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    Roping. Barrel Racing. Working Cattle. Riding w/ Friends . Just Chillin'
  1. Cleaning Saddles

    ok thanks!
  2. Cleaning Saddles

    I have a Circle Y The Proven Rush barrel saddle..and well story short, my horse fell and now my saddle has some manure on a fender, which is like rough out do I clean it off...can I use regular saddle oil????
  3. Young Horses And...

    So I brought my soon to be 5 yr old to a show just to ride around the warm up pen and let him see the sights and sounds....Wow..he was a wreck!! He freaked out at EVERY noise and would constantly chop on his bit(which was driving me nuts). While just walking around, if another horse came trotting loping by he wanted to take off because he was scared of them being too close, I was afraid to let him gallop in fear he would spoke and do something stupid like buck...or make a big scene. The first time I brought him to a show last year, he was WAY better... Anyways...I know he's young and still learning, we're going to bring him to a fun night on Tuesday, I'm hualing him every chance I get.....I'm just wondering if you guys have any tip/advice to make his/and mine, learning expereice better and more constructive????? FYI: he's teeth are going to get done soon. I realize he's out of his comfort zone, b/c when I got home I went for a trail ride..and he was Perfect!! Perhaps getting him tired out sorta before I head out to a show?? idk...Telll me your opinions. and what you do... Thanks CRH 03
  4. Frenchmans Guy

    Considering his stud fee is $4500...expect higher.
  5. How Do You Like Circle Y Roping Saddles?

    I have a Circle Y roping saddle and it is great! Very comfy and fits most horses too. It was my dads before I got it...and it's in great condition...they hold up good with proper care...mine is probably 30 years old with a solid tree and good leather.
  6. Kinda Ot, Training Related.

    [Crazy] I have never heard of Herpes on a horse either
  7. Cattle Panel Horse Stalls And Panel Paddocks

    I just use regular cattle panels to make a stall in my barn for the winter months. Hook and tie the panels together and there ya go. Works for me.
  8. Kinda Ot, Training Related.

    Extra Note: My gelding was about 8 yrs and 16 hands!! I was prolly 5'2 back, I feel your pain!!
  9. Kinda Ot, Training Related.

    Ok, I had a gelding just like your mare. Couldn't touch him around the ears, and had to bridle the same way your talking about. He would absolutly freak out if anyones hand got close to his ears...or the bridle touched his ears. Well I was young, so I tried a few things with him. First I started to rub up his neck getting closer and closer to his ears, and retreating, rubbing back down his neck, if he got nervous. Did this on both sides. I also rubbed up and down his face. Another thing I did was get a soft cotton rope and started flinging it around his body, and eventually his head. Getting it right behind his ears and see-sawing it back and forth. Did this in front of his ears as well, right where the brow band would be. After doing that I just plopped my hand right on his poll and started rubbing. Yes he did freak, backing up...head WAY in the air, head shaking...but I was persistant and when he stopped moving and lowered his head even a millimeter I started to retreat rubbing down his neck. This one is a dangerous one to try, depending on the horse. Anyhows, I did all this for about a month I would like to say, and one day I decided to put the bridle on...and low and behold...He stood, head lowered and accepted everything!! I was soooooo happy!! I did take the browband off and just slipped a single strap bridle over his ears. Never had a problem bridling after that. If your mare is like my old gelding, then its prolly a trust issue?? oh and also..with the cotton lead rope, I was pretended it was a bridle and after he was getting pretty good...would slip it over his your would bridling. Hope you get some ideas....I just tried a bunch of different things... I was pretty much on my own.... lol but it worked!
  10. Crazy Babies

    Oh my goodness! It's "green" where you live, oh how I miss such a color!! Your horse is beautiful!!! Great actions shots!
  11. Why Is My Horse Itching Her Tail?

    My gelding will rub his tail during the summer becuase tick get on his tail stub. I drench it with fly repelent.
  12. Horse Behavior Project!

    thanks ya'll
  13. Horse Behavior Project!

    Thats a cute picture!
  14. Horse Behavior Project!

    Hi, I'm doing an animal behavior project for my college Biology class. This involves plainly obserbing my horse with no human contact for one month, roughly 15 minutes a day at different times. I'll be doing other research as to why horses do what they do, but i'd be open to what everyone has to say about the subject. So why do horses do what they do while not with thier owners? You can list off behaviors and reasons...even if you only have one thing to share. I hope you understand what i'm saying and asking. I won't be insulted if noone replys. lol. Thanks CRH03
  15. Running A 4 Yr Old, Too Young?

    I have a 4 coming 5 yr old gelding, that will be started on the barrels this spring. He is physically ready, but not sure about mentally. But this is strictly an exhibition year.