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  1. Oppinions On This Tool

    Wow, the goat head has been great on my boys...I just aquired another goat head disk, but the old one still works the same as it did on day one...though I've not gone very long between trims, my boys grow fast though. I dont get a chance very often to see them grow long. And they both get muddy spots to stand in to make trim day easier. But that is just habbit. I truly love this product.
  2. Oppinions On This Tool

    You will have to let me know how you like.
  3. Oppinions On This Tool

    Well, so i got the silver goat rasp head, and I tell ya I love it, it works far better (in my hands) Than the chain head, in fact, i havent used that one in a while. This new head worked wonderfully It took the length off the wall, and was great for my bevels. Took my trim time down to nothing, the only issue, flying hoof.
  4. Skin Grafts And Horses

    Looks fantastic
  5. Oppinions On This Tool

    I was excited i idont have to spend moneys this month on a new trimming head.
  6. Oppinions On This Tool

    Same hear, tomorrow i get to try out a new head on Danny, i won the facebook contest, and got a few new heads, ill tell ya, my boys prefer it to the regular tools, they dont have to wait so long.
  7. Oppinions On This Tool

    Ive been using the red power rasp a while now, have to say its my favorite head for the EHK, The rounded design is great for gently removing false sole, and bars, i really love it, im about to the new aggressive silver head, i think that it will work great on bevels. I just really love this thing.
  8. Part 2 Of The Snot Nosed Beast

    My boys are on pelleted safe choice, I always soak it, i s he getting his pellets dry?
  9. New Horse Diagnosed With Navicular

    I have had 2 navicular mares, both did great barefoot, and when I did wirk them, I used Ground Control shoes Them moved with the foot enoughnot to restrict, or pressure the heals. I love the vets directions, and found myself the trimming them to encourage a good heal support in the hoof, as well as a veryrolledback toe, I also found going and trimming on a 3 week schedule really helped as well.....
  10. Gaited Quarter Horse?

    Nick, why "reported"?
  11. Cold Weather Prep

    I also put kick boards on the front, that way when they paw, hopefully it will guard the plywood. Only the top lid is 3/4 inch, the rest of the plywood is 1/2 inch. The bottom is open to the ground, however they sit on heavy plastic pallets to keep them off the frozen ground.
  12. Cold Weather Prep

    This is the little bit of ice forming on 3 days of below freezing weather
  13. Cold Weather Prep

    Can you see the fish?
  14. Cold Weather Prep

    Ill try, I cant afford to replace any tanks any time soon, so covered they get. This is a picture of both tanks. You can see Ive biuld up the dirt around the bottom. Just to keep wind from sneeking in from under. The 2 halves of the top can be removed, for cleaning...each box weighs about 180lbs in total. Im still working on a frame for the top halves to keep them from nibbles. As well as join the two to make 1. As soon as I get the lids done, I plan to paint the boxes black, and coat them with the icky stuff to prevent hooved beavers from snacking.
  15. Cold Weather Prep

    The only things ivd done, we dont have any breedng animals, we cleaned all the stall zones, all the way to the ground, then built boxes to cover my tanks, must say, that I'm impressed, even unpainted, they've kept 90% of the ice off, have comparison, the tanks are 10 foot from each other, one covered, one not, the covered one, 1/8inch ice,the uncovered one, over an inch. First thing, I put both tanks on 4.5 nch tall plastic pallets, to keep them off the cold ground, it also lets me see if they are leaking. Had some leaks to fix ths year. The tank covers, are 4 sided, with a top, the top has a 14nch opening, inside the box surrounding the tank as much as humanly possible, we stuffed recycled shipping Styrofoam, then put the top on...I've got to get the paint, as well as the icky tasting stuff, they like the taste of wood too much...anyway, im planning one more step, I want to put 15 inch tree pots n the openings to keep ar from swirling around over the surface of the water, ths way i can moreso reduce freezing. I have one to use on one tank, and see the difference. If it is measurable, i will use for both my thoughts, are however, do leave the bottom on the pot, and just make big holes to make sure there there is no impediment of water, or cut the bottom out? Advantages to tank not freezing over, is happy live fishes, and happy tank owner As to fixing the leaks, we have 2 Rubbermaid tanks, 100 gallon each, this year both developed leaks, so we used the sandpaper disk of my electric hook knife, cleaned both inside and out, and applied Flex Seal to the outside, and since it is not potable water tested, we used aquarium sealant on the inside to assure no seepage and making horses sick. So far holding great. Specially since some leaks were caused by a pick axe at previous barn.