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  1. A Sad Update To The Sad Update

    Poor Hobby! That's a tough break. He needs to be back home with his daddy. Hope he heals up, and fattens up, quickly.
  2. My New Trail Riding Partner

    Let me know if you decide you don't like gaited horses...I'll take him off your hands. :-)
  3. A Sad Update

    So sorry for your losses. I feel your heartache; I lost my 20 year old, love of my life, walking horse mare last April. It's the worst part of having animals in one's life--so painful to lose them. I hope you heal up fast and are back in the saddle according to your plan. I'm looking forward to the photodocumentation of your post-recovery adventures. Take care.
  4. Best Whiteners

    4-H moms told me to use Woolite on my daughter's paint horse. Worked great and mild too. A little french white chalk to finish it off and her horse looked beautiful.
  5. Riding Double With A Child...safe Or Stupid?

    I rode double with my daughter from the time she was one month old until she was old enough to be ponied on her own horse, but we had/have the calmest horses on the planet. Additionally, my daughter was calm and quiet. I wouldn't do it with the horse I ride now. Riding double, for me, depends upon the horse and the child.
  6. Been Away For A While

    I sure hope you're back in the saddle soon. Hang in there!
  7. New Trail Horse

    You both are lucky! I think he's beautiful.
  8. Spur Strap Debate

    Buckle goes to the inside if you've got a big fancy, schmanzy concho to show off: Buckle on the outside for me 'cuz I ain't got no schmanzy concho.
  9. Bar K

    It's on my list of places :-) One day I'll ride through a hardwood forest.
  10. Looking Around For Wildflowers

    It's been a late spring and I'm not sure the wildflowers will ever bloom this year. The Liebre Mtn. area is usually loaded with all kinds of flowers in the spring. My "poppy" ride is 4/22, but I'm going to have to rename it the "no poppy" ride. The long range forecast calls for temperatures in the 70s that weekend, which will be a welcome respite from the chilly, windy weather we've been having.
  11. I Got A New Trail Horse!

    Congratulations! I've had my TWH for almost 19 years now. You'll be hooked.
  12. Beautiful Scenery -

    Love the quarry photos. What a nice place to ride.
  13. Owl Canyon & Rainbow Basin, Barstow California

    Nice photos. I'd like to ride there sometime. $5 a gallon diesel might put the kibosh on that plan any time soon though. >:/
  14. I enjoy your photos of this area...but of course! I think I was taking photos of the Tehachapis on the same day, but from further east. ETI is having their Spring Ride in June in Grade Valley. I hope to go.
  15. Today Was An Amazing Break From Winter.

    I've got lots of photos of people as seen between my horse's ears too! That is a nice photo of your hugging your horse. BTW, you look so much like her, you could pass for my best friend's sister. Lovely photos of your ride--that uphill shot is very nice. Glad you're enjoying good weather. We're in for a nice spell here too.