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  1. I have 3 cats. All are indoor/outdoor at their discretion. One came to me declawed, and another is missing a back leg. So neither scratch on anything but the ugly carpet that we're taking out anyways. The third likes scratching on the couch, chair, and I use nail caps. Cheap and easy. I just can't imagine aputating his little toes. It's very obvious when one comes off, you can hear it when he starts to scratch on something. It takes about 30 seconds to go get the kit, clip the nail, put some glue in it, and stick it on. It completely baffles me that people don't just do this. Yes, the name brand Soft Paws are expensive, but inexpensive off brand ones on EBay or Amazon work just as well. I hope eventually it is banned by law. But I've already heard of vets in my state that refuse to do it.
  2. This is way late and looks like I'd be getting off where this topic has gone...but if my job (a corporate restaurant) stopped doing tips and raised my wage to $12 an hour, I'd quit. I've been doing this for 10 years, I ENJOY my job, and I'm good at it. I have no plans to leave. If I add my tips and minimum wage, minus taxes taken out of my hourly to cover tips...I make $18 an hour on my WORST nights. Upwards of $30 an hour on the good ones. There's no way they could raise my hourly wage to make it worth giving up tips. And this is in a smaller farming/industrial community. Places doing this will lose all of their "professional" servers who are good at our jobs and try to keep the temporary ones in line while we work. All I see is customer service going downhill.
  3. Argh! First Snow Tomorrow

    I find it shocking that so many are HAPPY about that four-lettered word! WHY?! About an inch of accumulation that should melt by the end of the weekend, here. I'd live elsewhere if the husband weren't so attached to his family.
  4. I Splatted Off Of Dixie Today

    I've had plenty of splats that caused pain, I thought a funny one would cheer you up better Hope you're not sore too long!
  5. I Splatted Off Of Dixie Today

    My "best" unplanned dismount was in middle school. On my steady eddie gelding bareback on a trail ride. Pheasent flew up and about whacked me in the face with its wing. I flailed so hard I fell off the horse. He hadn't batted an eye about the bird and looked at me like "Really?" I spooked and my horse didn't.
  6. A Bit Upset.

    Background to this story (I'll try not to ramble): I've had horses since fifth grade. Typical obsessed horse kid that wouldn't shut up about them. My brother never showed interest in them or what I was doing with them and made fun of me often about how obsessed I was. NOW, my brother is a horsewoman! Imagine that! I've only met her a few times and she seems very sweet. I'm not 100% sure how it came up, but I mentioned that I'm a more gentle horse person than those in my area (I prefer the firm but fair approach vs beating into submission.) He said "What are you talking about? All you ever do is yell at them and beat them with the whip!" In front of his new fiancee, mind you. Yes, should they need it, I will yell and chase and crack the whip. But for the life of me, I cannot remember the last time I made contact with an animal's hide. Not to mention, I don't think he's even seen me touch a horse in 8-10 years or so. So I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn't think I could have, ya know, LEARNED in the past decade how to be a better horseperson. He quite purposely stayed ignorant of horses and now wants to judge the small amount of work hes seen me do with them in front of another horseperson! We all know how judgy horsepeople can be... So now I feel like she thinks I'm a horse beater and I'm super upset. I'm trying to decide if I should email him something very similar to this post but feel it's best I sleep on it first. He's my big brother so I've always looked up to and admired him, but he makes such nasty offhand comments about me every time we have a family gathering. I don't think he realizes how much he's hurting me and I'm trying to find a way to express this to him without sounding like a whining child...cause that's how he still treats me at 27. He's 30. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest
  7. I watched the interview and felt nothing but heartwarming happiness for him. It was fascinating to see how he feels about it, and still wants to use male pronouns until he decides to come out as "her." Just a completely different side of things. And how he shut down Sawyer multiple times about how his gender and sexuality are two different topics, and that one is up for discussion, the other is not. Good for him!
  8. Epona's Goat Thread! (Kids Arriving)

    How about the loose mineral in a bucket that I have out for my horses? Could the goats share? I'm still leery now, with your warning about electric fences. I may wait until I can build a specific goat pen. When I was a toddler my family had a goat that was always escaping, although I don't know what kind of fence he was in. All I remember is my butt was the exact perfect height for him to...butt.
  9. Epona's Goat Thread! (Kids Arriving)

    How in the world did I forget about the tail eating horror stories I doubt either of my mares would put up with it...but...not worth the risk!
  10. Epona's Goat Thread! (Kids Arriving)

    I saw a video today that made me want a goat again so bad!! Now I have my own land and can bug you a bit more If I get a pair of goats, can they live with my horses? Is it possible to hope that goats may respect an electric fence? How do they do in winter?
  11. Favorite Western Saddles?

    I have a friend that got the Just B Natural and absolutely adores it. I've ridden in regular treed Circle Y, TexTan, Martin, and Blue Ridge saddles and have liked all of them. I disliked Rocking R and Martha Josey saddles because their stirrups are hung too far forward. I don't care what other barrel racers say, my basic riding taught me not to have a chair seat! My favorite, until I can afford a more expensive saddle, is RS Saddlery. They're located near me in Cannon Falls, MN. I had an older saddle from them that held up incredibly well for 10+ years, but the tree was too wide. I hated to sell it, but did and got that Martha Josey that I didn't like. Traded that back to the same lady for an RS with the narrower tree. So now I have 2 horses and 2 RS's (bought a new one a couple years ago for $775ish including tax). You can google their number and call them about their tree specs.
  12. Dog Grooming Question Eta: New Questions

    I don't know specifically about Great Pyrenees but my mom has a Golden Retriever cross, double coated. I brought him to a professional to get a good bath and blowout then made sure to brush him every 2-3 days (you can see the hair start to stick together in bunches). The brush I liked best had a handle with two rows of a wide spaced comb with about 1/2 inch teeth on it. The spots to mostly concentrate on are the "pants" (back of the back legs), chest/mane, and tail. Long story short, bring him to a professional, then UPKEEP!!
  13. I don't/won't decorate my house for Christmas but...AFTER Thanksgiving!!!! It's awful seeing Christmas displays up next to the Halloween stuff - but Halloween doesn't have much meaning beyond fun. As a non-Christian, Thanksgiving has much more meaning to me than Christmas. And really, making Christmas 3 months long completely takes away from the meaning that it's supposed to have anyways. Disgusting.
  14. Help Me Name My New Horse?

    Aah I was thinking Shandy, cause I love me a shandy beer. I ended up naming her Astrid, it fits quite well. I thought she was a bit...witchy when I first bought her, but we've gotten to know each other over the past week and she's quite friendly! Much like the movie. I kind of wish I'd seen Bellatrix before I decided! That could've been a frontrunner for sure!
  15. Previous horses I've gotten have had obvious names to go along with their registered ones. This mare's registered name is Miss Serena Company... She's not girly enough for "Missy" or "Serena." Raced 6 times her three year old year and otherwise lived out on the plains of North Dakota. Rides nice just needs some finishing on her lope. I'm open to suggestions but my list (in no particular order) is: Shandy Merida Roxie Killpop Vendetta (V) Five Idina (like the Broadway star) Andromeda (Andi for short) Astrid (from How to Train Your Dragon) Jadis (the ice queen from the Chronicles of Narnia) I'm not thrilled that she's gray (hard to keep clean) but I'm so happy that I finally have a 2nd horse that doesn't buck! Guess fifth time's the charm.