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  1. A Sad State Of Events...

    I am going to have to agree with quartermutt here, I also think it is more the state of the economy rather than interest. I went to the Youth Paint World show about a month ago, and it was very thin for being worlds. I have been to a few of the locals as a spectator, and they seem thin as well. I have noticed more people who say they would have like to have brought horses but couldnt because of $$$
  2. This Butt Is

    I have a few butts
  3. Do These Shoes

    The ballerina flat is very in right now, almost regardless of who you are. What color did you buy? What color are your pants? If your pants are dark and the shoe is dark then everything should blend right in.
  4. Dive Bombing Grasshoppers

    We have a ton of grasshoppers here to. When you go drive in our top pasture, it looks like the truck has this haze around it. Yep, its all grasshoppers
  5. Saddle Pads

    I have had my todd slone pad for 7+ years now, and have had no problems with it. It is still going strong and while it shows minor signs of wear (mostly under the saddle), it will still be good for a long long time.
  6. Ealry Divorce?

    I am going to do a BIG ditto on this. Cease contact with him, and keep track of all voicemails, texts, emails, etc. If he had retained a lawyer, the lawyer would have either already contacted you directly or you would have been served with some sort of disclosure notice. If you contact the court system they can appoint you an attorney at a "discounted" price. On the other foot, if you dont have kids, property etc that needs to be divided, and the divorce will be uncontested then most attorneys will do it for less than one with fighting.
  7. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! What Is The Appeal Of

    I dont normally eat alot of fried food, I dont like french fries, I'm not a fan of eggrolls, yall get my point. That being said, I am from Texas, the patron state of frying food and shooting stuff. I like the novelty of our state fair, where there is alot of fried food, and yes there is a competition for who has come up with the best tasting new fried item at the fair. The fried butter was not nearly as bad as one would think. I would compare it more to cream cheese icing, and the batter was more like the cookie that you would spread it on. We also have fried smores, fried moon pies, fried coke, fried pb and j, I am sure I am forgetting some but you get my drift. At the fair these foods arent a full portion they are miniature, two bites at best so that you can try everything. But if you go to the fair, one fried item is required, a corn dog! I think you would also be surprised at the quality of the food, and the taste, I havent found much that has been oily, you dont make it to the state fair with oily food. All in all I know we are fat as a country, but you cant stop people. Its a lifestyle change that they have to make for themselves.
  8. This Or That

    Blue homemade or going out to eat?
  9. Aqha Vs Apha

    I think I have the horse to go, depending on what they set the price at this year will mostly determine what we do. I do like showing paints, this will be my first season showing paint in a few years, but they typically follow what QH does. I have shown QH, and the main difference to me is depending on area, there are alot more competitors in QH. I would say here where I live, there are alot more people that own registered QH's and show, than own registered paints and show. As far as rules and trends, paint tends to follow right behind QH. I would say the main advantage to showing paint is being able to show pinto as well. Pinto shows are alot of fun. They are really laid back, and while people are there to win 100%, there seems to be alot more camaraderie. Either way I think you will have fun. If you have friends that show each you will have someone to trailer with etc. To me the shows themselves are very much the same, just different colored horses. The real difference, like I said is in the number of shows offered in your area by each association. Oh, and I agree that a top level QH will cost more than a top level paint, depending on where you live.
  10. Tuff's Growing Up!

    I think Tuff is looking good as well. He's not as narrow as you think either, you should see some of the Thoroughbred yearlings, they look like paper mario, turn them toward you and they all but disappear. MMN- Are you by chance coming to paint world in the fall?
  11. Aqha Vs Apha

    I know it dosent help you much but I will be at both paint world shows this year. Depending on the price, I think I have decided to show in this years fall world show. The premium dosent come out until september, so I wont know until then. The more I work with Frost the more I think he has the maturity to be able to go this year and do well. I dont know if you have considered Appy, but they have alot of shows in some areas, their world show is also here in Fort Worth.
  12. Color Halter

    I was just looking through the Paint rule book, to make sure of my status for World show in the fall, and came across this and remembered that you were asking about it. Here is what APHA has to say about color halter. This is rule SC 175 section m if you would like to look at it yourself. 1. Class open to all Regular Registry horses, all ages(except weanlings), all sexes. Points in this class will be applied toward an ROM or Su- perior. Points in this class will not count toward an APHA Champi- onship or any other APHA awards including Breeders? Trust payouts. 2. Color class may be offered Combined, All Ages, All Sexes or split by pattern, Overo and Tobiano. If classes are offered split, Tobiano-Overo horses must choose the class the horse?s markings are most like. 3. The purpose of this class is to reward the most ideal markings of the individual Paint Horse as defined as a 50/50 distribution of white and color overall. 4. The Tobiano pattern to be judged 100% on the most ideal markings of the individual Tobiano Paint and Overo pattern to be judged 100% on the most ideal markings of the individual Overo Paint. 5. Conformation is not considered and the class should not be conducted like a conformation halter class. 6. Horse's to be shown in a halter, regular or show type is acceptable
  13. You Now Must Qualify For The Apha World Show

    Well I think they are trying to be a middle ground between AQHA and Pinto. In Pinto you do not have to qualify, and you can show pretty much any breed of horse. I would imagine that this is a move to be more like AQHA, but still be competitive with Pinto as far as entries etc.