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  1. Kecc Reunion....

    Whoo-hoo! I wonder if it's a two holer......
  2. Kecc Reunion....

    Geeze I'm SO tired. And I really just want to get back in the comfort of my own throne, ya know? Work is going good, there's so much to tell I can't remember it all, and none of it really matters. Lot's of drama and I'm having a **** of a time keeping my trap shut and not telling them all the truth of the matter and what the changes are really about. They have a high speed connection there, but I'm too busy to use it for much so far. Probably next week. We screwed up on how many days we thought I'd have on the first paycheck, and now that really sucks because we made all of our payments to places so they'd be on time and more than the minimum... and it won't matter because at some point something is going to bounce and everything will get screwed up. *Big sigh* Anyhow, I wish I could tell you all more, but I"m just SO TIRED..... I miss you grills! Somebody better get construction going soon! (and e-mail me when it happens!)
  3. Kecc Reunion....

    Either the bathroom door is locked, or somebody moved it. I finally get a chance to go, and there is nothing there. Guess I will have to try again later? Oh - and Ruck, still available if you've talked to whoever you needed to.
  4. A Few Pictures

    Isn't Montauk the site of the very first ever ranch in the U.S. ? I want to say it is.... when I was in New York, I wanted to go there and see it, but we didn't have time to go.
  5. Your Property Layout

    We have 6.3 acres or something like that. On it, we have 13 horses and 3 ponies. We have a 60 foot diameter round pen and a 180 by two different widths arena. (Previous owner put this in, and not square for some reason). The barn has 7 stalls all on one side, a shop / tool area, 10 foot isle way for most of it, 10 x 20 or so tack room and a 15 x 20 or so run in area. It opens to a small run with automatic waterer, then a gate to the roundpen and on the opposite side another gate to a n uphil run and a large drylot (the possible future site of a covered building for inclimate weather riding and turn out. That area is very sandy and grows absolutely nothing) this area is behind another pole shed barn that has a 10 x 20 paddock with gate to the bigger area and a 10 X 20 shelter. It also has a 10 x 10 hay stall, 2 10 x 10 actual stalls, a 10 x 10 garden shop storage and a 10 x 10 run in with separate fenced area for the ponies. The fenced area for the ponies goes from the house side corner of that silver building straight over to the large fenced in pasture (an addition to the picture below). Another addition to the picture is that from the highway side of the long barn, we have fenced out from that side and along the little darker green line (it is a hill side) and then along the heavy wooded side all the way to the white fence. When I turn out horses, 7 of them go up the green side hill and can wrap around the dry lot. 6 go through the round pen and are in the dry lot. alternately, these groups have gates leading to the large pasture (1.5 acres approx) to really stretch out. I have to feed hay year round. But, in one aspect I like that as it allows me more control over their diets and I can monitor them more closely. This picture was taken before we purchased the place, so there is a lot of junk in it. We have made a lot of changes. I will try to draw on it, but my computer doesn't like to load new stuff to photobucket or save changes that I edit ON photobucket, so no promises.
  6. Opinions, Thoughts, Suggestions?

    I quit my job last May to stay home, raise my boys and build up my farm. I went from having 6 horses and 4 ponies to having 13 horses and 3 ponies over the summer. Between my personal horses and boarders, it's about a 50 / 50 split. I have 6 different owner families that come out here, and most of them are pretty novice. I have always been around (read: on the premises 24 / 7) to answer any questions and just "be here" in case I was needed. Monday I will be starting a new job. It's a managerial position, so I will have some flexibility, but still I will be gone most of the day. That means I will not see who comes and goes or "be here" if someone has a problem. Nor will I be able to monitor the horses all day in pasture. I am thinking about setting up a web cam system of sorts. I would like to have one showing the length of the barn isle, one directed at the water tanks and round pen and one directed toward the larger pasture. These I would then monitor from my office. So, my questions are these: 1) If you were boarding at my place and were a horse owner for a year or less, would you feel more at ease knowing someone would see if you got in trouble with your horse or would you feel it was an invasion of your privacy? (Two of my boarders are 40 - 50 year old ladies who come out here all alone, no one to call for help) 2) Is there a way I can do this close circuit, so only myself and perhaps my boarders can view what these cameras show with a pass word or something? 3) Does anyone have a system that they recommend or don't, based on your experience? And prices to get / maintain the system? I have heard talk of MareStare, but have never really checked it out. Maybe I'm over thinking this, but I really want to make sure if there's a problem that I know what happened and can react quickly. I hate the thought that I won't be "here" to always make sure everything is okay.
  7. Idol Fans?

    Bumping this for tonight! Although I read a disturbing article that made me question how much I would really enjoy the show anymore on Yahoo. About how Carly Smithson had recently already failed to launch her million dollar album and had actually sung with Bryan Adams in Dublin, then said on the show "I've never been in a recording studio" and "I've never sung in front of so many people" and the like. Also how Christy Lee Cook had failed with a Nashville record company, and I actually listened to a radio interview with her about that she was struggling in her career and used AI to boost her popularity. There was a lot more about a lot of other contestants also. Many of those who make the top 12 / 10 and better have already been signed and discarded by various record companies. Focus on this season was that Johanna (I think that was her name) that Cara said she recognized and knew. It even had tracks off of her album that failed to be popular. Then I decided I don't care who's on it. I'm not voting and it doesn't REALLY matter to *me* who gets picked, who doesn't and who wins. I just watch to be entertained.
  8. A Judo Story

    As usual, I Loved your story. (but I just have to ask, whatever happened to that mustang?)
  9. It's Gone!

    I find the particular responses on this thread from the particular people they are from to be outrageously funny. Irony. Those who know, know and didn't tell. Those who ask know too, whether they know it or not. Those who state it, didn't want it stated, yet they did so.
  10. Tax Time And Stimulus Payment

    I think Fresian means that say: Turbo Tax assumes you DID receive the $600 rebate (or whatever we want to call it) and estimates your return at, let's say $1200. Then it asks if you received it and how much. a) you say yes, $600 your return stays at $1200 you say no & qualify for $600, your return changes to $1800 BASED ON that what someone now thinks is happening is that it estimates your return will be $1800 because it is assuming you did NOT receive the initial $600. Then it asks if you got it. In this case a) you say yes, $600 and it says oops! $1200 for you now you say nope, not yet and it says okay, $1800 it is then. If that's what she's saying, it makes perfect sense. Who knows if that's what the program IS doing though.
  11. Tax Time And Stimulus Payment

    On a similar note, any of you ever use TaxAct ? It's the "free" program that upcharges you if you want to do your state as well as Fed and again if you want protection and available assistance. I used it last year, cost me a total of about $16 I think. But, this is my first year as a "home owner"... so I don't really know what I need to collect now or if this program will be adequate... (Last year, we owed State and Federal. Got $1200 stimulus plus $600 for the kiddos. They kept what we owed Federal and sent us the rest, which we ended up paying State with anyway. It was *kind of* helpful at the time.)
  12. ** Happy Birthday Tx Palomino Kim **

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
  13. ** Happy Birthday Tx Palomino Kim **

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
  14. What Do The Horses Do...

    Okay.... maybe this is a really stupid question, but WHY is your horse wearing a fly mask? That, in my opinion, is the only good thing about winter... no bugs.
  15. Idol Fans?

    I'm an addict. My husband and I do whatever it takes not to miss an episode every year. (And since we're getting Direct TV with DVR next week, I can DVR it and watch it 'later' and skip commercials! Whoo hoo!) We place "bets" on whose going through and where they'll be (top 12, 10, 4 or whatever). Last year we named 6 of the top 10... and then there are lots of auditions that get to Hollywood that don't get on TV. This year so far we like the fisrt rocker chick -(Emily?) who is leaving her girl band in the lurch. The guy who lost his wife, Stevie and the last audition last night, the black lady with 3 little kids. I kinda like the oil rig guy too. We'll see what the rest of the auditions show though.