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  1. Pictures Of My Yearling And Weanling

    I'm so sorry about your unexpected loss. My thoughts are wish you. And you look marvelous with those two. I'm not sure who is better lookin'. Altho I might have to lean towards Peanut. too **** cute! Keep up the good work!
  2. Trail & Western Riding...

    While flying changes are preferred, I will tell you that at most local shows, simple changes performed well are accepted. I have won several classes doing perfect simple changes, over people who did not so good flying changes. The rest was right on. Altho again in local shows, the trails are less poles and more actual trial obstacles. Wooden bridge, small jump, opening a gate, 360, sidepass, backing, picking up or getting handed something to carry and put down, and ground tying.
  3. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Renegade... I simply meant to impliy that if your resolution was bascially what your doing now, you would be good to go. My horses finally had shoes pulled today for winter, so I think I will head out for a short ride tomorrow. See is anyone is tender footed. Ok... CD - companion dog, the first level in obedience. RA - is rally advanced, the second level of rally. Which is a blast, the first level is all done on leash, 2nd is off but you really get to talk to your dog. Not like obedience where they about beat ya for smiling at him. WD- is water dog.
  4. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Well I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday and am wishing you all a Happy New Year. Renegade... I think your resolution should be to ride more.... that way you know you'll follow through. righto? As for the name Lola, I love it. It was my Mom's name and it always makes me think of the Kink's song.... and then I always start humming ...."she was a showgirl..." My resolution will not be too lose weight, but to be healthier and in better shape. I want to do some long trail rides, overnighters, weekends, etc. So I am preparing. I also hope my resolution will be to throw my leg over my youngblood, who has been off over a year after a pasture accident/surgery issue, and hopefully show him in some nice local WP and English shows. My other resolution has to do with the dog. I want to get his CD, RA, and WD titles. And too shop less.... save money.
  5. Tucker Saddles

    I tried a few tuckers, but none of them are wide enough. ALtho i have never tried the 'extra wide' that i have seen advertised. Someone mentioned a circle y reinsman flex rite. A freidn of mine just recommended this to me... Chet is so hard to fit. He is short (15'1) but weighs almost 1300 lbs, wears a 2 shoe and a WB halter and an 84" weatherbeta. He is round, big shouldered and has great withers... so i need gullet room and clearance.... Any ideas???? I love the tucker i rode in it was so comfy.... but it has to fit me horse...
  6. First Trail Horse

    Well, in my expierence one person's trail horse and another are 2 very different things. In my mind if he behaved that way, he is not a broke trailhorse. I could put you on my trail horse in a halter and lead rope and let you ride til your butt broke and you would be fine. There is a chance he is testing you, but it doesn't really sound like that to me. Spend some time getting to know him in the ring and then try again. I would be careful he sounds a little green/rank to me. Good luck and here's hoping you get a great trail horse out of it.
  7. Rearing On The Trail

    My mare has a tendency to be 'a little light in the front' I have called her many things.... when she does the little baby rears, I crack her between the ears w/ a crop, stick, hand, reins, whatever I have. She started this w/ me Mon. and it is very unlike her, she hadnn't done it in years. I was trying a new saddle, a tucker. So I took it off, put on the pony horse and rode her home bareback. She was fine. I think I simply had the saddle positioned wrong, I put it back on at home and say that it had to go way more forward. Next ride in the tucker will be on Chet, cuz if he doens't like it either there is no sense in getting one. But that is another topic. A friend had a terrible rearer, she cured him by forcing the rear, and taking him down. Never took his front feet off the ground again. But I woulnd't volunteer for that job. Keep yourself safe, rearing is so dangerous. If ya don't wear a helmet maybe ya shou0ld wear one for awhile. Til ya get her all straightened out. And there must be a good trail horse in there somewhere to go over that bridge.. egads.... a little narrow....
  8. What brands of saddles work for big/wide withered horses?

    I would second the circle y issue... I tried several on my QH, beofre the person just admitted they weren't wide enough... not the full QH bar, not the wide.... I finally found a billy cook that has been marvelous. It fits all of my horses and has been comfortable since day 1. I am now looking into a tucker for longer trail rides and such. Save a little wear and tear on my BC.... not to mention the gel seat for my butt. When you have a big QH who is also high withered... as mine is you need two things, a wide gullet, but you also need a high front for wither clearance. I used one of those wooden rulers that fold up and unfold to about 6 feet. I used it to make kind of an upside down U.... to measure how wide the gullet needed to be.... I need a full 7 and 3/4 to almost an 8. I don't know if that helped or you can make sense of what I mean. I also started to simply take him with me when looking... and always cinch it up and sit on it, you would be amazed how the saddle can change with those two factors. Good luck...
  9. Oh my freakin' gawd! That was some of the most beautiful stuff I have seen. My bum hurts just thinking about the ride miles ya'll logged that day. I tell ya, GG better look out your stuff is amazing girl. Now, go give that wonderful pony of yours some extra chow, she earned it.
  10. Team Penning Help!

    Whoo hoo! I went for this first time last weekend and had a blast. I had never done it before and I don't think Chet had either, but I knew he had roped and sorted etc at the ranch. He did it all. Yes, as your team heads down to one end they will call out a number and their are 3 of them. You move those 3 to the end with the pen, hopefully w/o any other numbers going with them. You get them in the pen, and black the gate with a horse. I found that the most successful teams all went to sort. We had one gal who is a barrel racer on her barrel horse, they were super fast and they did alot of the longer chasing. Myself and the other sorted and did our best to keep them headin' in the right direction. It was fun. Good luck and have a blast!
  11. Common Problems In Lower Level Eventing

    I have to say a great deal of this thread saddens me, and the rest makes me jump for joy. I will remind everyone that I have never evented, but have thought about doing so, and have done almost everything else under saddle except play polo, which FYI I would LOVE to do. The sad part: It saddens me that people are not taking appropriate care of their steeds. I don't care if you paid a $200 adoption fee or $25,000 for the horse, it needs to be treated appropriately for the weather, whether the animal is super fit or not. I attended a team penning last weekend, and many people never got of their ponies. Never walked them out, offered water. And it was 85 degrees, and 96% humidity when the sun wasn't out. Maybe I appreciate my horse (I had the QH, Chet) more than others because he is wonderful, he will do anything I ask of him. And I mean it, he has championchips in WP, and hunter under saddle. I have trail ridden him bareback, for hours in a halter and leadrope, I take him swimming with my dog, you get the picture. I actually thru no fault of Chet's popped out of the saddle on Sunday. Even at 37 I was able to 'pop' right up, (altho slower than I used to) and my first thought was, "Is Chet ok?" I got off (I have terrible knees and mounting is agony for me) after every run. I loosened his girth, offered him fresh water, and hosed the veins in his hind legs and his chest. I have been offered goobs of money for him, I would never do it. He is not replaceable. But I was saddened (no english bashing meant) but I always thought those of us from the western disciplines took a great level of care of horses w/o going overboard. While I tend to think some from the english disciplines go a little far (wraps, boots, shipping etc.) I have decided that the difference is people who simply don't know any better. Whether from lack of trying to learn or simple newness. I suspect the biting up has to do w/ lack of knowledge, time and training. I think this happens in ALL disciplines. I doubt many of these riders ahve the time and where withall to ride enough to train thru these issues, much less if their trainer is knowledable enough. The Good Stuff: I think seeing older adult ammies is wonderful. I'm sure this would be my category. I suspect the change in horses is linked. They probably cannot ride 6 days a week, w/ jobs, kids, etc. So a mellower, easier ride makes a great deal of sense. These tend to be stock type, or crosses, who also happen to be a little shorter. After all, at 37, I was glad I hit the ground from my 15'1 than my 16'1 WB cross. It happens slower so you are more likely to save yourself, and you don't fall as far. All in all, I think the more people whoe vent the better. We can only hope they learn who integral their horse is in the process, and learn to take exceptinoal care of their athletes. *ps* As long as someone wants the one gray, I want the chunkier one.
  12. Lkta Ride Rhinebeck, Ny

    Poop, this sunday is looking mghty busy. I gotta take the pup to water rescue class since I missed last weekend chain some cows w/ some good friends. And then I'm getting hay... amazing' how we all seem to be up to the same type of stuff...
  13. Karen O'connoe Named To Olympic Team.

    I listened to a report on the radio today about how bad the pollution is in China right now. It was 3x the recommended limit, do you think some people might not be willing to subject themselves and their horses to that air that is trully dangerous? Any ideas? I certainly hope everyone and their horses are all right, but I wouldn't expose my horse to that!
  14. ladies riding at end of July.

    woo hoo.. August would be better for me.... especially in the middle of the week. gawd, I love having summers off. Sign me up for that.... [Yay]
  15. ladies riding at end of July.

    Yeah, nothing like squished burgers, rain and margaritas for breakfast. lol Lilttle Mom been there. I have a mare w/ chronic loading problems. I tried everything. My advice is patience and time. Throw a piece of plywood on the floor of her stall, or on the ground w/ her grain bucket. It will help her get used to stepping on it, and don't worry if it isn't all nice and level. If she stays quiet, try tapping her hock w/ a dresage whip and asking for a step, and keep that up. Remember you want her quiet, you quiet the whole time. She will learn I promise. Keep up the faith and the patience. I know I shouldn't be wishing my summer away but I am looking forward to Columbus Day. Have a good ride Deb... Charmer going w/ ya?