorado just before his passing. Sold pearls for a while and took a part time job as the sample lady with Walmart. But I am now hopefully moving on to better pastures. I start a new job on Friday working dispatch. I am excited for the challenge and hoping that I can finally get my head above water enough to buy my very first home.
  7. Any Engaged Girls Out There?

    Mom mom has done a few runners and table cloths both. :)
  8. Oh Heidi!

    Looks great!
  9. Any Engaged Girls Out There?

    I do but my tastes have now changed to handmade quilt toppers. Think I am getting snobby in my old age. :)
  10. Been A While

    Oh. I know it is a great recipe isn't it. Since Facebook. I just haven't been here much. And I was needing a place to ground my thoughts last night. Not sure it worked but coming here gave me a chance to think outside family. On some choices I need to make.
  11. Been A While

    Hello everyone, Been a while since I have been in to talk. So what's happening?
  12. Ever Smoked A Turkey?

    Love smoked Turkey. When we did ours a couple of years back I just stuffed his insides with apples/ oranges some fresh sage a little butter salt and pepper. Then just kept the heat going until he reached 170 internal temp. yummmmmmm
  13. Fire_ Cracker

    Just wanted to say thankyou. I still lurk once in a while but havent had it in me to post.
  14. Needing An Airedale Train

    Thanks everyone, If you hear or know of someone that might be heading that direction please pass it along.
  15. Any Gun People Here?

    What a cool find.