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  1. Shyannas' Service Dog

    I'm so happy for you and Shy, I hope Spring does wonders for you guys
  2. I've had dreams like that about my first horse too. It's upsetting, to say the least. I dreamed once that we gave him away to a lesson barn, but it upset me because he had damage in his knee (What put him out of racing) and they were riding the snot out of him. When I went to visit him, he almost knocked me down trying to get out the gate, and he was so, so sore on his knee... Another one he'd been sent to a farm, and when I went to see him I felt like I hadn't seen him for years, but I couldn't figure out why. One of the people who worked on the farm told me he was a menace, no one could handle him, the other horses were beating the crap out of him, he hadn't been brought into the barn for a long time because they couldn't catch him. When I went to call him, he came running to me and I started bawling because of how bad he looked, and I hadn't seen him for so long. Both times I woke up crying like crazy. I can sympathize, it's so hard having dreams like that. Hugs, lots of hugs
  3. A Moment Of Silence Please

  4. My Mission Is To Save Bucking Horses

    :notworthy: For what it's worth, QF, I've used info you've provided on the boards over the years many times to explain to people why bucking horses are not the poor bused creatures they believed them to be. Your drive and goals are inspiring, keep up the good work! :notworthy:
  5. Perfect Horse Breed.

    Thoroughbreds are my hearts breed. I love the crazy buggers. I like drafties a lot too
  6. Just For Fun

  7. Just For Fun

  8. Cactus Rose

    Lots of gentle :huggy: for you, CR. Good to hear from you
  9. My Heart Just Melted

    Me too! Too cute!
  10. Cactus Rose

    Yay for the good update! Continued healing thoughts coming your way, CR
  11. Help Me Win Please?

    I just did the same thing
  12. Bitten By The Horse Bug?

    Love the smile! That's great to see
  13. Cactus Rose

    :angel3: :angel3:
  14. Da Da Done

    I saw this on FB, congrats! :yahoo:
  15. Finally I Need Name Help!

    I love SwattaSkeeter
  16. People On Here On Howrse?

    I'm GeneralRox
  17. Prayers For My Man!

    :huggy: for you, and healing vibes for him :angel3:
  18. Desensitizing

    I've got some! Well, only a couple pictures, but my guys take pretty well everything in stride ETA: Yes, the TB is thin in that picture. I'd only had him a couple months, his coat, feet, and weight are in much, much better now that he's been receiving proper care
  19. Horse Prayers For Friend

  20. Thanks For Your Concerns

    :angel3: Hope everything works out okay!
  21. Ok, Let's Do It Again....

    ^^ This! This drives me absolutely batty. Sometimes if I'm reading a thread and a post is incomprehensible, I'll just skip past it. Trying to decipher just makes my brain hurt
  22. Has Anyone Ever Dyed A Horse Mane And Tail?

    I thought manic panic as well. It's safe to use on pets (According to my grooming textbook. I laughed when I read that part) so I can't see why it wouldn't be safe on manes/tails
  23. Just For Fun

  24. Would Like Some Practice Pictures

    Mags, if you like, you can tke a look through my photo bucket or Facebook and use nything you find that you like. Shoot me a PM for the link of you wnt Corc, same deal, I've got some cute horse/human ones. I'd post some, but my laptop keeps objecting. I'l try again in a bit, though