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  1. Little Xc Video!

    I did a little pony club show back in october with my new boy Tom :) He is a 5 year old thoroughbred i got back in July. He was such a rockstar! We only did advanced elementary because it was our first show together and i took it easy on him! Here is a video of us on XC. Feel free to critique! hope it works!
  2. Spent

    3 days last week with my new boy (5 year old TB) up in Vermont at Denny Emersons farm. Such a great experience and i hope to get up there again eventually!! I got him about a month and a half ago and i love him! Pics for ya'llll :) First time ever on xc, water no problem!! enjoy!! [smiley Wavey]
  3. My New Boy!

    thank you both!!
  4. My New Boy!

    This is my new boy Tom :) He is a 5 year old TB. He is off the track but never raced. Sweetest and bravest 5 year old i know. I am so lucky! I cant wait to see how we turn out in the future!
  5. Trailering In A Slant Load

    I am in the process of purchasing a new horse. He is a 17 hand TB. I have approximately a 7 ft Custom Fab slant load trailer. I am a little nervous that he will be to long to fit into the trailer with the divider. My question is, is it safe to trailer a horse in a slant load with the divider tied back so he has more room? I know my friend does this in her straight load with her horse.
  6. I need some positive reinforcement. I am in a tough situation thats leading me to have to sell my very first pony that i have had for 6 years. [Me Cry] Everytime i think of it, it makes me want to break down. I'm sure many of you have delt with this before. Any suggestions that might help would be greatly appreciated. thank you [Huggy]
  7. Min A Vite Lite Horse Feed

    Anybody familiar with it? how much do you feed your horses? info is greatly appreciate!
  8. Horse Feed

    What do you guys feed your horses? I recently moved my horse to a place with all day turn out with grass fields. He also gets a good amount of hay as well. What would you suggest? I noticed he is getting a little chubbier and was thinking i should switch his grain? Any ideas? thanks!
  9. Leasing A Horse Out

    I am thinking about leasing my pony out and start looking for another. I am out growing my pony and would love to get another horse. Unfortunatly horses are expensive as we all know! and i cant afford two. As of right now i do not want to sell my pony. I was wondering of anybody could give me some information on leasing out a horse? thank you! [Jump]
  10. My Horse All Of A Sudden Agressive?

    thank you guys this info really helped! I talked to some people and im going to stick him out with a couple horses that might stick him in his place... if not then maybe sticking him out by himself? This is so stressful!
  11. My Horse All Of A Sudden Agressive?

    I dont get what all of a sudden is making him "not respect" humans anymore though? When he was first brought there he was as calm and respectful as could be.
  12. I have recently moved my horse to a new barn. He was turned out at his old home with many other horses and seem to be the middle of the pecking order. He is now turned out with 3 or 4 other horses all whom either are new to the herd thing or very mellow. I was away when the owner of another horse went into get her horse. The story is that the owner had her back towards him and he reared up striking her a little on the back.. The owner saw what happend and helped to get her horse. As he was helping and trying to shoo my horse away, he kicked him in the arm!! My horse has ALWAYS been very calm and mellow, never kicking anyone. He is turned out in a HUGE field with a lot of grass which he never had before. I am wondering if the grass has something to do with his agressivness? Anything else you might think would be causing this? I am in shock this is so not like him!
  13. Heading To Ky Thursday!

    for the rolex 3 day! It's my first time going and im excited! Any advice on seeing/doing anything while im down there? -who else will be there?
  14. Oh Winter Your Killin' Me!

    So it is snowing like crazy right now and VERY cold outside UGH. That's new england for yaa. Anyways i was wondering what you guys wear to the barn when it is very cold out. I put layer on top of layer until its hard to move around! of course its hard riding like that, i was wondering what people wore that actually does keep them warm and you can still function in. Thanks!!
  15. Ugh..does Anybody Else Do This..

    agreed, just trying to keep my head up.