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  1. Of course there is life on other planets and I believe life exists in our own galaxy. Jupiter's moon Io is covered in fractured ice implying that it is a volcanically active moon. We find life in our own oceans clustered around deep volcanic vents so there is no reason to not expect something oozing around under the ice in Io. I just hope NASA continues to get funding to send a probe there to peek under the ice and find out. Whether this life is sentient is speculative. Had conditions been slightly warmer or cooler when Homo sapiens fell out of the tree we could have lost the evolutionary race and joined the extinct list. We nearly did based on the lack of variation in human DNA which is called the bottleneck effect.
  2. It's 14 Inches Long, 2 Inches In Diameter

    Not what I expected based on your thread topic. But great cucumber. Mine are doing well in horse poop along with the tomotoes. Vine borers are killing all my pumpkins and squash beetles are killing all my squash. So much for organic. Next year I plan on using bt.
  3. Over-Vaccination...

    I had someone chat with me about detoxing my horses. Part of her program was to not vaccinate them. I live near a large lake where PHF is rampant as well as WNV and those horses not vaccinated are the ones who succumb to the disease. While EEE, WEE and VEE are not too common, I do not want one of my horses to be the isolated case because I did not vaccinate. One of the arguments this lady said to me is that I personally do not vaccinate myself like I do the horses and in order for them to build a natural immunity, we should not vaccinate them. The Amish horses nearby are not vaccinated and are always coming down with various preventative diseases so that invalidated that argument in my opinion.
  4. Had My Surgery

    I had a surgery that had me down for a few weeks. I went stir crazy at first. But then I got to liking being waited on and not having to work. But I hate surgery worse so I won't become a surgery addict. And no one can take care of my horses like I can (in my opinion) so getting to the barn was motivation to get out of bed.
  5. Anyone Else Having A Drink Tonight?

    I don't think I will have a drink tonight. Not sure why. If I change my mind then I will most definitely share.
  6. Had My Surgery

    Same here.
  7. Yowza! Which Would You Pick?!

    I'd take him. He is unusual and photogenic. He was invited to perform at WEG (wished I had seen him when I was there) and as a result, he will be popular as a stud. He appears to also have a great disposition. This horse is just WIN. As for conformation - he has flaws but nothing major. But so do all horses with the exception of Secretariat.
  8. Anyone Else Having A Drink Tonight?

    Unreal Tournament multiplayer? jk. I do not even have it loaded anymore. A game could be a description of the drink. And the food you are eating with it. I am having pizza tonight so I will drink a beer. My fav is by Great Lakes Brewery called Edmund Fitzgerald. It is a porter, very dark and heavy that won the gold medal in the world beer championship. Probably better in the winter but I have to go to Ohio to get this beer so I try to enjoy it anytime I can.
  9. Recipies For Black Eyed Peas

    I cook fresh or dried ones with 1 medium onion, 3 cloves garlic, small jalapeno pepper, 2 chopped celery sticks, 1 chopped tomato, 5 cups veggie broth or enough to cover the peas by a couple inches and a splash of smoke flavoring. Lightly salt and of course pepper. Cook until the peas are soft - about 3 hours but I have had then cook faster and also longer. This is a vegetarian recipe. For you carnivores, add some salt pork, smoked ham hocks or bacon.
  10. Just To Get It Out...

    Where is his family? It takes incredible support for someone with his health issues and you cannot shoulder all this yourself. If you are. If he survives this I doubt anything will be different.
  11. Anyone Else Having A Drink Tonight?

    That is too bad. I had a mochatini. It was great.
  12. Anyone Else Having A Drink Tonight?

    So what is being served tonight?
  13. Anyone Else Having A Drink Tonight?

    I had some wine. A Merlot.
  14. Anyone Else Having A Drink Tonight?

    I am. Sucks drinking alone but...well I'll just leave it at that.
  15. I rarely eat in restaurants these days because nearly all of them are not clean. There is only restaurant where I do eat and that is because I know the owner and he has a good menu for vegetarians. Plus he is fastidious about cleanliness. Glad your tooth is ok and that you do not blame the owner for the idiotic behavior of the food delivery guy.