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  1. Updateyness And Riding Pictures

    Great pictures! Marco's lookin good!
  2. Oh Boy...

    I think think people should personally lay off about the age thing and go back to the original problem. Complaining about age isn't a solution. I'm glad things are getting better Maddy, best wishes!
  3. Oh Boy...

    haha I remember my 1st grade "boyfriend". So hilarious how we had fake weddings on the playground during recess. Lots of fun when your only like 6 and 7. 14 is definitely not too young IMO. I am 15 and have had some serious(not to serious but pretty good) relationships before. I just don't get so emotionally attached to them as most people do which I find a good thing right now and also a bad thing. There isn't a right or wrong age to dating. You just have to be able to handle it mentally and those who can't, find out sooner or later. And I promise you Maddy, coming from a freshman in HS, it is a hundred times different then middle school and so many more people to meet!
  4. Oh Boy...

    The same thing happened to me last year. After like a month of being inseparable it was like a pop that lost its fizz. We just didn't care anymore. I wound up breaking up with him at that moment and moving onto someone that I did feel butterflies with. I don't know why that suddenly happened but hey!...we're young and these things just happen. Plenty of other people that can make you feel the happiness you lost..
  5. My Poor Little Rat..**update**

    That's great news, I'm glad she is back in action! Plus, congrats on the new cage I remember you wanted one lol
  6. Hey Guys!

    awww he is so big now! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Show Pictures :)

    Wonderful photos! I love the one with the two little kids bareback!
  8. New Horse Pictures!

    Pepsi is adorable!!
  9. Vaulting Competition

    Wonderful pictures! Your outfit is gorgeous too!
  10. The Top 5 Songs Post

    Up All Night - Hinder The Artist in the Ambulance - Thrice Do What You Do - Mudvayne Change - Deftones Get -- Stud - Biffy Clyro I love so many more right now but those were just what came up first on my favorites page...
  11. Happy Birthday Keiko!

    Happy birthday wishes to Keiko!! =]
  12. Some More Pictures

    *drools*Oooo they are all so gorgeous!!
  13. Anybody Got These Songs?

    pm sent :]
  14. Show Results

    Awww Stormy is such a cutie!