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  1. We do not breed a mare or staliion until they are under saddle and can prove they can handle the pressure required for a performance horse. If the horse cracks under the pressure she or he will not reproduce. I have an awesome long weanling coming up and he won't go to the breeding barn until he is proven.
  2. New Broodmare!

    We have a stallion that we primarily use for roping, but he can turn some cans. He has quarter horse points, USTRC saddle winner, won many jackpots, round robins etc. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Where Are All Our Hc Babies?!

    Diesel is out in CA and his owner said he was starting to show him in rei ning and will breed a few mares in 2013. I have a lot picts of our Jr babies as foals but once they are sold we normally don't get very many picts. Good news is that I have Diesel's full brother Steel. I am going to show him in AQHA halter in this spring.
  4. Where Are All Our Hc Babies?!

    Woohoo a Jr baby! Like I said before she is growing into a very nice filly. I have quite a few pictures but I like looking at everyone elses.
  5. Where Has Duns Of Impact Been?

    Just like the tittle says it has been a long year. Like everyone else the good, bad, and down right ugly. Good thing is hubby and the girls are doing well. Both girls played softball this summer and Jr rodeo. So far Bailey is in 2nd place of the all around and hoping Brandi will crack the top 10. On the horse front early in the spring hubby won a bid to the USTRC National Finals on our boy Jr. So he is excited for the win. Jr and my mare Diamond had a nice stud colt that I'm starting to fit up and hopefully show AQHA halter with as a yearling. Mighg even keep as our next stud but he has win. Other than that just work and more work. Hope everyone is doing well.
  6. Where Has Duns Of Impact Been?

    it has been a very busy year, so I haven't been on the boards much. The girls have started their Jr rodeo. Bailey is riding a new horse this year, and Brandi has ol faithfull Jr. Hubby won the USTRC roping in Lincoln so he and jr will be going to OK City. I have been busy with the job, kids, hubby, and my new show prospect Steel. He's sired by Jr and hopefully will be our next stud.... But he has a lot to prove.
  7. Black Horses, Black Manes And Tails

    best thing to do is let the hair grow on it's own. Keep him in during the day and have evening and night turn out. I know it's not ideal or the other option is to get UV blocking sheet so he could go out during the day. That's really all you can do.
  8. Water Crossing Issue

    Keep her moving forward. She isn't allowed to play no pawing, splashing. And the little attitude when she got out of the water would have meant some major work and she would have crossed the water again then came back with no stoping. When growing up trail riding I seen many peoples' horse go down on them in water and to be honest I never want that happen to me.
  9. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Hey everyone haven't been on in forever. Lots of good and bad has happened but so is life. My oldest (7 yr old) got very sick and she was almost admitted to the hospital on Friday, and yesterday was the frist day with a a normal temp, and she hasn't been in school in a week and a half. We are going to try and send her tomorrow to see how it goes. She's one tuff little girl that is for sure. Horse stuff is normal. The girls start their Jr rodeos in April and Bailey is running our mare Molly. (She was leased for college rodeo about 6 yrs ago.) Brandi is riding Jr b/c well she won't ride anyone else. LOL! Everyone take care!
  10. How Would You Go About Legging Up A 20 Yr Old Barrel Mare?

    The barrel racers that are around here keep their horses mind fresh by like you said not pounding what they already know into them. They go trail riding, come here and track steers, rope the hot heels, go to sortings or pennings, and just do other things to keep the horse legged up. Hope you and this mare have a lot of fun together! Edited b/c I'm not used to the key board on the lap top.
  11. Tie Down On Higher Level Speed Event Horses

    Just like with any training device it can either be a tool or a hinder just all in how it is used.
  12. Shameless Beg For Votes!

    Tequila and the new bling look great! Let her know that her sire was out representing on Sunday and won another roping.
  13. Shameless Beg For Votes!

    Congrats on the win! WHOOHOO!!!! :yay: :yahoo:
  14. Shameless Beg For Votes!

    An hour left and we have fallen behind by 5 votes. Let's rally this last hour!
  15. Shameless Beg For Votes!

    I highly doubt she would donate the bling to anyone. But who are cares keep on voting guys just over one hour left!