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  1. Texas People #5

    All you people coming to Denton!! I live right near Denton. :) I know we're in Texas and all, but this crazy wonky weather can stop now. I like the warmer temps rather than these late freezes. Please and thank you. QH - I am at the same company, just moved to a different position. I didn't realize it was considered a 'lateral move' as I now have more responsibility and very hard deadlines; but I've been doing it now for 2 months or so and no raise. If my next check doesn't show a raise I'm going to talk to my boss. I like the job and the company but it's a long drive for me and now with the new position I'm busting butt daily to get stuff done. If I don't see a pay increase then I think I'll begin looking for work closer to home.
  2. Texas People #5

    QH!!!! I LOVE the hair!!! And I was glad to find you on FB too!! I've been filing all day long. It took 6 of us over 1/2 the day to just get everything put together and in order to be filed this morning. The lady who left and who's job I took left A LOT of things undone and so behind. Playing catch up while trying to learn is not easy. I'll live though. I'll certainly be happy to get it all filed and I already have most of it caught up. :) I agree with QH that it is important to try to do things for *you*. It's not always easy to do. My hair is fairly curly. It was waist length but this summer I cut it all off and donated it to kids with cancer. Since my hubby was fighting cancer it seemed like a valuable thing to do. Although now I miss my long hair; but it is growing. Bec - sorry you have a sickie little one, hope he's feeling better soon. What's everyone up to this weekend?? Tyler has a TKD tournament on Saturday and that is all I have set in stone planned.
  3. Texas People #5

    Gosh it's been so long!! I'm just gonna jump in and say hi!! I'm finally getting a little bit of time again to check out stuff on the interwebz again. :) Peppy Sue!! I'm super jealous of your garden box!! And Bindi is gorgeous!!
  4. Any Ideas On How To Go About...

    Whoop for SWW!! I'm glad little Rocket is going to a great home and staying in the family!! Single freezer kinda gal made me LOL.
  5. A Few Update Pics For Y'all.

    Kelly looks the most suspicious. LOL They all look great though, Tristy is getting so big!!
  6. Little John From Baby To Pre-Schooler

    He has turned into such a cute little boy! I remember when he was born. My little boy is now a young man who turned 10 the day after Christmas. My how time flies!!
  7. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I moved from Wylie to Prosper and today moved them to Aubrey. :) I still have Iana and her 'baby' Chistoso (who is 4 now). I live between Frisco and Little Elm now.
  8. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I have no idea where this avatar came from?! Haffy is in Texas now! I still need to get together with her!!
  9. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    It is great to see the oldies! I don't know if I qualify. I'm more a lurker anymore anyhow.
  10. Teacher Gifts

    Pelirrojaloca - That is good to know! My Mom, who is retired, volunteered to help her with any sort of cutting, copying, busy work type of thing. I work full time and drive an hour to and from work so I rarely make it to the school. At our old district there were no 'beginning of the year' gifts. We moved and last year was our first year here and that is when we found out about the trend. I know teachers don't get paid nearly enough and they spend more waking time with my child than I do during the year. Anything I can do to 'go with the flow' and make things better for everyone I will do. Thank you for being a teacher, it is an often thankless job that is so important to our kids and our society. I couldn't do it - I know that; I admire those who can and do.
  11. Teacher Gifts

    Apparently, Luther, it isn't too early. Most kids take in teacher gifts for the first day in this school. My kid is still in elementary and he makes all A's so I don't think he needs to bribe the teacher for is just what they do here it seems. I'm not a fan, so much as I am trying to go with the flow this year.
  12. Teacher Gifts

    QH - I was on the same thought as you it seems! :) I got them each a $10 iTunes gift card and a $10 Target gift card. That way they can go to Target and get something they like, need or want and can get games or apps or songs for their iPod/iPhone. I figured who doesn't like gift cards and the chance to pick out what they want.
  13. Teacher Gifts

    PinkTractor - Ya, we never use to give gifts on the first day either. But now it seems a lot do. I thought we'd try it this year and see. Last year was a rough year at a new school with a super terrible teacher. I'm trying to do everything I can to make this year better all the way around. If that means giving lots of gifts then so be it. lol RRW - I thought of a coffee mug too. I don't know. I looked on pinterest and didn't find anything super outstanding. What I really want to know is what a teacher would really WANT to get. Since I don't know her at all yet I can't really personalize it much....but you'd think that there are some things that nearly all teachers would want/like.
  14. D I Y Dog-Proof Litter Boxes?

    I need this too! 4 cats and one dog. But two cats are very fat and one won't jump up high...and another is 'special' and not coordinated at all. Dogs and cats about same size. I did the rubber maid hole in top and it worked great, but the one fat cat didn't like it and the retard cat was confused about it for a lOng time.
  15. Teacher Gifts

    Does anyone send teacher gifts for the first day of school? If so, what do you like to send for them? Teachers? What would you like to get?? I was thinking of sending a cute cup, the popular double walled ones with a straw, with some chocolates and stickers and post its or something? What do ya'll think?