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  1. Such Is Life. :)

    welllll i'm super excited cause this year is flying by!! at our school we have senior field trips where only the seniors get to go places (i.e. The Georgia Aquarium, The Atlanta Zoo, Stone Mountain, etc.) for field trips so we go to the zoo next wednesday, i leave for SBX thursday (california babyyy!), then we come back, prom, AP exams, then we're DONE!!! graduation is may 24th? but our last technical day of school is may 14th! next year i'm going to the University of Georgia :):) i'm still undecided on a major but its either pre-med, psychology, pre-pharmacy, or health promotion.
  2. Shorts.

    if im thinking of the style you seem to be looking for, try J.Crew.. they have the cutest shorts in there now that aren't terribly tight or short.. i LOVE them
  3. Oookay, Have You Ridden Any Kobb Horses?

    i rode jess (stillraining)'s mare Kasey. haha in cutoffs and sneakers nonetheless.
  4. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    i like him. i really do. i don't like people. its a trust thing. and i like him. we're still talking. found out he likes me a few weeks ago. freaked out a bit :) we've tried to hang out the past two weekends, it just hasn't worked out with our schedules. and im afraid its not gonna work for the next two either which SUCKS. but maybe not, i mean i really really really want to hang out with him though. i went to his soccer game last night and just like i dont know without sounding creepy, like watching him play made me realize i like him. if that makes sense? haha. he's great though. so precious. he calls me wife and wifey and wiz (my real name is liz so its his nickname for me :) ) and he's so easy to get along with and he flirts with me in class and in person and we text all the timeee now which i LOVE. we talked friday night from 8:30pm until 3:30am and then saturday night from 6pm to 2:30am. and this is a big deal because up until a few weeks ago we wouldnt ever talk on weekends or he would only text me after like 11 at night. so this is good :) and i dont remember if i ever told y'all when i found out he liked me but his friend was like well he needs to figure out what he wants and how he legit feels and he's worried he's not going to have enough time for you with soccer and everything and he was under a lot of pressure to get a soccer scholarship because his older brother is amazing (trying to go pro) and so he didnt want to like string me along if it wasnt going to work out. and then the day he committed to his school he's gonna go to next year to play at he texted me so i think he's good. and i mean yeah it sucks timing-wise because we have not been able to hang out and if finding time to hang out was going to be the problem then this is not good but i think we can make time if we really want to. he makes me happy :)
  5. Hair Straighteners..

    i have a chi and i LOVE it. i've gone through multiple straighteners and this one does the best job. i've got thick wavy hair naturally and it stays pin straight all day as long as i put anti-frizz serum on (garnier fructis is the best!)
  6. Aquarium Pictures! + Update

    booooooooooooooooo no pictures of me and you in this lame-o. p.s. jmac is terrible at the silhouette pictures, just saying
  7. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    ok so boy. same one i was talking to over winter break. well. i went to utah and he came home, we never got hang out.. i hooked up with someone in park city.. he found out but im not sure how it affected him but he texted me while i was in utah twice and then we didnt talk until a week after i got home (i see him in class every day, but like we wouldnt talk at night) then when we did talk which was the thursday after i got home, wednesday the next week and friday the next week he wouldnt be very flirty, just kinda a hey whats up, no smiley faces, no "wiz" nothing but he was getting back to being flirty in person which i took as a good sign then this wednesday his best friend and me had a little heart to heart haha about the whole situation despite me not knowing like what this boy wants out of me. i dont know if he justs want a hook up or if he just wants someone to talk to or if he wants a date or what. but i dont want a relationship thats for sure.. but he texted me last night and he was back to normal :) like adorable texts, smiley faces, he called me wifey (joke between us), wiz, gorgeous, beautiful, everything he used to do. and we ended up talking about some pretty deep stuff about ourselves which i thought was so sweet of him because he doesnt open up about anything really. and so we ended up texting from 10 till 3 in the morning haha. but yeah. so despite the goodness of last night, it still made me only more confused about the whole situation cause i have absolutely no no no idea what is going on.
  8. Prom Dresses

    last years dress :):):) im in the navy.. i LOVE that dress.. its BCBG and asfhksd perfect and heres a better picture of the top part..
  9. A Happy Thread

    i think i found a roommate for college next yearrrrrr!!! yayyyyy. andd she's best friends with the girl that jess (stillraining) might room with which would be PERFECT. gah. awesomeness
  10. Post A Picture Of Yourself :)

  11. Columbia Jackets

    i have a columbia one thats the 3 in one where its got a fleece that zips into the waterproof shell.. and im usually a small or xsmall and i have a small in the columbia jacket and the fleece runs kinda big but as a whole it fits pretty good.. i was snowboarding last week and fit another fleece and a shirt under it comfortably
  12. The "circle Of Trust"

    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. so we're talking on christmas day and here it goes: me: wow, its a good thing i got all my snowboarding stuff for christmas. considering we leave wednesday thats cutting it kinda close him: i leave for a soccer tournament in florida tomorrow... me: when do you get back? him: the 30th me: my flight leaves at 8:45 am on the 30th.... him: well there goes my new years kiss.. so i wont see him until i get back on january 4th. and i havent seen him in a week already. THIS SUCKS. we both thought the other was going to be home so we didnt hang out pre-christmas. booooo soccer tournaments. we're still talking though and ok i think i might "like" him. which is bad because i dont like people. i have a pretty hard time trusting guys that im not just hooking up with, i just assume their just in it for the hookup. which is terrible but whatever.. so here goes. me and 16 of my friends are going to park city, utah to go snowboarding since one of our friends has a house out there. one of the boys going used to live down here but then he moved to washington DC. he is hot. our friends have been taking bets on whether or not we're going to hook up while we're there (jokingly of course) and i mean pre-boy i had been planning on it, like why not haha but now that i have the boy i dont think im going to. i dont know if boy is hooking up with other people, i wouldnt really care if he was id just feel dumb for letting myself fall for him. but so i decided im not going to hookup with DC boy because as pathetic as it is, id rather not ruin something i could have had with the boy here for a one time hookup in park city.. make sense? i feel like its kind of pathetic but i just wouldnt feel right doing it.
  13. The "circle Of Trust"

    im still talking to the same boy:) and let me tell you, he is adorable. we've talked for 5 hours the past two nights and gahh basically everything he says is cute. he wanted to hang out today but i have to go to dinner with my family.. but i think we're hanging out saturday then. cute text of the night: (after talking about who my sister dates, and how im not her, i date other types of guys him: there go my chances:( me: i could probably make an exception:) him: is that so? thats a good thing for me :) he is so adorableeee. im currently in like. and so it was roughly 1 in the morning and he was like ah im so tired and i was like well then go to sleep and he was like i wont go to sleep unless you fall asleep on me. ok im done gushing now. i sound like a thirteen year old. jeez.
  14. The "circle Of Trust"

    ok. so my life has been that boy-dry for a while that i havent written... but so theres this guy and he's in 2 of my classes and he is the coolest person ever. like just so cool. like the epitome of that word haha. and we flirt in class and stuff but nothing out of the ordinary and we have a running joke that we're going to get married so he calls me his wife and vice versa. and like we'll be in class and he always is like hey liz, you're looking beautiful today or oh man liz is lookin hot today but in that voice where he's being sarcastic but not really? if that makes sense haha.. and so occasionally we'll facebook chat and whatnot and so last night he facebook chatted me and was like hey wife, breakfast tomorrow morning? and so i was like ok and we ended up talking for like an hour and he was being so cute ex: "itll be fun tomorrow, all i need is panera and a pretty face" and "ok, im going to get some beauty sleep, but i mean even though you dont need any, you should too" and "im lucky to have the best wife out there" and i mean smiley faces were sprinkled in all over the place haha. and knowing this kid its all tinged with sarcasm, but almost like he has to tell me sarcastically to say it? or i could be reading into this way too much which is pretty likely. butttt. so we went to breakfast and then 2 of my good guy friends were there. and they arent really friends with him, but they sat with us anyway and it kinda sucked because it was supposed to be just us but then they haddddd to sit with us. but then they left like 20 min before us to go to school (haha, me and him decided to be late cause we were both going to the same class) and so me and him were finally alone for like 20 minutes and it was great. he's really easy to talk to and we get along pretty good if i must say so:) ok. that is all. :)
  15. A Happy Thread

    i was accepted to the University of Georgia!