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  1. Yah! I am so happy you will be taken care of! I hope everything goes well and you can have a great, worryfree (well, from this) life!
  2. College And Books/supplies

    You know what really stinks? When you go to resell those books. Sometimes they dont even pay you back 25% of what you paid. Sometimes they dont give you anything. With all the different editions coming out every year, books you buy are almost worthless the following year. I agree you can use books from the years before but sometimes they are just so jumbled up its hard to find where you need to be. I sure miss college but not the price of supplies and books!
  3. Even If You Don't Believe In God Or Are Not Religious.

    I have to admit, I am a christian, have been for years but just resently started reading a bible. I cant understand most bibles so my hubby bought me a NIV/the message bible. I can read both and really get a good understanding. The last thing christianity is based apon is good works and living a good moral life. I know its not for everyone liking, but if God wasnt in my life, I dont think I would be a normal person with all I have been through. I would have been put in a crazy house years ago from my parents divorce. I couldnt imagine my life without Christ. I would feel so empty. From MI, Christian and Very Proud of it
  4. Anyone Heard From Illinois Racer?

    Isnt she due to have or did have a baby sometime? Seems like I read a post from her a couple months ago and she was pregnant.
  5. I'm On A Secret Mission...

    Not here all the time (too addicting!) but I am a curious critter so I will send you an email [Jump]
  6. Miracle Turtle

    Oh ok. Definately dont have any that look like that around here. I just asked because she looks similar to a tortoise they had at a zoo I worked at :)
  7. Miracle Turtle

    Very neat! Isnt she a tortoise? She doesnt really look like a turtle but I cannot see her feet. I am glad you were there to save her, she looks like she has been thought enough already!
  8. White Faced Paint With Watery Eyes

    My gelding has dust and pollen allergies. I leave a fly mask on and that does seem to help. Maybe Hat is allergic to the Wipe? Also, perhaps the sun is just too much for her eyes. You may need something with better UV protection. I use the Absorbine Ultra Shield fly masks and those really help. If all else fails, have the vet check her out. Good luck!
  9. Barefoot - Looking Good!

    I like my Boa Boots too. I use sole inserts in them and my horse really seems to feel comfortable in them. I thought they were a little bulk at first and thought they would make my already stumbly horse stumble more, they really didnt. He doesnt stumble at all anymore.
  10. Cushings?

    When I had my horse in for a check up I asked about him not shedding all the way. Vet said usually when a horse has Cushings, there are fat deposits over the eyes and on the face. Its what, a week into June and my old guy still has winter hair on his belly. I have seen lots of horses this year that seemed to have held onto their winter coats. It wouldnt be a bad idea to have your horse vetted though.
  11. The 1986 Me Would Kick The 2009 Me's Butt

    That is great!
  12. I Have Been Asked To Babysit Again.....but....

    Yikes! By the sound of it, I wouldnt let the kids live there. I would take them and tell your son that they can have the kids back when the house is clean! My house is by no means spotless, but I would not want my child living in a filthy, dirty house! Thats uncalled for!
  13. I had pain near the cartilage close to my earlobe. I ended up having some kind of pimple there. Very strange, have never had one there before.
  14. How Many Hours Of Staining A Redwood Fence...

    Oh thats scary! Did you really barf? If so, be careful! You could have been poisoned. I bet your fence is very pretty though!
  15. Flat Croup?

    Abadan, I have no clue what she is. I was told by someone that her being a red dun overo, she could possibly a spotted saddlebred/ arab cross. They said that they were a popular cross back in the time that she would have ben born. This person breeds and raises high quality horses and is not even close to a back yard breeder.